There’s an explanation as to why Cambodia is a favorite in South East Asia; it’s where you’ll find quaint towns, gorgeous scenery, and friendly folks. Due to a shortage of time, many travelers do not know how to select the best of Cambodia’s picturesque landscapes. This guide highlights 5 locations on Cambodia vacation tours. Let’s scroll down to learn more about these places.

Beautiful Cambodian Small Towns in Cambodia

Kampong Chhnang

cambodia vacation tours
Clay pots in Kampong Chhnang (Source: Internet)

Kampong Chhnang is near the Tonle Sap Lake’s entrance, on the brink of the huge Tonle Sap River, the only river that changes course halfway through the year, rushing life-sustaining waters and fish inside the lake. Life is unstable and far from perfect here, but the scenery is stunning, and the people are friendly and inviting, as is usual in Cambodia. The primary reason for visiting Kampong Chhnang is to experience a boat ride past numerous big floating communities on the banks of the river and lake. Because this location attracts just a part of the visitors that the famed Chong Khneas near Siem Reap does, the experience is far more serene. The settlement of Kampong Chhnang, which means ‘Port of Pots.’ Because most homes put two or three large clay pots at the entrance to keep water, they were most likely created by artists who had been pouring red clay for years. There are little workshops where you can observe the pots being made.


cambodia vacation tours
Kampot (Source: Internet)

Kampot is an excellent spot to go if you want to escape Cambodian cities’ chaotic pace. Kampot, encircled by mountains and beautiful rural areas, enjoys the leisurely pace of river life. With historic colonial houses lining its streets and jungle lodges surrounding the river, this place has a rustic charm. Given that the river sustains Kampot, it is not unexpected that many of the city’s top attractions revolve around the water. Everyone can experience the serene riverside life in Kampot thanks to sailing, waterparks, and sunset boat trips. Specialties include the former Governor’s House, which is currently the Kampot Provincial Museum, a former movie theater turned luxury hotel, and the Kampot Fishing Market, which has been converted now home to a well-known seafood restaurant.

Banteay Chhmar

Banteay Chhmar is considered one of Cambodia’s genuine jewels on Cambodia vacation tours, located northwest of Siem Reap and Angkor, adjacent to the Thai border. The major moated fortress structure, which predates Angkor, was built in the 12th century. According to the main sanctuary, nine more satellite temples sprout, each with its beautiful sandstone works of sculpture and carvings representing military scenarios and royal court settings.

cambodia vacation tours
Banteay Chhmar historic temple park (Source: Internet)

Banteay Chhmar is unique in that it has been nearly lost to time. The complex has been abandoned for 800 years. Most of the expensive items were stolen, lowering the pagodas to ruins. Many of the temples’ walls and structures have been methodically restored stone by stone in recent years as part of the buildings’ rehabilitation. Banteay Chhmar has been designated as a potential UNESCO World Heritage Site.They might also plan banquets and traditional music performances at the ancient temple. A new program allows visitors to stay overnight inside the ruins in customized tents. Overall, it’s a far more personal feeling than everything at Angkor, all while helping local families make a livelihood and eventually contributing to the conservation of this priceless archaeological site.


Kratie is a busy crossroads linking Phnom Penh with northeastern Cambodia or southern Laos. This village on the banks of the Mekong River is well-known for its endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins, which may be seen in the river. It’s a great site to go on dolphin-watching cruises to see these wonderful creatures. Aside from the dolphins, the small city has a certain crumbling colonial elegance and some of the nicest Mekong sunsets in the whole nation.

cambodia vacation tours
Irrawaddy Dolphins (Source: Internet)

The adjacent island of Koh Trong is a pleasant spot to enjoy true Khmer friendliness at an affordable homestay or discover by hired bike. The Mekong Discovery Trail, located north of Kratie, offers a variety of adventures and experiences centered around the mother river, consisting of as organized into communities homestays, bicycle excursions, and boat tours. The spectacular 100-Column Pagoda, surrounded by the water of pillars and brightly painted Buddhist paintings, may be seen farther north across the river in Sambour. The hike to Phnom Sambok Pagoda along a wooded trail adorned with Buddha sculptures is equally worthwhile.

Kampong Cham

cambodia vacation tours
Kapong Cham (Source: Internet)

Kampong Cham provides a glimpse of what Phnom Penh would have been like decades ago. Broad boulevards, bright shops, and a downtown market with vaulted ceilings reminiscent of the Art Deco marketplaces in Battambang Province distinguish this little town’s beautiful downtown. The slow movement of vehicles and the roads generate Kampong Cham, ideal for cycling. Cross the water’s edge and reach the French Tower, which resembles a highlight, then walk the perilous inside stairway for a glimpse of the town. North of town has numerous noteworthy pagodas. The Wat Nokor Bachey is well-known thanks to its Bayon-style carvings and was included in UNESCO’s Preliminary Ranking during the 1990s.

Why Should I Visit Them?

Cambodia is a small nation with a lot to offer. There are two primary reasons why you ought to travel to Cambodia.
For starters, these locations are rich in history and culture. Second, their natural beauty is breathtaking, from the stunning antique buildings to the tranquil islands. This little country has the finest of all the area has to offer, so spending a few weeks touring the entire country is worthwhile. Endless rice paddies dotted with stilted cottages, waving palm trees, and buffalo on lonely back roads. Traveling throughout Cambodia may take more time and effort, but some of the most rewarding travel experiences may only be discovered in the country’s humble rural heart. Each little village offers unique scenery, interesting construction, indigenous arts and crafts, or pre-Angkorian temples.


Cambodia is typically a relatively secure nation to visit, although crimes and fraud may occur occasionally, so it is advisable to minimize risks whenever possible. This blog suggested five destinations for Cambodia vacation tours. This guide can help you arrange the necessities for your vacation, regardless of whether you’re visiting for the first time or returning.

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