If you plan to have a vacation in Vietnam, Vietnam tours will make your dream come true. These packages will take you to wonderful places in Vietnam to explore the beauty of this land, and one of them worth visiting is the Ba Na Hills. You may have heard about this renowned tourist attraction and its magnificence many times, but you’ll be much more impressed when you truly travel there. Let’s scroll down to explore why Ba Na Hills is an ideal destination for your vacation!

How Is Ba Na Hills Unique?

Ba Na Hills, constructed in 1919 as a leisure town for the French, now attracts tourists from all countries. If you want to explore Ba Na Hills, you will need to buy tickets to travel there. One of the unique things about Ba Na Hills is that you will have a chance to rocket up the slope and observe the incredible scenery of the distant sea, cascading waterfalls, and forests below from a roomy cable car.

The cable car in Ba Na Hills has a length of over 5.7 kilometers, and the height above sea level reaches 1,369 meters, counted from the departure station to the destination terminal. At this altitude, you’ll definitely enjoy the cool and pleasant temperature and the changing 4-season weather in a day. With the support of 200 cabins, considered the latest in Southeast Asia, this place can welcome over 3,000 tourists in one hour. The cable car takes about 17 minutes to reach the destination station, but in peak season, you may have to wait longer due to the crowds.

When Should I Visit Ba Na Hills?

You can visit Ba Na Hills almost any time, but we advise avoiding October through December. This time is often the rainy and winter season in Da Nang, and Ba Na Hills may be affected too. January to April is the best time for you to come here, as it’s the spring season with lovely scenery and a mild climate. Tourists are most likely to travel to this place in the summer between June and August, so it’s undoubtedly the most congested season. If you don’t like crowds, arranging your schedule to go in the spring is highly recommended. Remember to check the local weather, as it’s now changing unpredictably. Ba Na Hills, cable cars, and Fantasy Park will open daily from 7:00 until 21:30 to welcome visitors. Unfortunately, the entertainment shows will only run from 8:00 to 17:00. So you should visit Ba Na Hills from 08:00–17:00 to experience more exciting activities.

How To Travel Ba Na Hills

If you stay in Hoi An, moving to Ba Na Hills will take you around two hours. Further, going from Da Nang Center will take 45 minutes. Transports are various and depend on your budget and preferences. You can take a private car or a technology taxi to reach this place quickly. Driving your own motorcycle will be a memorable experience for those who love adventure and sightseeing. By going yourself, you will observe the fascinating landscape. Besides, purchasing Vietnam tours is a great idea, as these packages cover all you need, including transporting you to Ba Na Hills by bus.

What To See When Coming To Ba Na Hill

The Golden Bridge

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The Golden Bridge

Whenever you hear about Ba Na Hills, this location is always the top-rated attraction. The Golden Bridge is the most magnificent landscape bridge in the world, with a distinctive design of two giant hands. To get the most stunning photos of the Golden Bridge, you should visit it in springtime (from January to April)

Ling Ung Pagoda and Giant Buddha Statue

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Ling Ung Pagoda

The panoramic perspectives in Ling Ung Pagoda and the giant Buddha statue will give you an unforgettable impression of drifting clouds and a clear sky. You can ease your mind by enjoying the fresh air in the Pagoda and contemplating the enormous Buddha statue, the most well-known feature of this region

Debay Wine Cellar

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Debay Wine Cellar

The Debay basement was built in the 19th century, during the French era. Nearly 100 meters beneath the Ba Na mountains, this ancient wine cellar is maintained at a temperature of 16-20 ℃. This location is perfect for wine experts and lovers since it provides some of the best wines in the world

French Garden Le Jardin D’ Amour

If you go to Ling Ung Pagoda, you should spend more time visiting the Le Jardin D’ Amour Garden in the lower portion of the Ba Na Hills and near the Pagoda and the Debay wine cellar. The complex consists of nine separate gardens, which are wonderful works of European architecture and floral and botanical design.

Fantasy Park

The Fantasy Park’s theme is inspired by two adventurous movies, which are also the main concepts of many games in this park. Thrill and venturesomeness are all you feel when participating in some daring activities here. Besides a 29-meter drop tower, the 5D theaters and 4D death race are your must-go attractions.

Best Foods At Ba Na

With Vietnam tours, you can try many delicious foods in Ba Na Hills. Start your day with a cup of coffee and French pastries at Café Le Troquet du Coin or Café Postal at the Hotel de Paris. Having an international buffet at La Cote D’Azur or Arapang will give you a hearty meal for lunch and dinner. The buffet includes many French-taste cuisines and foreign foods, adding a new flavor to your meal.

In Sum

Ba Na Hills is a great place for those who love to see the natural beauty from a high view, experience interesting cultural and religious activities, and savor flavorful cuisines. When moving through the slope, you will see the spectacular view from above and relax in the pleasant fresh air. Besides, you will totally immerse yourself in many interesting and spiritual locations and activities in Ba Na Hills, such as Fantasy Park, Ling Ung Pagoda, or French Garden, and have a great and memorable vacation here.

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