Laos is ornamented with beautiful tourist sites and is well-known for its must-see shopping markets. If you enjoy shopping for crafts, necklaces, hill tribal silk, and textiles, you must visit Laos. Especially, Vientiane has several prominent retail areas that tourists go to. You may be confident if you’re seeking where to purchase in Laos. With the list of 6 best famous shops below, you will not leave home empty-handed in Laos tour packages.

Where You Can Shop In Laos Tour Packages

laos tour packages

Each region and market may offer a varied selection of goods and unique works of skillful art. Let’s take a look at six of the best places.

Vangtong Evening Market

Vangtong evening market is located in Rue Phai Nam, Vientiane. It is from 5 pm to 10 pm. This special market is considered one of the greatest shopping places in Laos tour packages if you enjoy shopping for food. It attracts residents and visitors searching for traditional Laotian cuisine at reasonable pricing.

laos tour packages
Vangtong evening market – Source: Internet

After dusk, the finest place to be is at the night food market. Everything in this market is tasty and genuine Lao cuisine. You can have chicken, fish, or pig cooked in spicy curries. The easiest way to enjoy this place is to walk through the food streets and purchase the many available refreshments. A stroll around Vangtong Evening Food Market affords several photo options.

Oot Ni Gallery

You should go to Oot Ni Gallery if you want to become infatuated with surprising and unusual things.
This massive boutique or art gallery is the greatest spot to look for one-of-a-kind antiques from Laos or its surroundings. It’s full of oddities, both big and tiny.

laos tour packages
Oot Ni Gallery – Source: Internet

The gallery, in particular, exhibits a diverse variety of antiquities, handicrafts, silver decorations, and artwork. Among the treasures are old Buddhist statues. The artwork consists of intricate oil and watercolor paintings. Hardwood sculptures, bone china kitchenware, and opium pots are some of this collection’s more renowned and interesting items. It is located on Samsenthai street, Near National Cultural Hall, Vientiane. The opening time lasted around 12 hours between 8 am and 8 pm.

Talat Sao Morning Market

The Vientiane morning market is remarkably comparable to other tiny commodities marketplaces. Talat Sao is the most well-known morning market. The market begins at 7 am, with many vendors setting things up and preparing to sell. Various businesses in the market offer anything from cheap items to luxury items like Buddha paintings. The market is divided into the inner portion, a huge air-conditioned space selling handicrafts and old murals, and the exterior portion. The outer part contains narrow passageways and numerous ready-to-eat vendors.

Talat Sao is both a morning market and a retail mall in the city center (with air-conditioning). It is also Laos’ largest supermarket, stocking all daily essentials such as textiles, clothing, jewelry, dinnerware, beauty products, bedding, electronics, and timepieces, as well as household appliances, digital devices, and so on. It may sometimes be crowded, so please visit there during your spare time. The place also boasts a GO (known as Big C) center, which includes an arcade gaming section and a triple-screen movie. It is placed on Lane Xang Street, Vientiane. The daily opening time is from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm.

Monument Book Shop Vientiane

laos tour packages
Monument Book Shop Vientiane – Source: Internet

Being a person who likes books, you can not miss the Monument BookShop Vientiane. This place also becomes top of the greatest places to shop in Laos. History books, mystery novels, travel guides, and periodicals are all available. All of these works are accessible in various languages for easy reading. The second level also has an art gallery that offers affordable artwork by local artists.

The location of Monument BookShop Vientiane is on Nokeokumman road, Ban Mixay. The opening time is 8.45 am to 8 pm, except on Saturday and Sunday, and closes earlier at 6 pm.

La Cave Wine Shop

Aside from the traditional shops, Laos offers certain shops for Western visitors in Laos tour packages. This wine store is the finest location to go if you enjoy good European wine. The La Cave, with its wooden furnishings and dark lighting, provides the right French feel in Laos.

Traditional red, white, and champagne wines are among the primary specialties served here. The experts can advise you on the best wine based on your preferences and budget. This well-known wine shop is found at 354 Samsenthai Avenue. It is open from 8 am until 8 pm.

Ministry Of Silk Fashion Shop

If you are a big fan of silk clothes, you must go to the Ministry of Silk Fashion Shop. It ranks among the best shopping malls in Laos. The designers are known for their silk shirts, blouses, and party dresses. They also create silk coats, backpacks, and pillows. The Ministry of Silk sells ready-to-wear clothing with contemporary Lao designs, traditional jewelry, accessories, and purses.

laos tour packages
Ministry Of Silk Fashion Shop – Source: Internet

The majority are one-of-a-kind silk items (naturally). Various techniques are available for floral dresses, shawls, long coats, and office shirts. You may even have these garments tailored to your size and preferences. The Ministry of Silk charges roughly $200 for bespoke gowns and $100 for blouses. Prices may be pricier than in other Vientiane shops, but you’ll be investing in craftsmanship and elegance.

The Ministry of Silk is immediately identified on Namphou Square in downtown Vientiane. The air-conditioned store contains local artwork on the walls, and comfortable sofas are ideal for sitting while your considerable other peruses the large selection.


This blog gives information about the best place to shop when you have Laos tour packages. Our recommendations and reviews will help you have a good time on your trip and bring many meaningful gifts to your loved ones.

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