You might be interested in visiting Vietnam because you can do many different kinds of things there. One kind of thing you can do is go on hikes where you can see mountains and jungles! There’s also this walking where you walk through villages and towns! It would be best if you visited to try all these different things. Vietnam Tour Packages will show you the best places for trekking in Vietnam!

Must-Go Destinations For Trekking When Visiting Vietnam

Cat Ba

Cat Ba Island is one of many Islands near Vietnam. It’s on the Southeast side of Ha Long Bay. Half of Cat Ba Island is covered by National Park to see lots of different animals there! Cat Ba National Park has lots of cool things inside, such as a museum, a rehab center, and even a little zoo! You’ll have so much fun exploring all these places! Plus, if you hike up to one of the many viewpoints in the park, you’ll see an amazing view!

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Trekking in Cat Ba is an adventure activity that anyone can enjoy and should try out. It’s a good opportunity to open up your mind and immerse yourself in the forest. More specifically, it’s very interesting to learn about the area’s culture and experience diverse landscapes while trekking in Cat Ba. Tree cutting, hunting, and burning are not allowed within the park. Be careful not to stay past closing hours; they lock the gates at 5 pm!

Cao Bang

People should give Cao Bang serious consideration for a trekking destination in North Vietnam that offers a little bit of everything. Cao Bang is a province in Vietnam. It’s located up north near China. There are lots of mountains there, as well as rivers and forests! One of the most famous things about Cao Bang is the Ban Gioc waterfall – you can see it from the country of China!

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The province’s beautiful landscape, filled with jagged mountains, winding roads, steady streams, and intermittent rice paddies, is famous for some of the most spectacular natural sights, including Ban Gioc Waterfalls and Nguom Ngao cave. Vietnam Tour Packages generally recommend hiking in Cao Bang from October to April. These tend to be the whiter and drier months, though naturally, the weather can change drastically from day to today.

There are many bus providers, so it’s best to check with your hostel or travel agency because buses from either My Dinh or Gia Lam bus station run throughout the day. Popular treks include Pac Po cave – Trek Nam Nhung, Ba Be National Park, and Tong Cot Village. But, Ta Lung border town is also a must for anyone hiking in Cao Bang or traveling alone for safety reasons.

Mai Chau

A warm, peaceful valley surrounded by lush greenery and a race of people living in harmony with nature is best to describe Mai Chau. This district of Hoa Binh province is located 135 kilometers (km) from Hanoi. The locals there are members of the White Thai and black Thai tribes. These two ethnic minority groups have lived in this area for ages, making it one of Vietnam’s top tourist destinations and a UNESCO-listed world cultural heritage site.

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The best time to visit Mai Chau is from September to May. We advise you to catch public transport to Mai Chau in Hanoi, or you can drive your motorbike there. Popular treks around Mai Chau are Ban Buoc and Cun Pheo. There’s also Hang Kia, Pu Luong Nature Reserve, the Mai Chau Valley, and Cuc Phuong National Park if you have more time.

Pu Luong

The Pu Luong Nature Reserve is a stunning location where one can go to unwind and enjoy nature, despite being by the same name – nature. Coming to Pu Luong, you can discover several different landscapes: from limestone panoramas and rich forests to majestic rice terraces and beautiful scenery! While the two seasons from September to October and from February to May will prove most popular with tourists, some adventurers may wish to visit during the rice harvest season, which takes place between August and September.

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It would allow trekkers the unique opportunity to take in the lush scenery that has made Pu Luong such a desirable location for walking tours. You’d better get there by catching a shuttle bus leaving Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Those who opt to stay overnight can visit many of Pu Luong’s favorite locations during a popular trekking adventure. Those areas include colorful villages like Hang and Kho Muong and Nua village, where visitors may spend time visiting Kia village before heading back. Other notable hiking trails include Hieu – Nua and Nua – Son village treks.


You wish to make your vacation plans for the year more memorable than ever? If you’re someone like us who loves adventure and hiking, you cannot ignore a beautiful place like Sapa. It is an interesting destination in Vietnam, making tourists miss it. It is located in northern Vietnam. The stunning mountain landscapes in this town have been inscribed as Natural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO recently.

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For those who love trekking, you can find things around here that are fascinating, like visiting villages or tribes of local ethnic minorities. They still maintain their traditions until the time seems to have stood still – thanks to the beauty of these captivating landscapes. The mountainous terrain of Sapa, the capital of Lao Cai province and at the height of 3143 meters, is the best spot for trekking in Vietnam.

Mt. Fansipan at the peak is considered the tallest mountain in Vietnam and the entire Indochina peninsula; Standing here, you can see Sapa’s beautiful land. It is a full 3-hour bus ride from Hanoi to Sapa, located 320 km away in the northwest region of Vietnam. There are several ways to get here, including bus, train, and motorbike. lthough the terrain is mountainous and far away, Sapa remains a popular tourist destination due to its traditional villages (e.g., Lao Chai Village, Sin Chai Village), rice terraces, and natural landscapes (e.g., Ta Van Ta Phin Village).


The gorgeous vistas of Vietnam bring many people to the country every year, and with good reason. Trekking in Vietnam is a must-do on any trekker’s wish list. It is safe, but it can also help you get an even better glimpse into the country’s natural beauty. Included below are some of our best places for trekking in Vietnam. Thank you, and stay tuned for more Vietnam Tour Packages articles!

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