Thailand is always an ideal destination for tourists attracted to fascinating Thai cultures and people. Especially when you register for the Thailand vacation packages, you will have a chance to travel to different places in Thailand. If you are interested in historical spots or want to contemplate the beauty of temples, you should visit Wat Pho, the highlight of impressive temples and statues. For more information, scroll down to know what this place will bring you!

Why You Should Go To Wat Pho?

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Wat Pho (Source: Internet)

Wat Pho, or Wat Phra Chetuphon, is famous for keeping one of the largest statues of the reclining Buddha. Wat Pho Temple is close to the Bangkok Flower Market and Bangkok’s Old Town. This place is considered the center of spirits, so many locals and foreigners visit the reclining Buddha statue. This statue is over 15 meters tall and 46 meters long, regarded as one of the world’s largest and most impressive reclining Buddhas. As said, the position of the Buddha statue represents the last moments that Gautama Buddha spent on earth before passing away from illness at 80.
Moreover, you should explore the rooms and pavilions, where stupas hold significant artifacts and kings’ remains from centuries ago. With the Thailand vacation packages, you will have time to contemplate many ancient relics, listen to their history, and meditate on the meaning of Buddhism to human beings.

What to See At Wat Pho Church?

The Reclining Buddha Statue

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The Temple of Reclining (Source: Internet)

One of the largest Buddha statues, the Reclining Buddha in the main temple Complex, depicts the Buddha’s entry into nirvana. The Buddha statue’s feet are embellished with nacre inlay, representing the 108 various characteristics of a Buddha.

The Rest of Wat Pho Complex

The rest of the Wat Pho Temple Complex has many other interesting things that can attract you at first sight. For instance, in the yards, you will see four chapels with exquisite Buddha sculptures, gold Buddha statues, and intricate frescoes. With the admission ticket, you can visit these relics and religious architecture. If you want to understand more about the history of Buddhism and Wat Pho, you can pay about 400 baht to hire a guide on-site, who will guide you through the Complex in order and give you meaningful knowledge.

Phra Ubosot

This statue was constructed during the reign of Rama I with the Ayuthaya school’s architecture. However, the location is now the product of major modifications that date back to the rule of Rama III. Besides the famous reclining Buddha statue, the Complex houses the second-most notable Buddha statue, Phra Ubosot, and the ashes of Rama I. These relics are built on a three-tiered pedestal inside the structure, along with magnificent paintings.

Thai Massage Pavilions

Wat Pho is one of the few holy places where you can find a massage. The school contains two Thai massage pavilions inside the temple site and other rooms outside. This special place makes tourists’ experience more fascinating and helps them unwind while exploring the Complex. Additionally, this school is regarded as the national center, where people can learn the fundamentals of traditional Thai medicine.

How to Get There?

Using a river taxi is the most compelling way to visit Wat Pho. Boats are also an affordable way to avoid city traffic. If you don’t know which boat to take to Wat Pho, don’t worry; the Thailand vacation packages will give you detailed instructions. Further, you can go to Wat Pho by taking the MRT station, Sanam Chai. This station is closest to your destination, about 8 minutes of walking to the south.

Best Time To Visit Wat Pho

The weather in Thailand is mostly hot and sunny, which may affect your exploring experience in a large location like Wat Pho. So, we advise you not to visit Wat Pho at midday, when the temperature is significantly high. The Temple still has shades and is quite cool, but the midday sun can make you tired, and it is difficult to contemplate all the relics. Visiting Wat Pho in the cool season is highly recommended, from October to the beginning of December and February.

Further, Wat Pho welcomes tourists during various opening hours, but the complex is commonly open from 8 am to 5 pm. You should arrive before 10 am to avoid tour buses, or come here after 4 pm. There are fewer tourists now, so you can freely see the reclining Buddha in quietness. Besides, you should go on weekdays because they are often quieter than weekends and check for holidays. If you visit Wat Pho during national holidays, this location will be full of people.

What to Bring With You to Wat Pho?

As the Wat Pho Complex is immense and visiting here requires much time and energy, especially in hot weather, you should bring your umbrella, hat, and other kinds of protection to prevent overheating and excessive sunlight. Preparing some water bottles and snacks is advisable since it helps you maintain your strength and nutrition during a long trip at Wat Pho. Most importantly, you have to cover your knees and shoulders while sightseeing here. So, if you wear fashionable clothes in other destinations and then travel to Wat Pho, you will need to bring a thin jacket and long trousers and wear them before you visit this ritual place. Wearing decent clothes is one of the compulsory regulations at this famous Temple Complex.

Final Thought

Wat Pho Temple is a great place for those who love historic locations, with the impressive Buddha statue and ancient temple architecture. Visiting this place will give you a sense of spirit and broaden your knowledge about Thai people’s religion, cultures, and lives. Hopefully, our article provides the information you need for your upcoming vacation, and you will have a wonderful trip to Wat Pho Temple and experience memorable things while visiting here. Relax and enjoy your best time in the highlight of temples and spirit!

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