You have an unintentional opportunity to visit Cambodia in Siem Reap for Khmer New Year, the national festival.
Despite your good fortune, you have no idea what to do during your Cambodia holiday packages. We encourage you to go out and participate in the Siem Reap celebrations with the people. Read down to see the top popular things to do in Siem Reap during Khmer New Year.

What To Do In Cambodia New Year

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Khmer New Year – Source: Internet

Everyone knows Khmer New Year is an estimated three-day event held in Cambodia in April. Angkor Songkran and Chol Chnam Thmey are more names for Khmer New Year. The bustling mood and happy celebrations sweep over Cambodia, such as in Siem Reap, as the country welcomes the traditional new year. Cambodia has many intriguing information and activities and a distinct culture and customs that may astonish you.

Visit A Pagoda

Over three days, the pagodas are the major focus of somber ceremonies. Visitors are welcome, and the ideal time to view the most bustle at pagodas is mid-morning. Remember to dress appropriately and remove your shoes to visit a pagoda. Buddhists will wear costumes in their fine clothes – freshly laundered white kinds of cotton and tablecloths and long silk skirts – to see their regional pagodas light some candles, say prayers, and give merit with food offerings to the monks, and assemble to pray to mark the beginning of the New Year.

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Visit a pagoda – Source: Internet

The following day, people provide compassion and kindness to the less fortunate through donations, gestures of support, or service to charities. There are other prayers at the Buddhist monasteries. Additional sand grains have been put to the towering hills adorned with colorful flags. On the third day, present fragrant water to seniors and visit the pagodas to bathe the Buddha statues. Bathing represents new beginnings; other rituals and desires exist for good fortune, peace, and success.

Play Traditional Games And Dance With The Locals

You really shouldn’t miss out on the chance to participate in Khmer rhythms and engage in traditional games with the people in the courtyards of pagodas and other public areas. There are some famous conventional games that you can try. Firstly, Leak Kanseng is a game in which many players sit in a circle, and one person wanders around the circular path while singing, attempting to hide a towel behind the back of a particular sitting player. In the Donderm Sleok Cher, a referee will split the attendees into two teams and have them stand 30 feet apart.

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Leak Kanseng – Source: Internet

The referee shall call a number that corresponds to a team member. The 2 individuals will first compete to see who can grab the tree limb in the middle. Then, Teanh Proat is a tug-of-war game played by groups of boys and girls who compete by dragging on the rope. Now is the opportunity to genuinely want to understand the Cambodians and experience a joyous moment with them.

Visit A Nearby Village

Spend a day at a hamlet near Siem Reap. It’s the ideal method to mingle with the native Khmer people and enjoy a genuine Khmer New Year celebration. The hamlet has several “home-grown” stores where visitors may shop. Several businesses offer Cambodian textiles and ingredients, particularly Kampot peppers, soaps, and natural creams. Fashion clothing is also available here.

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Cambodian Cultural Villages in Siem Reap – Source: Internet

Because eateries have fewer employees during the Khmer New Year, service might be sluggish. As a result, visiting a local hamlet is the greatest way to sample Cambodian family foods. The tasty meals locals prepare immediately attract your attention to Cambodia holiday packages. Cambodian family delicacies such as fried red ants and fried spiders are available. You should bring your camera since you will witness stunning scenery, including paddy fields and wooden cottages on stilts.

Join The Siem Reap Sangkranta Festival

The Siem Reap Sangkranta celebration in the city center near the Royal Mansion since 2013 is another attraction of the Khmer New Year in Siem Reap. It’s three days packed with activities, performances, ceremonies, games, and cuisines, all set in beautiful surroundings. There will always be events, festivals, food, and drink at the Royal Gardens in the town center.

In addition, several kiosks will be put up in the neighborhood to provide an unlimited selection of local cuisine and other unique delights for the event. Try palm fruit, an amazing Cambodian street snack. On the outer edge of the moat from Angkor Wat, many traditional Khmer New Year festivities are happening; several of us immediately got engaged in a large tug of war. Apart from that, there was a traditional music and dance display, and everyone was swiftly drawn toward the center and urged to participate in the traditional dancing.

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Another festival segment may be found after passing the Terrace of the Elephants and the Bayon Temple. They were showing the year’s Guinness World Records efforts. A massive chicken’s nest and a gigantic named “Chapei Dong Veng” is a classical two-stringed, long-necked guitar. Lastly, peruse the commercial displays for handmade handicrafts and other goods to take home as keepsakes of the Khmer New Year on Cambodia holiday packages.


Khmer New Year in Siem Reap, as in other places of Cambodia, is a traditional Buddhist event rich in traditions and significance. That is what makes Khmer New Year in Siem Reap special. The Khmer New Year trip in these Cambodia holiday packages would be best. It is the best time of year to come if you want a taste of the traditional culture and Buddhist rituals, interact with Cambodians socially, and participate in conventional ways disappearing elsewhere.

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