After getting yourself Indochina tour packages, you might feel over the moon as there are tons of fantastic things awaiting ahead, like exploring new places in Vietnam, climbing majestic mountains in Laos, or immersing in the wavy beach in Thailand. Suppose one day you feel a little tired from being outside, why not find yourself a spa or a nail salon that can help you blow off steam and get a brand-new look for your nails?

The five best nail salons in Thailand you should add to your bucket list

Infinity Spa Bangkok

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Peaceful Space at Infinity Spa Bangkok
  • Location: 1037/1 Silom Road, Soi Silom 21 Sun Square, Silom Soi 21, Bang Rak
  • Opening Time: from 11:00 to 21:30
  • Price: Different ranges

Infinity Spa ranks at the top of places to visit in Thailand because it offers you great nail art, great relaxation space, and many other therapy services. You can polish your nails, paint them, and give them a brand-new look with fantastic designs.

Another reason why this spa stands out from the crowd is that it uses homemade products and herbs for some services. For this reason, you can trust this spa to give your nails a flawless look and give your mind a break.

Take Care Beauty Salon

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Luxurious Take Care Beauty Salon

● Location: There are ten different branches across Bangkok.
● Open Time: 10 to 19:30 everyday
● Price starts at 600 THB

Believe me! If you miss out on Take Care Beauty Salon, you may regret it the rest of your life. This spa has been around since 1994 and has been loved by the locals and many tourists. The reason why people choose this spa many times is that the quality it offers is excellent, the service can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

At this spa, you can treat your nails with a fabulous look with a variety of services such as polishing, coloring, conditioning, cutting, and styling. For customers who love to make their nails look like art, this spa is also a nice space to pick as it also designs foot and fingernails art with beautiful designs and extensions.

If you’re crazy about manicures but are afraid that the chemicals in your beauty products could be ruining the health of your nails, Take Care Beauty Salon will do a good job of keeping your nails healthier. Thanks to the meticulousness in nail care, many famous people and celebrities have become this spa’s loyal customers because of the quality. Besides nail services, this salon also offers eyelashes, hair, and eyebrows services. As many people have chosen this spa, more branches have been opened, and at the moment, there are ten branches in Bangkok for you to consider.

The Hills

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Friendly Hills with Everyone

● Location: Soi Sukhumvit 49
● Opening Time: from 10.30 to 20.30 every day
● Price Start At 600 THB for nail polishing

If you choose to travel to Vietnam Cambodia and Thailand, you would know that it is super easy to find a nail salon in most locations you pass by. However, most of these spas, including the top high-quality ones, use nail products containing strong chemicals. As a result, people who dislike chemicals and love the Earth would not be big fans of them.

The Hills salon does not follow the common path. This salon has been known as the one that uses organic products with their excellent all-natural approaches. If you are an environmentalist or organic product lover, this spa can be one of the best options. With their special services, Thai residents, tourists, and even Thai celebrities have chosen this spa.
Like most other spas, The Hills provides you with different nail services such as polishing, coloring, designing nail arts, and more.

Nail Studio At Central Embassy

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Nice Nail Studio to Visit

● Location: the 4th floor of Central Embassy
● Opening Time: from 10.30 to 21.00 every day
● Price starts at 1,000 THB

For the locals, Mam Surivipa is no stranger. She is a Thai comedian and a TV host who has a big love for pedicures and manicures. For this reason, she decided to start the Nail Studio at Central Embassy to offer high-quality products and provide her customers with excellent care services.

Most of the customers who have been to this spa describe it as having excellent service, skilled staff, and professional customer care, giving them a manicure and pedicure experience. When you come here, you will have the service you want, and the feeling of relaxation will no longer be out of reach.

Like what you can guess from the name “Nail Studio” of this spa, it does not offer many different types of services, but instead, it focuses mainly on giving excellent nail works. Come to this salon, and you can polish your nails or get your nails painted and add acrylic extensions.

If you love nail art, Nail Studio will never disappoint you because they will provide you with the beautiful nail designs of your dreams. Besides, you can also relax more with their hand and foot service.

Hugs x Kisses Nail Bar

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Comfortable Experience at Hugs x Kisses Nail Bar

● Location: the 2nd floor of The Twenty Six, Soi Sukhumvit 26.
● Opening Time: 10.00 – 18.30 (closed only on Wednesday)
● Price starts at 700 THB for polishing

Known for their use of high-end equipment and accessories, Hugs x Kisses Nail Bar brings you new and more modern quality nail services. People also pick this spa countless other options as it has a technician team with experiences, a great skill set, and even friendly manners toward customers.

If you have experienced great spa services during your Indochina tour packages, you can expect the same thing from Hugs x Kisses Nail Bar. This spa offers all the services other high-quality spas do. You can pay a visit to it to polish your nails, paint them, add extensions, and design nail arts. Moreover, you can also boost your nail health with nail care packages.

Hugs x Kisses Nail Bar’s owner calls it a “bar” because when you come here, you will have both the services and a good relaxed, and joyful time like you are in a bar. This salon’s atmosphere also helps you ease your mind, and you will also get some iced drinks while getting your nails done.


While exploring Southeast Asian countries with your Indochina tour packages, it is a great idea to stop by great nail salons and spas to maximize your enjoyable time. In this blog, we have called the names of five of the best nail spas in Bangkok cities, and we know you would like the services there.
Keep on traveling safe and have a whale of a time!

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