When thinking of Vietnam, you may think of warm weather and sandy beaches. But you should add one more thing to that list: Great roads.Planning Vietnam motorbike tours through various areas with friends or family is an amazing experience. However, it can also be difficult to know where to go and what places are best to visit. This blog will give you an overview of 7 best motorcycle routes in Vietnam. Keep reading to learn more!

Best Routes In Vietnam For Motorbike Riding

Vietnam is one of the best places in the world for motorbiking, and you can ride just about anywhere. But it’s not just the feeling of the wind rushing by and the sun on your face. It’s also the experience of the culture of Vietnam that you can only get by traveling the country by motorbike

Hai Van Pass

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The beauty of Hai Van Pass

As it goes through the mountain range between Lang Co in Quang Nam and Da Nang, Hai Van pass makes a scenic excursion. Due to restrictions on vehicle traffic entering and exiting this place, bikers have been mostly stuck using this road because they are not allowed to enter or exit through the tunnel. It’s quite tricky to conquer this breathtaking scenery of Vietnam, yet many motorists are eager to give it a try. This location is similar to a stone monument with views of two distinct regions, South and West, in terms of culture and geography. As you pass through the route, the contrast view of the magnificent mountain and the crystal-clear beach on each side will leave you jaw-dropping.

Ha Giang Loop

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Those who like riding on motorbikes should check out the Ha Giang Loop. Yunnan Province borders this route, so it is the closest way to China. You can either go full circle or make it a smaller segment of your trip. Four days are just enough for this 439km ride in Sapa – but only if you’re an experienced rider: The terrain is undulating and mountainous with almost 600 hairpin bends! Expect stunning panoramas at many points, so keep an eye out, especially when riding through tunnels! Avoid the wet season when water levels tend to be high during summer.

Cao Bang Province

In the northern part of Vietnam, there’s a region known as Cao Bang, which straddles both Cao Bang and Ha Giang provinces. This is an ideal destination to base yourself while exploring the neighboring province of Ha Giang by motorbikes. Once you arrive in Cao Bang, you could take the DT 204 loop or go further up north and see the Detian Falls, regarded as Vietnam customized tours‘ best attraction in the north. Either way, you’ll be able to see the border in this region, passing through stunning scenery surrounded by jungle that seems ethereal with mist rising from it at times.

O Quy Ho

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“Cloud Pass” in Lao Cai

Who doesn’t love taking an adventure filled with challenges? If exploring the challenging scenery of Vietnam is what you are looking for, we definitely recommend setting your sights on O Quy Ho, a.k.a “Cloud Pass”. Lai Chau and Lao Cai are connected by this 50-kilometer stretch of highway, shrouded in clouds throughout the year. While the pass may be the toughest in the Northwest area, it’s one thing that makes it awesome: it’s a thrilling adventure for all who choose to take on its curves. Yet, those who manage to pull off its endless twists and turns are rewarded at the top with towering views of Lai Chau’s beautiful valleys below. Peering over the edge of this treacherous slope with sweeping vistas stretching as far as the eye can see will provide an adrenaline rush for anyone unafraid of what lies beneath!

Khe Sanh – Phong Nha Town

You can find a variety of colors and cultures between Khe Sanh and Phong Nha. First, you shall find yourself in the mountainous areas following rice paddies and small villages. There are several clusters of trees in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang Park as you descend via little tropical views of green hills. The view is breathtaking, with long temples surrounding your moment from one end to another! You are welcomed by several diving spots, waterfalls, and adventure opportunities for hiking, bird watching, or volunteering for the operation centers that help keep this park sustainably clean.

Nam Ma River

Ninh Binh is known for being a popular tourist area in Vietnam. This is because its landscape is considered one of the most beautiful and unique in the country. Unfortunately, along with mountains, rice paddies, and gorgeous rivers, there are many visitors. So if you want to avoid those crowds and enjoy something similarly beautiful, we’d suggest taking the long trip down to Nam Ma River. It’s not far from Ninh Binh, but at least you will see a side of Vietnam customized tours that very few ever do or have even heard about! Still, many people are going there as promised, and many returns with incredible photos on social media to prove it.

Da Lat – Nha Trang

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The winding roads in Da Lat

With Da Lat and Nha Trang being two of the most tourist-attracting regions in the country, you should never cross out this route on your motorbike tour. The DT652 road is a favorite route for residents. Traffic can be heavy during the weekends, but the roads are never congested, so it’s easy to sink into your world of thoughts as you enjoy a relaxing ride down this road. The pass provides a meandering journey over mountains and woods, with breathtaking vistas at each bend. It is worthwhile to take excursions off-road to stop at one of the several rest spots along the route for lunch or coffee.

Hope you found these 7 best motorcycle routes in Vietnam to be helpful in deciding where you should ride or what route you should take on your next motorcycle tour in Vietnam.

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