In the Indochina area, Laos is not as famous as other countries as a travel spot. However, such “abandonment” from the international spotlight helps Laos retain its wild and unique beauty that you could never find elsewhere. When travelling to Laos, many tourists are surprised by their amazing culture, wild nature, and friendly attitude to the outsiders. It is the same case for travel accommodations like hotels, restaurants, etc. too.

In this post, let’s discuss the top restaurants in Laos for delicious meals and picturesque views for your next Laos private tours!

Laos Restaurants with Beautiful View and Delicious Dishes

Nava Mekong

Seeing the surrounding sight at Nava Mekong Restaurant

Nava Mekong has always been one of the top famous restaurants for tourists in Laos. When searching for information about Nava Mekong on Tripadvisor, you can find that the average rate for it is 4.7/5, which is a remarkably high point. It is also ranked as the top 3 over 26 food and drinks attractions in Luang Prabang in general.

Given that fact, you may wonder how great the services at Nava Mekong are. In our opinion, this restaurant does fulfil the need for delicious food, satisfactory services, and picturesque views. Located near the Mekong river, Nava Mekong provides customers with a great dining cruise experience. From their customer’s perspective, a typical night on Nava is – Mekong River’s winds and views on one side and Lao’s traditional dancing and music on the other side.

Just imagine relaxing on a woody, hoary boat, floating along the stream while the winds flow through your hair, then being served with Lao’s traditional cuisine. There will be dancers and singers who continuously perform for you during the meal – such a once-of-a-time experience, right? Typically, there are two meal combos at Nava Mekong – the “leisure lunch” or “sunset dinner.” Based on the combo you choose, you will be able to enjoy the best cruise meal ever while streaming across the Pak Ou Caves, crossing the minority village, and listening to music!


Panorama of L’Elephant Restaurant

If you are looking for a more “ancient” hoary restaurant, and the Nava Mekong still cannot satisfy you, let’s try L’Elephant – an 80s’s style restaurant in Luang Prabang. Looking from the outside, you will be impressed by the old French architecture style of this building. In fact, the apartment that L’Elephant located on was built in the 60s but still remains its main architectural point until today. Therefore, you can feel the hoary, nostalgic “vibe” from the restaurant.

The menu of L’Elephant is also influenced by French cuisine. About 70 percent of their recipes are French food, and only a small portion is Laos culinary. However, the special point about L’Elephant is that its French food is not the “popular” one like baguette, coffee, but the type of food they serve is the typical French household food. From the Burgundy snails, the Boeuf bourguignon, thé Soupe à l’oignon, to the duck roasted, the Flamiche, L’Éléphant serves a variety of commoner, family French dishes. If you are looking for Laos cuisines, L’Elephant can offer you, too. There is dried pork with river weed, sour soup, sticky rice with boiled chicken, grilled fish wrapped in banana leaves, etc., for you to choose from.

Dyen Sabai

Enjoy the warm atmosphere in Dyen Sabai

The third recommendation of this list is a restaurant and bar from Luang Prabang – one of the shouldn’t miss places in your Laos private tours. The place has such a unique name, “Dyen Sabai.” Many people still don’t know how to pronounce its name correctly. Yes, we feel you because we also have that struggle.

Despite the name that is hard to pronounce, it is easy to spot out what makes us love Dyen Sabai – the atmosphere. Located in a provincial area with little traffic and households, Dyen Sabai offers a calm, peaceful nature for those wishing to escape the busy, hustle city life. From the setting, the menu, to the customer services, everything at Dyen soothes the mind and calms the heart. Just imagine yourself sitting among the bamboo nuts, colorful blooming flowers with the birds’ soft chirping, and enjoying the traditional Laos cuisine – how on Earth is the haven like that?

3 Nagas

Delicious food at 3 Nagas Restaurant

We have introduced the old, ancient, cruise dining, and rural, far-away restaurants for you, but there is no place for urban, busy city workers. It could be such a loss if we don’t include one city-centered place since not everyone can spend time traveling far away into the wilderness to relax, right? That is the reason why we choose 3 Nagas as the next option on the list when travelling to Laos.

Located in the center of Luang Prabang, on one of the busiest streets of the city, 3 Nagas offers a hustling and lively atmosphere that none of the restaurants mentioned above can. What makes the 3 Nagas unique from others is its surrounding neighborhood. Around the restaurant, there are many small temples, pagodas, artisan villages. Therefore, after having a meal at Nagas, tourists can walk from the food stall to these travel spots easily in a short period.

3 Nagas is a big, luxury restaurant with more than 15 private rooms and suites. Thus, you can either go to the restaurant yourself or book a room here with your business partner. How versatile is it, right? At 3 Nagas, there is a variety of recipes for you to select: from commoner Laos meals as sticky rice, Khao Poon (Spicy Noodle Soup), to localities as Kaipen (Fried Seaweed), Sien Savanh (Lao Beef Jerky). Tea and coffee are always provided at the shop, too.


laos private tours

The last option on this list is Tangor. Located on Sisavangvong Street, Luang Prabang, Tangor is a small takeaway food stall that you can easily find and get your fast food. Glancing from the outside, it looks like a 90s style food corner with open space and a wood interior. The walls are covered with tangerine color and old school posters of Laos culture like Buddhism.

Just like other Laos restaurants in the town, Tangor provides Laos and French cuisine. There are many choices for you to select: salad, hamburger, beefsteak, grilled beef with cheese, pork filet mignon. If you love tasting wine, they provide more than ten different brands to choose from, too!

In Sum

We have discovered the top 5 amazing Laos restaurants with beautiful views and delicious cuisine. Each place has its strengths, making it available for a specific customer group. Therefore, you should base on your situation and select the proper one. Is this post helpful for you? Share your experience!

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