Si Phan Don is a large archipelago in Champasak province, located in the southern region of Laos. It is made up of about 4000 islands of different sizes. Don Khong, Don Som, Son Det, and Don Khon are the 4 largest islands, attracting the most tourists in Si Phan Don. Coming to Si Phan Don in Laos tour packages, you will be immersed in the Mekong River’s wild and majestic natural scenery and experience exciting activities such as cycling, waterfall bathing, and boating on the river.

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A majestic natural scenery in Si Phan Don – Source: Flickr

What Things You Can Do on the Si Phan Don Islands

Trek to the Khon Pa Soi Falls

This place is regarded as among the greatest beautiful waterfalls in Laos tour packages. It also is ideal for a short visit because it is generally quieter than a few other waterfalls on this island. The major reason for that is that the journey out here is lengthy. The route to the waterfall is among the nicest aspects of the experience, as you must cross a decrepit bridge that leads to Don Po Soi Island. In addition, you can also admire the majestic beauty of this waterfall.

Go swimming in the Mekong River

Si Phan Don is a special land in Pakse district, Champasak province, in the southernmost part of Laos. This is where the Mekong River expands over 1km with a length of about 14km, forming a big circle of rivers and more than 4,000 large and small islands, about half of which are flooded in the rainy season. The terrain has a steep slope. The river is divided into many streams and creeks, creating a vast area of water pristine and charming island.

Visit Wat Khon Tai

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Wat Khon Tai temple – Source: Wikimedia

It represented one of the island’s biggest attractions and was erected on the ruins of an old Khmer temple. On your way to the Islands, stop at the temple along the shores of the famous Mekong River to enjoy beautiful river views and learn about the Khmer history in the area. Wat Khon Tai temple is sacred; if you are lucky, you can see freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins under the waterfall. They usually appear from December to May.

Try the local food

At Si Phan Don, you can comfortably enjoy local Lao dishes. Because it is located in the Mekong River, most dishes focus heavily on freshwater fish caught. Besides, many restaurants on the island grow their vegetables in the surrounding gardens, so the food here is always fresh and delicious. Popular dishes include fresh papaya salad and chicken stir-fried with lemongrass and chili. Besides traditional Lao foods, you can easily find Indian restaurants with delicious curries or typical flatbread.

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The tasty and spicy papaya salad – Source: wallpaper flare

Traveling to Si Phan Don, Laos, you can enjoy steamed fish anywhere in many Laos tour packages, from restaurants to sidewalk eateries. After removing all the bones, the fish will be marinated with spices and herbs, then wrapped in banana leaves. All ingredients are steamed in a water bath to keep the fish’s fresh taste and spices’ aroma. Papaya salad is very famous and popular in Laos. The papaya used for making mannequins must be old but not too green or ripe. Sliced papaya and marinated with spices such as lemon, sugar, garlic, chili, and crushed tomatoes are used most in the dishes. This dish is different because the ingredients are mixed with fish sauce. All are combined to help Lao papaya salad taste delicious and attractive.

Hike to Ban Hang Khon Viewpoint

Ban Hang Khon is an old harbor established by the French at a hill near Ban Hang Town. It is situated on the islands of Don Khon in one province of Champasak in the South of Laos. The viewpoint at the port is well-known for its spectacular views across the popular Mekong River as well as the surrounding islands. To reach the summit, you must climb around 150 stairs. Because the walk is steep, use appropriate hiking shoes. You need to carry flashlights if you are going at night. This place is also ideal for enjoying the quiet atmosphere and absolute peace because there are not too many human activities.

Go dolphin watching

The Si Phan Don archipelago consists of many islands of different shapes and sizes, large and small, in the Mekong River. The “land of 4000 islands” also includes Khone Phapheng – the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia. And the special thing is that at the bottom of Khone Waterfall, there is a population of Irrawaddy dolphins (an endangered freshwater dolphin) of about 50. You will want to spend your 24 hours exploring this place on a four-wheeler or paddle down the stream and see the rare pink Irrawaddy dolphin and then relax by the swinging hammock and enjoy a bottle of Beer Famous Laos.

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Endangered Irrawaddy dolphins – Source: Youtube (0:22)

Ambush dolphins with what? Kayaking! The two share a rowing boat. If you have never kayaked before, have to paddle in the middle of the Mekong River, and find it a bit awkward, then your travel companion should be an experienced kayaker. At the ambush section of the river, you should row the boat, put your index finger to your mouth, hide your silence, and start singing melodious, low-pitched songs. One or two dolphin tails will appear and disappear. Then they will do somersaults so fast that you can only see the vague outline of the beautiful dolphins.


Regarding Laos tour packages, everyone thinks of famous tourist destinations such as the capital Vientiane, Luang Phrabang, and Vang Vieng. Still, few people know about Pakse, Si Phan Don, located in the South. Laos is an extremely interesting and new place for tourists who love to explore. And no matter which island in the Si Phan Don archipelago, feel free to enjoy local dishes, mostly made from freshwater fish caught on the Mekong River, such as papaya salad, steamed fish, and rolled fish.

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