Mui Ne was formerly a remote stretch of shoreline with a small-medium coastal village. It is a tourist beach attraction with various luxury structures, tropical trees, dunes, and traditional settlements. New tourists want to find the best destinations in Mui Ne? Vietnam tour packages in Mui Ne are ideal. Let’s scroll down to refer to what you can do when coming here.

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Mui Ne (Source: Internet)

Amazing Things You Can Do In Vietnam Tour Packages In Mui Ne

Mui Ne is a tourist attraction in Phan Thiet, Vietnam. It is well-known for its natural beauty, including a clear blue sea, dunes, and prime locations for watching the dawn and sunset. The following is a list of the top things to do in Mui Ne.

Go Kitesurfing

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Go kitesurfing in Mui Ne beach (Source: Internet)

The consistent high wind benefits from kitesurfing, paragliding, and other water sports. Lessons are available at extremely reasonable fees at one of the surf clinics spread around the beach. As a result, Mui Ne beach spreads over 16 kilometers of white, silky dunes and turquoise sea, and the eternal sunshine and strong winds make it an ideal spot for kitesurfing and surfing. Apart from that, Mui Ne is sunny and dry for much of the year, with consistently high winds – ideal weather for water activities and seashore sports.

Discover The Red And White Sand Dunes

There are two kinds of dunes in Mui Ne, including red dunes and white dunes. You should visit all two kinds of dunes.

The Red Sand Dunes

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White sand dunes in Mui Ne (Source: Internet)

Mui Ne’s red dunes are located near the fishing town and are ideally seen around twilight. This place was our final destination of the day, and it would take you around 45 minutes to arrive before dusk to rest and chill off with a drink.
If you opt to hire a moped to travel to the dunes, you may park near one of the restaurants opposite them. It’s only a five-minute hike up the dunes to find a decent vantage point for the sunset. As a result, this location is well-known for its stunning sunset photography.

The White Sand Dunes

Popularly called either White Lake or Bau Trang, the views from here are spectacular! The dunes around you give you the impression that you’ve just reached the Sahara desert. When you arrive, you may try your hand at sandboarding. You may also hire quad bikes to ride through the dunes. Just make sure you leave extra time to stop and photograph the dunes and the lake nearby.

Visit Mui Ne Fishing Village

Mui Ne Fishing Village is located around seven kilometers north of Mui Ne Town. If you skip this wonderful location, your trip will be incomplete. The turquoise, protected bay studded with near numbers of fishing trawlers can be seen from the coastline heading to Mui Ne town. Up close, the community is nothing like the tourist spots that have taken over other portions of Mui Ne. The community has always existed here, and you may observe the most frequent traditional activities in each Vietnamese fishing village.

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Fishing village (Source: Internet)

Come here around sunset for beautiful shots of youngsters playing on the beach and fishermen preparing and combing their nets for the next catch of the night. In Mui Ne port, you may capture photos of fishermen returning with their catches and witness local life. The harbor’s thousands of multicolored trawlers are a sight to see. On the other hand, the frenetic morning market provides an interesting peek into the life of local fishermen. They carry their haul to the beach every morning. Expect to see fishing boats overflowing with seafood, baskets brimming with fish, and shells all over the place.

Unwind At Mui Ne Beaches

The beaches are the nicest thing to do in Mui Ne. It is the primary reason why most visitors come here.
Mui Ne offers 15 kilometers of palm-fringed sandy beaches, a fishing hamlet, various restaurants and stores, and luxury resorts. You won’t have to worry about the entire beach being overrun with tourists. Swim, devour a book, or sunbathe throughout the day. It would be best if you considered the newest and most popular activity: traveling via hot air balloon.

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An air balloon ride in Mui Ne (Source: Internet)

An air balloon ride provides a bird’s eye view of the entire crystal blue beach, extending dunes, and a lively fishing community. Mui Ne is one of the rare areas in Vietnam where hot air balloon rides are available regularly. The flight departs from Phan Thiet, lasts approximately an hour, and provides several viewpoints of life in the city and along the shore. The trip concludes in Mui Ne’s spectacular dunes, allowing you to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the beach and water.

The most significant aspect of the whole hot air balloon trip is that you may enjoy the lovely morning view from above.
The price will fluctuate around $165/person. One downside of this operation is that the flight is weather dependent.

Enjoying The Best Seafood

Grilled Squid with Dried Squid

What can you eat when visiting Mui Ne? Seafood is one of the best selections. Squid is cleansed to remove salinity before being sun-dried. The name ‘one sunny’ refers to the ink being cured in the sun for a day. As a result, the squid is merely dried on the exterior while remaining moist and delicious on the inside. Grill the squid on a charcoal grill until browned and the flesh is aromatic. This meal is best served with a chilled beer in the evening, following a swim at Mui Ne Bay.

Squid Teeth Grilled

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Squid Teeth Grilled (Source: Internet)

The ‘teeth’ are the circular section of the squid’s head, frequently removed since it is deemed inedible. Nevertheless, in Mui Ne, this meal has become a specialty that cannot appear elsewhere. Skewered squid teeth are cooked till golden. Serve with chili sauce to taste.


We give you some information about the best destinations in Vietnam tour packages in Mui Ne. This destination is the top one if you love unique and unspoiled natural beauty but is still very modern and comfortable. We hope our recommendations and reviews will help you have a good time during your trip.

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