Ho Chi Minh City, located on the Southern side of Vietnam, is the must-visit spot in any Vietnam travel itinerary. Years ago, the trending check-in spots were coffee shops and local restaurants, but recently, public opinion has changed.

With the development of reading culture, more and more young people have become interested in going to bookstores. Therefore, there are lots of beautiful bookstores built for check-in and working. In this article, let’s learn more about top bookstores in Ho Chi Minh City.

Those Who Love Books Should Not Ignore Top Bookstores In Ho Chi Minh City

Ca Chep Bookstore

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Ca Chep bookstore

Ca Chep bookstore is so famous in Vietnam’s book market. Despite its late appearance, the store still manages to remain its USP (unique selling point) as trending and impressive decoration, integrated book-cafe corner, and book searching system. If you are buying the Vietnam customized tours package, we recommend adding Ca Chep to your visit list.

At first sight, the Ca Chep bookstore is distinctive for the luxury architecture and the chilling vibe it brings. Going deep through the store, you can smell the coffee’s aroma filled in the air.

Surfing across the forums, we can find that Ca Chep Bookstore is voted as the “most beautiful bookstore” in Saigon so many times. It is so reliable as the setup in Ca Chep always brings us a nostalgia-but-trendy, calm-but-inspiring vibe that none store could do.

Another great point about Ca Chep is its arrangements. The bookshelves are put in a circular form, labeled by colors logically. There are about 20,000 books inside this amazing store. Why not give Ca Chep a try, right?

BOA Bookstore

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BOA bookstore

Differentiated from Ca Chep, BOA is much intimate and peaceful. Located in a small department near the Con Rua lake, BOA is quite hard to find out if you are not local people here since the label system on old flats is quite chaotic.

For such a small space, BOA is suitable for book lovers who prefer a quiet and cozy atmosphere to finish reading. The decoration is simple with old-fashioned wallpaper and wood shelves.

What we love about BOA are its rare book resources. There are lots of rare, old, hard-to-find books that you can only find in BOA. Just imagine a small cozy space with many rare books and a quiet corner to read; how amazing it is!

Bookworm’s Coffee

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Bookworm’s coffee

Bookworm is an integrated coffee shop-bookstore system. When coming to Bookworm, you can joyfully pick out a book, call some snacks or coffee, and get lost in a story. There are vegan menus, to add in.

Distinctive from BOA, Bookworm impresses us with trendy and modern decorations, making the space seem bright and lively. Sometimes, you can call some friends over to the store, enjoy coffee and read books simultaneously, or play some board games when feeling bored.

The most famous recipe at Bookworm is egg coffee. For foreigner visitors, it is a must to try this drink once, as you cannot find another similar version of coffee anywhere worldwide!

Vesta Bookstore

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Vesta bookstore

Located in District 2 – far away from the city center, Vesta is definitely a spot for those who are exhausted from the bustling city life. When walking around this bookstore, there are not many modern amenities but mostly trees and yards.

Therefore, Vesta bookstore often holds many outside events as handmade crafting class, doll making, ornament composing. Even if you don’t want to buy books, register for one of these events and join in to interact more with local youths.

In terms of book resources, Vesta has more than 1000 books available recently. They are organized neatly and logically so that the main customer group – young kids – can find them.

Book Nest

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Book Nest

A retired reporter founded Book Nest with the purpose of attracting the niche clientele – young people, art lovers, and artists. The main products sold at Book Nest are curated books, organized based on themes and topics.
In fact, Book Nest is quite small and narrow, so the storekeeper cannot welcome too many people at once. However, the owners know how to make up for that cons by holding many helpful book reading events or meeting-and-signing with authors.

Do you know what makes Book Nest so loved by the customers? Well, we believe that the owner’s sensitivity is the answer. Usually, Book Nest will be filled with perfume related to a famous book. Such a clever and unique way to build up a good first impression, right?

In Sum

Through this article, we have discussed the top 5 bookstores in Ho Chi Minh City. There are other beautiful bookstores in this bustling town, but these five are the most voted by the local people, so the list above is quite authentic.

Personally, we love the BOA bookstore most since we love small and old-fashioned stores with rare books. Hope you can apply our guides when planning a trip to Vietnam in general and Ho Chi Minh city in specific.

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