Traditionally, many Vietnamese families organize temple tours on the first days of the year. Here they wish a happy and peaceful year for family members, as well as gather to talk together.

If you are a tourist coming to Vietnam at the beginning of the new year, you should start planning a trip to Vietnam at the most famous Chau Doc temples. This holy land welcomes millions of domestic and foreign visitors each year for temple festivals, customary offerings, and New Year prayers.
Let’s follow us to explore the top five most famous temples here.

Ba Chua Xu Temple

The most famous place in Chau Doc is Ba Chua Xu Temple located near Sam Mountain. This temple has become a spiritual Vietnam tour itinerary of many tourists every year.

In particular, the number of tourists flocks to wish for the fortune and successful business from January to March lunar month. This unique temple is in the middle of an ample space of calm and dreaminess.

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Furthermore, it is built with a lotus-shaped tower architecture, a roof of three storeys, green tiles with bold artistic patterns. Besides, Ba Chua Xu Temple is quite distinctive with elaborate carvings and golden diaphragm to add the ancient and solemn spirit.

From the 23rd to the 27th of April lunar month, local people organize Via Ba Festival to commemorate the merits of the people who help them to rebel and create a peaceful life for hundreds of years.

Huynh Dao Pagoda

Huynh Dao Pagoda has a vast attractive campus. It is also a famous landscape and spiritual pilgrimage destination in An Giang. The pagoda is located in Sam Mountain, Chau Doc.

planning a trip to vietnam

The unique highlight in the architecture of this temple is the symbol of nine dragons in front of the temple yard. Additionally, the temple campus is very peaceful with the pure beauty of the lotus ponds that radiate refreshing fragrance.

When coming to this place, visitors release their sorrows and stress to enjoy the fresh air. At the same time, they also take part in worshiping and praying activities with the local people.

Van Linh Pagoda

Van Linh Pagoda is located in the tourist area of Cam Mountain. The terrain of this pagoda is extraordinary. Its back leans on the slope of Bo Hong hill, the highest peak of Cam Mountain, while its front faces Thuy Liem Lake.

planning a trip to vietnam

The temple campus has lots of lush flowers and plants, giving the pagoda a peaceful, quiet space. It also has a marvelous natural landscapes that fascinate people. The monks in the temple plant various kinds of flowers to bring joy to visitors.

Moreover, there are many types of stupas like Thich Thien Quang Monk tower, the bell tower worshiping Amitabha Buddha, the Bodhisattva Quan The Am tower, which are built right in front of the temple yard. They have the modern and ancient architecture style to make the temple more sacred and fanciful.

Cave Pagoda

Cave Pagoda is also known as Phuoc Dien Pagoda. It is one of the national historical monuments of Vietnam. Around 1840 – 1845, this pagoda was built on the slopes of Sam Mountain, at a height of hundreds of meters in Chau Doc City. So, Cave Pagoda is over 100 years old now.

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Designed with unique temple architecture, a terrain located on the back of a mountain gives the temple a tranquil atmosphere. Buddhists visiting the temple will have the feeling of traveling halfway through the sky in the charming natural scenery.

From the foot of Sam Mountain to reach Cave Pagoda, you will go through the easy-to-go terraced roads. You can walk freely and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful mountains.

Tay An Pagoda

The temple complex at Sam Mountain also has the presence of the ancient Tay An Pagoda. This pagoda is hidden at the foot of Sam Mountain and only 5 km from Chau Doc City.

planning a trip to vietnam

It has the architecture style between Indian and ancient Vietnamese. Because of its location near the mountain, there is a beautiful and charming nature and fresh air.

The main hall of Tay An Pagoda is the place that attracts the most attention because it has an onion-shaped roof, similar to the temples in India. The pagoda is not only a sacred temple for Buddhists to worship but also a famous tourist attraction in Sam Mountain Resort of An Giang.

Final Words

A happy new year is something everyone wishes. Let’s join the Vietnamese custom to explore the traditional worship culture in one of the oldest Southern lands. Now you can experience the Vietnam family holidays at the most famous temples in Chau Doc City, An Giang Province.

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