Vietnam has monitored the novel Coronavirus closely since the very first day of its outbreak. The total number of cases has been kept low and under good control. Still, safety measures should not be overlooked when it comes to traveling to Vietnam.

In an effort to throw light on how to stay safe while traveling to Vietnam, we just compiled 10 tips you need to know before planning your Vietnam travel itinerary.

10 Safety Tips When Traveling To Vietnam During COVID-19

travelling to vietnam
Travelling to Vietnam during Covid-19

Choose A Space-wise Airline Seat

Urban myth has it that the recirculated air on the plane can make you feel unwell. However, the fact is, your seat’s location plays a much bigger role. In fact, a study from Proceedings of the National Academy of Science in 2018 recommended that sitting in the window seat can help to avoid airborne illnesses.

Check Your Travel Insurance

Before traveling to Vietnam, make sure your travel insurance is still valid and able to cover epidemics. Consult your doctor or travel clinic for the updated info on health risks in Vietnam and take any vaccination if necessary.

And as certain medications can be difficult to find in Vietnam, it will give you peace of mind to prepare the full supply of your prescribed medicines.

Bring A First Aid Kit With A Travel Thermometer

One crucial note to keep in mind is to always carry a first aid kit and a travel thermometer when you travel. Some general antibiotics and zinc lozenges will also be helpful to block the virus from multiplying.

Not just in Vietnam, if you are going on your Indochina tour packages, they will be convenient to improvise with your sickness (if any) before you get yourself to a local hospital.

Let Your Loved Ones Know About Your Travel

Even if you are not going for Vietnam honeymoon tours, it’s always important to inform your family and friends about your travel itinerary during COVID-19. If something does happen to you during your trip, people will be more active in knowing how and where to help you.

Safeguard Your Identification

While traveling during the Coronavirus outbreak, it is of great necessity to safeguard your identification. Always make sure your passport is secure. There’s no need to carry it with you all the time, and you should not put all your identification in the same bag.

In case you need to go to the hospital or the medical staff need to identify you and inform the embassy, it’d be helpful to have your identification with you

Research The Medical Facilities

Having some research on where the nearest hospital is will save you so much time and effort in trying to get help.

You should also know the hospital’s procedure, how the billing works, how or whether or not they accept travel insurance, etc. So besides knowing your Vietnam travel itinerary, it will be life-saving to understand your medical check procedure in case of an emergency.

Be Aware Of Your Food

Always be conscious of your food consumption. The latest Coronavirus is known to come from animals. Still, the exact origin hasn’t been proved with any scientific evidence.

So for your own safety, it is highly recommended to be aware of what you eat or what you are going to eat. If the virus is really linked to a certain food, you will definitely want to keep it at bay at all costs.

Always Stay Informed And Be Calm

One of the most helpful things to do while you are traveling is to stay updated about the current situation and be calm to deal with any possible health problem.

You will need to know the total number of cases in the region you will be staying/ traveling to, the ratio of infected/ recovered cases, and if there is any increase/decrease in the numbers.

Follow Protection/Safety Measures

Vietnamese government has been passing on strict measures to control the outbreak. These measures include health check on arrival, entry 14-day quarantine, wearing face masks in public, avoiding public places and crowds, and washing hands regularly. It’s crucial to always stay up-to-date on the travel warnings and safety measures from such reliable sources as the Vietnamese government and the Ministry of Health.

If You Are Unwell, Seek For Treatments ASAP

Seeking immediate medical help is not only the best way to heal virus contamination but also to show your respect to the local community. Especially if you have symptoms, the faster you get help, the better off you will be.


Those above are all 10 crucial tips to ready yourself for your Vietnam travel itinerary. This list hopefully helps you be well prepared for your trip, stay safe during the trip, and make the best decisions if you feel unwell.

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