Traveling to admire the wondrous beauty of nature is a way to enjoy life. Along with dawn, sunset is also a moment that captivates the soul of humans with its magical beauty. Let’s join our Vietnam travel itinerary to discover the destinations in the top places to watch the most beautiful sunset in Vietnam!

Ideal Places to Enjoy Sunset in Vietnam

Ha Long Bay

Planning a trip to Vietnam to enjoy the sunset, then indeed Ha Long Bay is the place that the most tourists choose. UNESCO recognized Ha Long Bay as a world natural heritage. This place is also one of the seven new natural wonders of humanity. Ha Long’s topography consists of islands and mountains alternating between sea valleys, a salty land with limestone islands and cliffs. Those create contrasting beauties, combining harmoniously and vividly the elements: rock, water, and sky.

vietnam travel itinerary
Ha Long Bay – “masterpiece of nature” at sea when the sun goes down

Tourists coming here are “fascinated” by the moving beauty of the majestic scenery, the mountains with more than two thousand large and small islands, and historical monuments. Here, visitors will enjoy the beautiful scenery along with delicious dishes made from seafood. Besides, to enjoy the beauty of the bay, tourists can choose Halong cruise tours. These tours all take visitors through some of the outstanding attractions on the bay.

Ha Long Bay is not only an attractive place for tourists in terms of scenery and cuisine but also an ideal place for tourists to see the “masterpiece of nature” at sea when the sun goes down – that is, the sunset

Chau Doc

Chau Doc is a city in An Giang province, close to the border between Vietnam and Cambodia. Located in a unique position, Chau Doc owns the front as the confluence of rivers, the back as the majestic That Son range. Rocky mountainous terrain floating in the middle of a rich plain adjacent to a system of canals creates a charming and poetic landscape.

vietnam travel itnerary
Chau Doc Sunset from Sam Mountain

As a famous tourist destination in An Giang in particular as well as in the Mekong Delta in general, life here seems both bustling and bustling of affluent markets and peaceful typical of the Vietnam West region. Chau Doc has the scenic area of Sam Mountain, with a lot of history – Culture ranked at the national level, which is an ideal place to enjoy the sunset view. The sunset scene in Chau Doc will give you a magical yet equally quiet, peaceful feeling of the Vietnamese countryside.

Mui Ne

Mui Ne is the most attractive tourist destination of Phan Thiet city, famous for its vast dunes, picturesque beaches, and green coconut trees. Phan Thiet is the perfect choice if you are looking for Vietnam beach vacation packages to a beautiful coastal city to watch the sunset. Between the vast white sand dunes are two natural freshwater lakes, “Bau Trang – Bau Sen”. In the summer, when coming to Bau Trang, visitors can admire thousands of lotus flowers.

vietnam travel itinerary
Mui Ne fishing village is a pure Vietnamese fishing village

For ease of moving on the typical sandy terrain, Mui Ne has a very developed jeep rental service with various services: carpool, 4-seater private car, 7-seat private car. You can choose to rent a Jeep to ride on dunes watching the sunset.
Moreover, when coming to Mui Ne, visitors will be able to visit Mui Ne fishing village and witness the activities of a pure Vietnamese fishing village.

Hoi An

Hoi An is in the coastal plain of Quang Nam Province. This is a famous tourist destination with the familiar name “Hoi An Ancient Town.” When coming to Hoi An, you’ll immerse yourself in the traditional cultural space with ancient craft villages. A visit to Hoi An will make visitors captivated by extremely rustic, idyllic, timeless beauty.

vietnam travel itinerary
Hoi An ancient town looks – a rustic, simple, and poetic picture

Prominent in the Vietnam Central tourist route, Hoi An looks like a rustic, simple, and poetic picture. Whether it’s dawn or dusk, Hoi An tourism still carries with it its alluring beauties. Watching the sunset here cannot help but mention the Doan River – a small river flowing in the heart of Hoi An ancient town. You can row a boat down the river to visit the old town. In addition to cultural values, Hoi An also holds a massive intangible cultural foundation with customs, beliefs, folk art, cultural festivals with the poetic natural landscape, and special dishes.


Sapa is in Lao Cai province – a highland of Vietnam. This is a humble and quiet land but contains many miracles of natural scenery. The cool mountain air and beautiful wild landscape are the factors that help Sapa become the most peaceful place to enjoy the sunset in the North of Vietnam. The scenery of forests and mountains with hundreds of flowers blooming, mountains in the clouds, this place will surely captivate visitors once they arrive.

vietnam travel itinerary
Sapa – the most peaceful place to enjoy the sunset in the North of Vietnam

You should try once to the top of Fansipan, then wait for the moment when the sun comes down the mountain. When you stand on the top of Fansipan mountain, listen to the sound of temple bells from afar, watch the pink and red clouds gradually turn purple towards the end of the horizon, and you will feel your life to the fullest.

It would be better to come here in the late afternoon from 4-5 pm when Fansipan peak is no longer crowded with tourists. Then you will feel the vastness of heaven and earth, enjoy and contemplate life in quiet moments. In addition, when coming to Sapa, Ham Rong Mountain is one of the landmarks not to be missed. From the top of Ham Rong mountain, you will have a panoramic view of Sapa, Muong Hoa valley hidden in the smog. Going to Ham Rong, visitors seem to be lost in a fairy garden; clouds cover people, flowers are brilliant on the ground.


Above are the best places to watch the sunset when you are in Vietnam. Hopefully, the Vietnam travel itinerary will help you make any changes in your life. What else could be more wonderful after all the heavy and anxious days when we can leisurely sit for afternoon tea, read a book on the balcony, stretch our shoulders, take a deep breath of the cool air, and contemplate the scene gradually sinking in the little light left over at the end of the day?

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