Cambodia is known as one of the Southeast Asian countries attracting tourists from all over the world. With a long-standing civilization and a developed culture, bold belief, Cambodia always brings curiosity to visitors.

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Corona’s sudden outbreak makes you very anxious

However, COVID-19 has limited Cambodia tourism in several respects. But do not worry! Read the following news and guidance of Cambodia during the COVID-19 disaster to make a safe itinerary this pandemic season.

The current situation in Cambodia

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 is truly a world’s catastrophe. It started to sprout from China, and at a dizzying rate, it spread globally. The epidemic has caused countless hits on the economy, politics, and the global community.

The number of deaths so far is 1,060,418 people, the number of cases is 36,386,774 people, and 27,407,218 people are cured. In Cambodia, they reported the first COVID case on January 27. He was a Chinese who had moved from Wuhan City(China) to Sihanoukville City (Cambodia).

As reported by statistics, there are currently 277 cases of coronavirus disease in this country. Fortunately, until now (October 1, 2020), no patient has passed away.

At the moment, the Cambodia border with other countries has already closed. Schools, nightclubs, bars, massage parlors, theaters, and gyms are discontinued. Meanwhile, many stores, food and drink establishments, drug stalls, and medical centers still operate normally.

Conditions for tourists visiting Cambodia

According to up-to-date news, the Cambodian civil aviation monitoring agency announced that tourists could come there from June 16, 2020. However, all passengers have to obey these important measures: a payment of USD 2000 per tourist is required upon arrival in Cambodia. This fee is to pay out full services relating to COVID-19, and you can only use cash or credit cards at all.

Tourists need a medical certificate to demonstrate that they are not infected with coronavirus. This certificate must be issued up to 72 hours prior to the departure.

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A COVID-19 inspection will take place with all visitors

In addition, foreigners must also prove that their medical or travel insurance can cover about US $ 50,000. Upon arrival, a COVID-19 inspection will take place with all visitors. If the test is negative, you still have to quarantine yourself for 14 days at home.

On the 13th day they arrive in Cambodia, the authority will check each person again for Coronavirus, then the medical center will have the cost adjusted. It’s up to each person’s case.

Whether any traveler in the plane is positive for coronavirus, all companions must go through 14 days of isolation at the meetup area. The medical cost for these people may be about 1380 USD / person.

If the case is positive, the traveler will be taken to the public hospital at once. The cost for these people will rely on the severity of the patient and the infirmary.


If you only have an electronic visa (electronic passport), you cannot go to Cambodia yet. Only with a visa directly stamped by the embassy in Cambodia can you travel within this country. Therefore, please note this.

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Visit Cambodia after the outbreak – why not?

The Cambodia government still accepts the electronic passports, yet only after immigration services relating to this type of visa continue to reopen and operate normally. We can not determine the time for sure in the present.

What to notice if you are currently staying in Cambodia

Certainly, tourists should get out of the country without delay. Despite the removed ban on traveling between different provinces, you will be able to travel more freely in Cambodia. Regardless, there are still many limitations to visitors. The epidemic situation left Cambodia nowhere completely safe.

Please reside or transfer close to Phnom Penh International Airport for the convenience of booking flights. Because they often declare flights for a short time, you need to pay more attention to register.

For those still staying in Cambodia on 1 July, you must install the FCPS-GDI app on your smartphone. This is a system of expats present in this country. It will record foreigner arriving itineraries in Cambodia at any point of entry or egress Cambodia.

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14 days of quarantine are in need when you come to Cambodia

FPCS aims at guarding the safety and security of everyone in the event of an emergency while they travel to Cambodia. Also, visas for tourists who cannot get out of the country are automatically renewed until a new notice appears. The government will not penalize visitors failing to comply with the visa validity, either.

If you are a resident of the Americas and Europe, you will be more concerned as these two continents are currently experiencing the most infections. Anyway, even if you come from any other country, you need 14 days of quarantine to come to Cambodia.

When can you book a Cambodia tour again?

Coronavirus upsets the travel schedules of all travelers around the world, not just Cambodia. Since the developments are still intricate, we still have a certain conclusion for this beautiful country’s next holidays.

Suppose you plan to book a tour of travelling around Vietnam and Cambodia, join in small group tours to Vietnam and Cambodia or Vietnam and Cambodia travel packages. In that case, you can follow reputable sites to capture the earliest information for your schedule.

Our final words

Compliance with the regulations in “Cambodia during COVID-19 disaster” is also protecting your health and the community. Let each self consciously join hands to fight back against the epidemic Covid-19.

Hopefully, a pandemic will be halted soon. Cambodia will return to normal life and restore in all aspects. Hence, the responsibility is not just for Cambodia authorities, but also for the individual.

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