Bangkok, one of the world’s top vacation destinations, attracts millions of visitors yearly. It is widely known for its beautiful and unique souvenirs, which are all included in our Thailand tour packages. To cater to the needs of gift-hungry adventures, there are hundreds of stalls, markets, and malls to explore. In addition, these things can also create unforgettable memories and hold meaningful value, varying from clay artifacts to cosmetics and everything in between, at a reasonable price.

Worth Things To Purchase In Bangkok

Thai Handicrafts And Home Décor

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Thai Handicrafts And Home Décor (Source: Internet)

As we all know, Thailand is filled with beautiful handicrafts and stunning home decorations, and Bangkok showcases one of the best pieces. A barrage of amazing handicrafts and home décor ranging from bags to baskets and wooden to glass décor items. Such elegant and fascinating items overflowing with a Thai artistic touch are perfect souvenirs to keep at home or to give to your neighbors. And, of course, these products can be expensive, depending on their materials or values. However, purchasing at places such as night markets or weekend markets will give you a more reasonable price than those in airports or commercial centers.

Jewelry And Colored Gemstones

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Jewelry And Colored Gemstones (Source: Internet)

All kinds of gemstones have been displayed on the Thai market. Bangkok has been known as the “Gem Capital of the World” since the 15th century. Besides common stones such as ruby and emeralds, blue and black sapphire can only be found in Central Thailand. These items will be the best gift for your loved ones. Nevertheless, before you purchase any jewelry, make sure they are authentic by having a list of reliable sources such as the Jewelry Trade Center, Mahesak Road, Bangrak, and Wat Koh.

Crispy Seaweed

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Crispy Seaweed (Source: Internet)

Food says a lot about a place, and so does crispy seaweed. It’s the most famous snack in Thailand and is crowned the snack king. It comes in various flavors, such as grilled squid, coconut, curry crab, and others. It is often relished as potato chips and available in any nearby stores. Have a talk with the workers in any supermarket. They would kindly recommend this snack to enjoy while studying or watching a movie. It can also be an adventurous experience to try new food in a different country.

Carved Soaps

Artistic soap carvings are attractive at first glance. They come in different sizes and shapes, commonly fruit and flower shapes, sometimes special ones like humans or a mermaid. They are carved in such detail and dedication. Not to mention the heavenly scent, various from the breath of the sea to the smell of morning autumn. These carving soaps are arguably one of the best souvenirs to bring home.

Ya Dom (Inhaler)

Thailand is famous for its medical products that are made of organic components. These components are mostly herbal items that are available in the local areas. The Ya Dom inhaler helps people block nasal passages, colds, and rhinitis. The popular brands to buy are Poy Sian and Peppermint Field. The inhaler has two parts, one is an inhaler, and the other contains oil to apply. It can fit in your purse easily so you can bring it anywhere. Older adults enjoy these kinds of gifts.

Thai Silk Products

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Thai Silk Products (Source: Internet)

Thai silk is worth buying in Bangkok, and it has been made into many products, such as scarfs, ties, or pillow covers. These products are designed with unique colors, one-of-a-kind patterns, and soft textures. Bangkok sellers can customize the products such as dresses or home décor with a touch of Thai to give your home some personality if you ask for it. There are a lot of places to purchase silk products in Bangkok. Yet for the finest Thai silk woven with a sophisticated pattern, I’d say Jim Thompson house. Also known for being the first place to introduce the silk industry in Thailand.

Handmade Bags

Bangkok is the house to a wide range of handmade bags that are well acclaimed for their unique design and fine quality. These bags are served in many sizes and shapes, such as slings, handbags, and travel. And the most striking feature is its patterns, which are distinctive and special, from floral to elephant motifs. Another highlight is that these bags are 100% eco-friendly since they are made of rattan, raffia, reed, straw, and bamboo. Using bamboo weaving techniques to create these bags, Thai people can preserve and promote local wisdom. Apart from that, these bags are perfect items for summer.

Dried Fruits

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Handmade Bags (Source: Internet)

Dried fruits are one of the most popular delicacies of Thailand that fascinate adventurers. They are known for being such a ‘scrumptious’ gift for tourists to bring home. Various ingredients include almond, cranberry, and raisin, durian, banana, mango. Not only surrounded by a wide range of fruits, but this also contains a large amount of protein and is low on calories. The final product is also preserved carefully to retain its nutrients and organic flavor.

You can also get a mixture of these fruits in one flavor: no trans fat, oil, or sugar. All are healthy, delicious, sweet, and crispy. This snack is a must-buy for your kids and friends who love sweets. There is a wide range of budget-friendly dried fruits in the Chatuchak weekend and Sampeng markets.


Bangkok has its charms in so many things, and to make sure that you do not miss a thing while traveling there, our Thailand tour packages are essential for you to have the most fulfilling trip.
From food to clothes and souvenirs, please check it out before leaving Thailand, or you will regret it. Now that you have a list to cross, you should get your ticket to experience these things in Bangkok by yourself.

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