Welcome to our guide for the best places to ring in the new year in Cambodia. From mega parties in the capital of Phnom Penh to fireworks over ancient temples in Siem Reap and all-night beach bashes in Sihanoukville, we share the hottest destinations for you! Whether you want to get lost in crowds, dance until sunrise, feast on delicious food, or do something more low-key, our travel experts at Cambodia Holiday Tours will highlight everything you need to know to celebrate 2024 in Cambodia in style.

Best Places You Can Join New Year’s Eve Celebration in Cambodia

When the clock strikes midnight on December 31st in Cambodia, the country erupts into a thrilling celebration that rivals its traditional New Year festivities in April. While Phnom Penh and Siem Reap set the stage, Cambodia has more hidden gems awaiting your revelry. Let’s explore beyond the usual hotspots and discover the myriad places across the country that promise an exhilarating New Year’s celebration, ensuring your entry into the upcoming year is nothing short of extraordinary!

Firework Displays in Phnom Penh

When the clock strikes midnight on NYE, Phnom Penh erupts into thrilling celebrations across the electric capital! As fireworks burst colorful above the city, locals and visitors alike party the night away along the famed Sisowath Quay, where riverside bars, restaurants, and hotels offer a front-row view of the dazzling display over the water.

The city is abuzz with festive cheer and excitement on this most triumphant of nights! Phnom Penh knows how to throw an exhilarating New Year bash filled with food, friends, revelry, and stunning displays of light, making it an indispensable destination in most Cambodia Holiday tours to welcome a bright new year! The vibes reach a fever pitch on packed Bassac Lane as party-goers ring in the new year with overflowing drinks, delicious food, and heart-thumping music from talented local bands, international DJs, and artists that have the crowds dancing into the early morning light.

Travelers can also make their way over to the famous Chinese House along the sizzling Riverside area. Set in a jaw-dropping building that once housed a wealthy Chinese merchant, this venue oozes atmosphere and old-world charm, which will be a perfect place to taste your way into 2024.

Lush Mountains in Mondulkiri

High in the sweeping green hills of Eastern Cambodia lies the spectacularly lush and intimate paradise of Mondulkiri, an exotic land where New Year’s magic takes on an adventurous spirit unlike anywhere else! Though the lively celebrations of Phnom Penh or Siem Reap sing a siren’s song, those seeking to avoid chaotic crowds in their Cambodia Holiday tours discover a peaceful oasis here.

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Lush Mountains in Mondulkiri (Source: Internet)

Travelers can ring in 2024, surrounded by mighty waterfalls, winding rivers, and lush jungles. Mondulkiri’s scattered collection of restaurants, hotels, and bars also welcomes the New Year with style-flowing drinks, fireside feasts, and hill tribe music under the moonlight. As morning dawns on a bold new year, set forth on jungle treks and elephant encounters, embracing the call of nearby adventure. From mountaintop parties to riverside reflections as nature’s grandeur unfolds, nowhere rings in New Year’s, quite like the wild beauty of wondrous Mondulkiri!

Laidback Resorts in Kampot

For those chasing an extraordinary New Year’s unlike any other, the tranquil charms of Kampot province promise intimate celebrations steeped in riverside romance! While mega parties rage on in bustling cities, this haven puts its own spin on holiday magic with cozy gatherings filled with flowing drinks, fireside meals, and live music drifting through the streets.

As the countdown to midnight builds, travelers looking to avoid crowds but not festive fun flock to the banks of Kampot River. Beloved spots like Pippali Boutique and Mad Monkey promise festivities similar to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh but with a more exclusive feel. When seeking New Year’s celebrations bursting with culture, character, and natural beauty, this Cambodian destination promises all the lively spirit of the season wrapped up in an unforgettable experience unlike anywhere else!

Lively Streets in Siem Reap

When 2024 arrives, historic Siem Reap transforms into an exhilarating party hub bursting with cheer and vibrant celebrations to rival even the grandest temple complexes! Across this cultural mecca, hotels, bars, and restaurants prepare fantastic holiday feasts alongside overflowing drinks as visitors worldwide converge to embrace the palpable excitement.

Thumping bass and joyful melodies spill from the bars packing Hap Guan Street, beckoning revelers to dance the night away. Countless more are drawn to extravagant celebrations held within lavish hotels and resorts. No matter where the clock strikes midnight here, whether on Pub Street or immersed in ancient ruins, Siem Reap promises a magical and unforgettable welcome to the New Year filled with community, music, delicious food, and an electric atmosphere that can’t be matched!

Majestic Islands in Sihanoukville

As the year draws to an epic close, the tropical shores of Sihanoukville erupt with beachside bashes beneath starry skies and thumping beats that have revelers dancing on powder-soft sands! Though safety comes first, nothing can stop celebration-hungry visitors from flocking to stunning Otres and Ou Chheuteal for all-night parties fueled by flowing drinks, vibrant music, and exhilarating energy.

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Majestic Islands in Sihanoukville (Source: Internet)

When the countdown hits, cheers and joy wash over the beaches as fireworks burst joyously above, lighting up smiling faces gathered to embrace the dawn of a New Year. The first sunrise of 2024 crests the horizon, basking in the promise of new beginnings and adventure that these coming days hold along the legendary shores of Sihanoukville, where white sand paradise provides the perfect backdrop to a night of festivities you’ll never forget!


As we prepare to kick off 2024, the magic of celebrating NYE in Cambodia becomes an unforgettable chapter. From vibrant street parties to serene temple celebrations, Cambodia offers a unique blend of traditions and modern festivities. Embrace the joy of the countdown at iconic spots, and let the enchantment of the night linger. For an extraordinary New Year’s experience, embark on our curated Cambodia Holiday Tours. Here’s to new beginnings and the promise of exciting adventures in 2024.

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