As an essential part of your wedding plan, picking the destination for your honeymoon trip is kind of tricky hard work. Understanding this, we’ve compiled the five most romantic places that are highly recommended to be included in Laos private tours for newlyweds. Let’s take a peek at top-rated landing places in Laos to be ready for your unforgettable honeymoon now!

Romantic Places To Visit For NewlyWed In Laos

This list of the top-notch spots to visit in Laos promises to make your romantic stay unforgettable. Check it out to see if Laos is the right fit for you!

Mount Phu Si

When mentioning the skyline of Luang Prabang, it’s impossible to forget about the stunning views of the 100m-tall Phu Si, also known as Fuji. While Luang Prabang is the sacred heart of Laos, Mount Phousi is the mystical and geographical core of this picturesque city! The experience of climbing to the top of the mountain is undoubtedly noteworthy. What you can see from there are indeed real deals that can blow your mind and soul at the same time!

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Needless to say, no one can resist a spectacular view of Luang Prabang and the serene valley in which it belongs when standing there. Zooming out of your eyes’ scope, the panorama of green mountains and woods extending out on flowing rivers will take you by surprise in ways you may never have experienced before in life. After all, doesn’t it sound fantastic when spending that wonderful tranquil moment with your partner watching the appealing sunset or the dawn’s first ray?

Kuang Si Falls

These sparkling waterfalls have become one of the most romantic sites in Northern Laos. Any visitor who has had the opportunity to see Luang Prabang would not hesitate to recommend you to be a guest of Kuang Si Falls, and all for a valid reason. These falls are easily accessible and offer a spectacular three-tiered waterfall and pool. It is indeed difficult not to visualize such a fantasy scene without feeling a tremendous longing.

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Once you arrive here, you can admire the magnificent waterfall drops over tiers of white limestone, falling down three levels of a small lake where the calm turquoise waters look like a piece of famous artwork. For these reasons, this place is definitely the ideal honeymoon spot in Laos private tours for couples looking to spend romantic time together.

Hills Of Muang La

Muang La is a distinct region of Laos that will lure and amaze visitors with its jade-colored rice fields, friendly inhabitants, lyrical rivers, and wooden bridges. There are only a few hundred people residing here. Due to that reason, the attraction embraces a classic, peaceful yet no less fanciful charm. Furthermore, Muang La has a different climate and culture from the rest of Northern Laos. If you and your behalf love discovering different cultures, do not miss out on Muang La!

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With such intriguing activities, including mountain biking, cycling, trekking, photography, champagne, Baci ceremony, as well as breathtaking sunsets, there’s no reason for you to miss a few days staying and exploring these wonderful surroundings here!

Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang, situated at the confluence of the Mekong and Khan rivers, offers an enchanting shanty town with authenticity, allowing it to mark its name on the UNESCO World Heritage protected zone list. Through its peaceful and blissful vibe, guests can easily reach all of the nature that builds up Laos’ reputation from Luang Prabang.

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Another noteworthy point is the ambiance of Luang Prabang, which combines French-influenced elegance with indigenous Laotian customs. That gorgeous architecture of low-rise colonial buildings, Buddhist temples, and slow-paced street life would catch your eyes at first sight! What’s more, you may also have the chance to participate in some special local customs.

The native cuisine at lovely eateries and the colorful stores in Luang Prabang’s night markets are what you can not miss out on as well! Besides, we promise it will also be worthwhile to take in the sunset and dine on a boat down the Mekong River.


Champasak province in Laos is home to lush jungles, French colonial remains, and an ancient temple once said to be the plan for Angkor Wat. It is located close to the border on the Mekong River between Cambodia and Thailand. On this spot, you might take a guided tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Wat Phou, which is nestled at the foothills of Mount Phou Khao.

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Hardly anywhere along the river can cross the Mekong, but Champasak is an exception. A day-long private boat excursion to explore the river will be an indispensable highlight of your trip! Further downstream, you can pass up a boat tour of the 4,000 Islands, an archipelago of tiny islands and sandbars hidden amid the Mekong River’s convoluted currents.

At lunchtime, a go to the palm-fringed island is irresistible as well. Plus, cycling around the island allows you to view French colonial buildings and Liphi Falls, which surges over a series of jagged rocks.
Then you’ll travel to the mainland to see Khone Phapheng, a massive waterfall that forms whirlpools that cascade over the rocks.

What an ideal indulgence for honeymooning couples looking for sights filled with soul and history, isn’t it? In fact, Champasak is always the top name on any Laos private tours due to the incredible experience the site brings!


A wedding is one of the major milestones in your life. Apart from a lovely and happy wedding party, let’s celebrate this event with a sweet honeymoon trip to Laos!

Those five attractions we’ve mentioned above are amongst the top-picked places to go for newlyweds, and surely you can find their names on any Laos private tours plan. Hopefully, you and your partner can spend the sweetest moments during the trip!

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