Since the crash landing of the novel coronavirus, the world has been in a constant state of turbulence, to the point that it has changed our very awareness. I mean, there will be a milestone that marks the period of “before COVID-19” and “after COVID-19”.

But that milestone is still unknown as of now.

In reality, people are told to stay put at home for the mere sake of the whole community. However, this stings the economy, as a result, especially a service-based economy where tourism, logistics, retailing, and real estates play such pivotal roles.

Personally speaking, I believe the coronavirus has canceled a lot of your sweet appointments, holiday plans, and whatnot. But no need for despair yet!

As you might know, Vietnam is a leading country in the combat against this virus, even outshining Korea, thanks to the immediate actions of the authorities since the outbreak of the pandemic.

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And we also know that you’ve been planning a trip to Vietnam for months. In other words, your Vietnam honeymoon packages are still a possible scenario.

It’s safe to say that traveling to Vietnam at this point can help you regain your energy from the old days, or the day “before COVID-19”. At the same time, you would help the local economy recover its original power.

So, here is everything you should know before starting your Vietnam honeymoon tours.

5 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Vietnam Holidays

For those who have never been to Vietnam before, check out these five useful tips.

Rent a motorbike

You’ll be surprised to see that there are so many motorbikes in Vietnam, so much so that you even want to have one for yourself.

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Then I highly recommend that you go to a credential rental service, take their consultancy, and grab your own. It’s more than affordable. Not to mention, a good motorbike will guide you swiftly through the bumpy roads and small alleys of Vietnamese streets.

Bring sunscreen along

The weather condition in Vietnam is harsh and varies distinctively from regions to regions. With a scorching yet humid summer, it’ll be best to bring an SPF-50+ bottle of sunscreen to avoid sunburnt and other skin-related problems.

Be prepared to try out street foods

Vietnamese street foods have long been known as a genuine manifestation of the Vietnamese culture, which is rich in tastes, deep in history, and is developed by dedicated people.

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But that’s not the best part yet. Vietnamese street foods are just too good to be sold at such a low price. That means you’ll have the chance to try out a lot of dishes. So, get your budget ready now!

Master yourself on the art of bargaining

Haggling is not so much of a strange scene inside regular markets and street food stalls in Vietnam. In fact, many shopkeepers may strike the price a little (and sometimes overly) higher than the original one.

And that’s when bargaining comes into practice. Don’t buy the product at a bitter price just because you think it’s rude to haggle. It’s totally fine, though, as long as you have gotten the idea. Don’t raise your tones, don’t roll your eyes, keep the bargain friendly and comfortable. And then you’re good to go!

Book a private tour to Vietnam

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It might be one of your sanest ideas to book private tours to Vietnam now. With an already available schedule and some tourism experts, nothing could ever go wrong, if that’s what you’re still afraid of.

4 Safety Tips To Avoid The Potential Contagion Of Coronavirus

Given the peaceful vibes that Vietnam provides, remember not to keep your guards down under any circumstances! Follow these tips for extra safety.

Bring along a hand sanitizer

A small hand sanitizer or alcohol bottle by your side is advisable. It’ll help destroy the penetration of germs and viruses on your body parts, thus keep the contagion at bay. Not to mention, they’ll come in handy when there are no faucets around.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

These parts are precisely where the coronavirus makes its first move into your vulnerable system. So, please make sure to steer clear of them, even when you have washed your hands well.

Always wear a mask in public

You’ll never know who has been back from the virus-stricken regions and how fast the disease can spread among a crowd. Thus, the most effortless way to protect yourself is to wear a mask in public. Or, if possible, avoid being caught up at peak hours.

Stay home if you feel under the weather

Just in case you feel unwell, please stay home. That’s when you’re most vulnerable to the environment, so the probability that you catch the virus is quite higher and even harder to cure.

Or maybe in the worst-case scenario, you feel unwell because you have actually caught the virus. Staying home then would prevent the infection from multi-spreading to the ones you love.


I genuinely hope that my nine tips above can be of great help to you in your next Vietnam honeymoon tours. Now, let me know if you’re ready to explore Vietnam with your significant other!

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