Laos family vacation has recently become a popular topic for people who want to enjoy a highly personalized experience in an exotic country with their loved ones. This country is beautiful with many natural sights, and one of the main sights that you should visit is the waterfall. This review is an excellent Laos customized tours resource if you want to learn about the most beautiful waterfall. Let’s jump right into this post to discover now.

The 6 Most Beautiful Waterfalls Of Laos

Kuang Si fall

A prominent waterfall in Laos’ Luang Prabang province, Kuang Si Falls, is located in the country’s south. The waterfall is a 200-foot drop, and it’s a terrific spot in the summer and fall to enjoy nature. Located 20 miles (30 kilometers) south of Luang Prabang City, the Kuang Si cascade is recognized as being one of the most scenic and breathtaking natural wonders in all of Laos.

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Kuangsii Waterfall – The icon of Laos

To get there, rent a dirt bike or tuk-tuk at pretty much any of the tourist hubs in Luang Prabang’s old town. If you would like to go swimming and trekking from the top of the cascade, make sure you plan your day so that you have at least three hours here. The admission rate is 20,000 kip ($2.50) per person. Don’t forget to satisfy your appetite! Residents have worked hard to set up booths offering a variety of excellent refreshments – so you won’t be left hungry.
There’s also a bear save facility nearby where you may visit some indigenous or endangered animals and take photographs with them!

Tad Yuang fall

Tad Yung Falls, which is also sometimes spelled Tad Gneuang, is a waterfall located in Laos. The Tad Yung is located on the Bolaven Plateau near Pakse and can be easily seen when visiting the Wat Luang Phor Khao Temple. One of the most beautiful things about this waterfall is its geography. A scenic round trip is possible by renting a scooter or motorcycle. While visiting this spot, one mustn’t miss checking out Kaloang Luang Cave for a glimpse into some of Laos’ history. Besides, it’s a beautiful spot to view a waterfall and take in some spectacular views of nature.

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Beautiful views of Tad Yuang Waterfall (source: wikipedia)

After you’ve had enough time to take in Mother Nature’s wonders, make sure you stop by some of the places near the parking lot, such as tourist stores and restaurants that stand adjacent to it. Here, you can find souvenirs to bring back home with you as instant reminders of your stay at this magnificent park. During the rainy season, the water flow may be rather powerful. This may limit swimming access, but you can still swim above or below the cascade if eager to do so.

Tad Fane fall

If you go on Laos customized tours, you won’t miss the Tad Fane Waterfall located in Don Hua Sao National Protected Area in Champasak Province. The cascade is almost 400 feet tall and consists of watercourses that merge at their height before cascading over the side of metal railings to the swimming pool below. The pool is surrounded by a large stone patio built to allow direct access from the second-floor dining area. Most visitors can enjoy this breathtaking sight from Tad Fane Resort while they sip on their favorite drinks.

There are many observation sites along the opposite side of the gorge that are great for enjoying a magnificent view of the waterfall from afar on hot days when you don’t feel like stepping outside and for activities that can cause your body to become overheated and burnt. Hiring a guide will cost extra, but it’s worthwhile because they know the best trails to picnic areas, paths to view-points, and secret spots.

Tad Tayiscua fall

If you dare ride across Bolevan Plateau on your motorbike, you must visit Tad Tayiscua. It offers beautiful scenery and stunning waterfalls. There won’t be too many tourists since it isn’t a major tourist destination. Bring some strong hiking shoes and make your way down to the base of the cascade, where you can soak in the mist. Rent a motorbike or scooter for a couple of days and explore the Bolan Plateau’s natural splendor.

Tad Champi fall

Tad Champi is considered one of those waterfalls that makes you wonder what the definition of a jungle truly is because its beauty stretches beyond just sights. Located not far from Tad Yuang and Tad Fane, it gets its name from the surrounding region. The water gently cascades down and forms a small pool where swimmers can enjoy the crystal clear water that surrounds them with the lushness and beauty of nature. The only thing nearby is a bar.

To reach Tad Champi, you must ride your scooter or motorcycle around the Bolaven Plateau motorcycling circle and brave the dirt track. We do not advocate driving to this waterfall during the Monsoon Season since the ground has a clay-like consistency, and your vehicle can get trapped if the trail becomes too wet.

Khone Phapheng fall

Situated in the Nong Khai province in the north of Laos, the Khone Phapheng cascade is one of many landmarks that attract visitors to visit the northern part of Laos and Southeast Asia. The cascade is found on the Mekong River, traveling between Laos and Cambodia. If you are visiting, make sure to bring your bicycle. When it comes to transportation daily, this is an excellent choice. Don Khone Island is the perfect place to visit by bike because of its breathtaking cascade view. In addition, taking a stroll down the beach will bring you scenic views.

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The breathtaking cascade view of Khone Phapheng (Source: Public Domain Pictures)

The water mass here contains a high sediment level compared to other parts of the region, making it even more powerful. It is also a giant among its peers since the tallest point of the fall is over 70 feet high, producing a tremendous stream of whitewater, particularly during the wet season.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this post about the six most beautiful waterfall Laos customized tours. Our goal is to help you become a more informed traveler and have more fulfilling experiences while traveling.

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