Thailand tour packages also include museum tours, making your journey to explore Bangkok unforgettably. Visiting Bangkok’s museums is a great way to explore Thailand’s rich culture, art, and architecture. With the amazing heritage in Thailand, these museums will leave you with a special feeling. Take a breather and step back in time to those ancient times. Here are the top 6 that you should take into consideration. Scroll down!

Great Museums In Bangkok

The museums in Bangkok aren’t just conventional places where you wander around and look at the exhibits. Look at these 6 most-chosen places in Thailand tour packages you have to set foot in.


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MOCA – Source: Wikimedia Commons

The first location we want to introduce you to is MOCA which stands for Museum of Contemporary Art in Bangkok, one of Thailand’s most comprehensive collections of contemporary paintings and sculptures. The five-story Chatuchak Museum houses more than 800 of his works of art, many of which belong to founder Boonchai Bencharongkul. The majority of the exhibits in this institution are thoughtful, lovely, and occasionally fascinating. Artists can explore subjects including religion, crime, prostitution, and the decline of conventional values at MOCA.

Bangkok Forensic

Visitors seeking the strange may find scary displays at the Bangkok Museum of Forensic Medicine. This location offers educational opportunities to both international visitors and medical students. Particularly the Ellis Museum of Pathology and the Songkran Niyomsane Forensic Medicine, this unusual museum has bizarre exhibits, including the bodies of murderers and rapists, preserved fetuses, murder weapons, and victims of amazing sacrifices that can make the faint of heart whimper.

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Weird things – Source: Flickr

In the pathology room, infants with inherited disorders are on display. The environment is unnerving, yet it appears strange enough to be somber because it’s so contemporary. The history of parasites, their origins, and how they affect human organs are covered in an old chamber. The Songkran Niyomsane Forensic Medicine Museum is where things become much worse. The mummified body of a notorious lunatic infamous for devouring children’s livers in the 1950s is displayed in the forensics room with the remains of accident victims and murderers


Although this museum is understated and unassuming, the items it houses are priceless. Two exquisitely kept wooden buildings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries make up most of the complex, occasionally referred to as the “Bangkok Folk Museum.” By signing the guest book in the museum, you can enter for free. Original bakelite switches, vintage clocks, tube radios, and armoires may be found in every room. An antique Benjarong-style urn made of Thai five-color porcelain from the reign of King Rama V is among the treasures shown in glass cases.

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Free-entry – Source: Wikimedia Commons

The 1929-built second house enters the spacious courtyard at the back of the building. This house has a unique design. Dark wood makes up almost all of the walls, flooring, and ceilings, which have more windows than wall space. The first level of the third structure is a kitchen and carpentry area that is furnished with antique items, ceramic ovens, and rusted tools. Old toys, dinnerware, and advertisements, many of which are from post-WWII Europe, are displayed eclectically on the second level.


The unique three-headed museum is situated in the Bangkok district of Samutprakarn. It is only a few kilometers from the well-known Bang Na Train Station, so getting there is fairly simple. A massive three-headed elephant is 150 tons in weight and is 3.6 meters tall at the Erawan Museum in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Impression – Source: Flickr

Three levels of this structure represent the underworld, human earth, and heaven. The museum features rare oriental artifacts, religious symbolism, and psychedelic ornamentation in almost every area. See this location’s bizarre exhibitions and relax in the gorgeous tropical gardens. Then, explore stony paths, ford little streams, and feed koi shoals in ponds made of rock. The garden has numerous photo opportunities, littered with monuments from mythologies and unusual plants.

Museum of Siam

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Monumental – Source: Wikimedia Commons

This attractive museum, also known as the Discovery Museum, thoroughly examines Thai culture. You will chronologically reconstruct the nation’s history as you go from one room to the next. Visitors can engage with many interactive digital exhibits on each floor of this Siam museum. Also, there are a ton of film exhibits that cover Thai history and ethnography. The videos feature English subtitles, and our helpful staff does everything possible to ensure every visitor to this venue has a positive experience.

Batcat Toy

The Batcat Museum and Toys, which may be the biggest and first in Asia, has the biggest collection of toys, including life-size models and mini-figures of superheroes, including Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man. Think about growing up dreaming about being surrounded by his collection of approximately 50,000 superheroes. Some of them, which were developed in the 1960s and are no longer used anywhere else, were.

A life-size costume and a collection of cutting-edge Batmobiles and airplanes are among the most spectacular artifacts at the Batcat Museum and Toys, but the older ones are the prettiest and most innocent tin toys that were formerly thought to be high-tech. The museum shop provides a few things for sale when you’ve had your fill of childhood memories.

Final Thought

Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, is known for its trendy rooftop bars, neon-lit food stands, and tuk-tuks that scale the walls. Yet, in this fascinating archipelago rich in cultural history, Bangkok’s museums are everywhere and Southeast Asia’s oldest. You may get everything you need for your trip prepared with the aid of Thailand tour packages. We will make you feel comfortable during this tour, and of course, you won’t want to miss some of these fantastic locations, whether you intend to spend a day or a full week seeing the museums in Bangkok.

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