Dear all my friends out there, don’t be so moody, COVID-19 may screw a lot of your plans, but summer is not over yet. You still have enough time to treat yourself to a memorable expedition. By planning a trip to Vietnam with me, every dream of yours will come true. Let me tell you how.

To start with, you might have some idea of this country as the one that boasts many world-renowned natural landscapes, cultural values, incredible cuisine, and nightless, hectic vibes of the streets.

But you know what? After such a long-winded and unhealthy period of global upheaval, what you need now is not only an excuse to get out of your house but also a place to get yourself, plus your frame of mind, back in shape.

Thus, we would suggest you go on an expedition, be it a trekking or a cave-venturing one. By exposing yourself to a breath of mother nature, you’ll see her magical healing power working on you. Not to mention, an expedition can provide you with a bit of suspense, isn’t it lovely? And Vietnam can offer you just that.

What’s Included In These Private Guided Tours Vietnam?

After a simplified click to book your private guided tours, let’s see what perks you’ll have. Thus, this is your chance to get away from it all, even temporarily. It’ll undoubtedly do you good.

An experienced tour guide

Obviously an indispensable factor in an adventurous trip. This tour guide/ porter is usually a local person who is well-trained to handle the odds and ends of your trip, say, to brief you on the physical and mental preparation during the trip, or to tackle any emergency occurring.

planning a trip to vietnam

Moreover, this porter possesses more than sufficient knowledge on the local culture, thus he/ she can give you a better demonstration of what you’re going in for.

A detailed Vietnam travel itinerary

This is precisely what manifests the professional style of the travel agency. For example, if you’re going on a cave expedition, they’ll soon give you a general idea of where you start, what kinds of terrains you will be encountering, how the safety team will be of help, and further information on weather conditions.

The gist is that you will be given the best opportunity to fully appreciate the magnificent surroundings and to grasp another sense into your being.

Basic necessities for the upcoming trips

Based on the specific trekking/ venturing itinerary of yours, the staff team will build a preparation checklist for you, some are already factored in the Vietnam holiday tour packages, others – you’ll have to bring from home. Take a look at this table for a better demonstration.

planning a trip to vietnam
What to bring on a one-day Hang Tien Discovery

Vietnam Trekking/Venturing Destinations You Should Not Miss Out

After the researching and preparing processes, we should certainly move on to the next step – also the one you are most excited about – setting off. But, where?

Quang Binh – a newly discovered gem in central Vietnam, is certainly not to be missed out this summer. This province is blessed with the mind-boggling cave systems, such as Phong Nha, Son Doong, and Tu Lan to name a few. Each of them is now open for public display, yet in the form of exclusive adventure tours.

planning a trip to vietnam

Hang Tien – one of the biggest caves in the Tu Lan system, will be our proud present to you. The team shall start from an uphill section, then penetrating the jungle. From then on, you’ll slowly find your way to the peaceful valley after a challenging trail full of bumpy rocks and tricky slopes. But don’t worry, you can do it with the expert porter’s guidance, and your will power.

But that’s just not the best part yet. Your main goal is to reach the valley peak, where every single image of mother nature will be captured in your very own eyes. It’s like positioning yourself on top of the world. Does that excite you at all?

For your information, that’s just one of the best paradises on earth, you can find out more about these unusual experiences with Lao Cai Village Trekking, Tay Nguyen road trips, or Hoi An bike tours. Each of them will grant you a different memory, but definitely worth it after all.


And that’s a wrap. With everything that is so elaborately prepared, are you ready for planning a trip to Vietnam with me, mate? If you are, hesitate no more, grab your pack, and come write your own story with me.

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