Summer has arrived, and your family has decided to spend the valuable days off at the wonderland of temples – Cambodia! However, since this scenic country is famous for religious tourist attractions, it can be quite boring for your kids to take on. So, to entertain your lovely children and even yourself during the Cambodia vacation packages, check out the best tourist destinations for kids in Phnom Penh right now!

Scenic Locations in Phnom Penh for Kids

Mekong River

One of the most famous tourist destinations in Phnom Penh is the Mekong River, and you have to take your family and kids there. With the beautiful natural view, you and your loved ones will have a great time here enjoying the attraction while traveling in Cambodia vacation packages. Known as the “mother of all rivers”, Mekong has a great length of 4,350 kilometers flowing among various Asian countries, such as Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Burma, etc. It is the twelfth-longest river in the world.

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If you want your kids to start embracing nature’s beauty since they were children, or your kids have already started to love it, take them for a ride in a boat along the river to enjoy the breathtaking sunset view. Everyone can register for a one-hour sunset boat ride on the Tonle Sap river. The cruise travels past the Royal Palace and eventually takes you to the beautiful native fishing villages on the river. There are many dining choices, so you and your family can have a relaxed, mind-free evening on this beautiful river.

Odom Park

Odom Garden Park – one of the newest threats to small children while traveling in Phnom Penh, located on Norodom Boulevard, adjacent to Chip Mong Normally. It is a fun natural tourist destination to visit and experience, as it is a hidden oasis in a small jungle hiding in the bustling, busy city of Phnom Penh. With an area of over 4000 square meters, your kids can have a lovely time running and playing in the park while surrounded by real nature. Even more special about this place is that your furry dog friends can join the kids without restriction. Feel free to have your children play independently, with friends, or with their pets!

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And especially, there is no entrance fee, so the entire family can have fun in this park as long as they want to without paying for anything. If you and your family are lucky, there may be times when the park will host events, such as farmer’s markets, live shows, and kids’ parties! It would help to look up the schedule first to see what the park offers before visiting. While hanging out in the park, families can enjoy various treats purchased from restaurants. Sandwiches, hamburgers, and all types of fast food are available for a long, energetic day ahead!

Riverside Park

If you have been tired after the Tonle Sap cruise, then there is an extremely reasonable location you can visit to rest and relax. It is Riverside Park, located next to the Tonle Sap bank. It is a public park, so your family can enjoy the breathtaking view of the river while hosting a small picnic on the riverside. Feel free to bring your food, drinks, and supply to host a small picnic or camping!

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The serene environment and beautiful view will help contribute to one of the best picnics for your kids. Remember to bring blankets and long pants, as it can get cold when the night comes! If you walk to the park’s opposite side, you can find various dining foods to choose from. Although they are street food, their quality is stunning with all options you can think of, including Western and Khmer food! Once you run out of food, grab these special cuisines to taste Cambodia in the Cambodia vacation packages!

Tonle Bati

Traveling is fun, but your kids can be picky about where to get the relaxation they want. If they don’t prefer crowded places like Riverside Park to have a picnic, try out a different location, such as Tonle Bati – a small isolated lake located in Phnom Penh’s south for about 30 kilometers.

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You and your kids can have a splendid time in this lake like no other place, as there are bamboo shacks on the water that you can rent. Having a fun time with nature in a quiet, beautiful lake while playing with the bamboo can be fun!
And don’t worry about food, as mobile food stalls are ready to serve your family anytime when a kid is hungry. It is one of the best places to escape the city’s business and immerse yourself in beautiful, peaceful nature!

Mekong Island

Last but not least, if you want to experience Cambodia’s valuable, authentic culture, head to Mekong Island on a river boat. The island is 15 kilometers away from the North, so it is possible to travel from and to this destination for a fast break with your kids in a day. Visiting the island, you will immerse in Cambodia’s signature culture experience, including seeing experts doing woodcarving, pottery, and silk weaving in Koh Dace. Delectable fruits, rice paddies, and fresh veggies can be found in orchards, where you can visit with your family.

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Beautiful temples such as Sa Maki Kbal Koh, Kra Pumpich, and Ampor Khal are wonderful destinations to travel to for adults who love religion. And to wrap up successful Cambodia vacation packages, take a sunset boat cruise to relax and enjoy the beautiful journey.

Final Thoughts

And that’s everything we conclude about the best places to take your kids to travel while staying in Phnom Penh. We hope you and your family can have a great time taking trips to Cambodia!

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