Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, is bordered by two rivers, the Mekong and Tonlé Sap. As a result, the source of fresh seafood flowing here is always abundant every day, becoming an endless source of inspiration for the capital’s cuisine. The top 8 Phnom Penh seafood restaurants below are proof of that. Keep on reading and enjoy this fishy but fresh scent!

Phnom Penh Seafood Restaurants

Heng Heng Oyster

  • Address: Corner of Norodom Boulevard and Street 154
  • Phone: (+85) 5 17 581 188

Heng Heng Oyster is a very friendly and local family-run restaurant. It is tucked away in a small neighborhood with a few other shops. And you can choose to sit outside indoors or outside with a roof. This restaurant offers a variety of dishes such as oysters, crabs, shrimp, fish, etc. The main cooking method is grilled, pan-fried, and steamed directly on the fire, accompanied by a few typical vegetable dishes.

In addition, the restaurant’s special accompaniment is a sour dish consisting of young carrots and papaya or cucumber marinated in ice, enhancing the dish’s fishy taste and adding flavor to the dish. The ingredients are usually washed and processed, then cooked in the open-air kitchen. Particularly, the dishes are chilled and displayed on the ice in front of the restaurant for diners to choose from.

Nesat Seafood House

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Seafood Amok is one of the best sellers of Nesat Seafood House (Source: NESAT Seafood House)
  • Address: Street 446
  • Phone: (+85) 5 77 683 003

Nesat House, located in the Tuol Tompoung area, specializes in local and Western cuisines. This place has rustic and unique architecture, with a cozy atmosphere under yellow lights and sometimes even candlelight at night. The restaurant serves a variety of fresh seafood, from shrimp, crab, squid, etc., caught from Kampot province and delivered straight to the.

Then, the professional chefs will prepare and send to diners a variety of dishes from Thai tom yum, Italian cream sauce spaghetti, or snail with onion sauce served with local rice, etc. Besides, the restaurant also serves juices, mocktails, and signature cocktails, accompanied by happy hour, when you can enjoy them to your heart’s content at a special price.


  • Address: 11 Street 288
  • Phone: (+85) 5 17 766 690

Ocean offers diners a cozy and romantic space under the golden lights and classical European architecture. Seafood dishes are served according to Mediterranean cuisine, with mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, pickles, or grilled vegetables. A set menu usually costs $6 and includes an appetizer, main course, and dessert. You can also order a glass of wine to sip with and fall in love with this delicious cuisine.

La Coupole

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Delicious grilled shrimps, beef steak with cheese set, and glasses of white wine (Source: Sofitel Phnom Penh)
  • Address: Sofitel Hotel, 26 Old August Site Sothearos Boulevard
  • Phone: (+85) 5 23 999 200

The Cambodia vacation packages staying at Sofitel hotel often choose La Coupole to experience food. It is like a miniature complex with many roles, from restaurant, bar, and bakery. It was named the best buffet restaurant in Phnom Penh with Western and Asian cuisines.

The dishes are diverse and fresh, including lobster, oysters, green mussels, fresh fish, etc., elaborately processed and meticulously decorated. Diners also have the opportunity to enjoy pastries such as Maccarons, chocolate marou, or cool and creative cocktails.

Kuang Seafood Cambodia

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Grilled sea bass with chili fish sauce with characteristic spiciness (Source: Yellow.Place)
  • Address: Baitong Hotel & Resort, N0. 10, Street 282, Chamkarmon
  • Phone: (+85) 5 23 230 599

Kuang is a famous seafood restaurant with branches in Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan. The dishes are all prepared by grilling or served raw with the age-old sauce created by the founder, Mr. Kuang. The restaurant space is large and bright, with large windows and many trees. It specializes in serving Thai dishes with prices ranging from $9 to $40.

Le Broken Plate

  • Address: Street 242 (cross street 51)
  • Phone: (+85) 5 78 903 335

Le Broken Plate looks more like a bar than a restaurant, with a large bar serving and displaying bottles of traditional Japanese liquor. Therefore, the food here is often served as sashimi or sushi; Others, such as shrimp and oysters, will be grilled and served with a special sauce.

If you are overwhelmed with the many items listed on the menu, you can order the restaurant’s trial menu, which includes nine dishes, equivalent to $80. It can be steamed Edamame beans with tuna salad, raw with chili garlic sauce, and served with tabasco, crab claw porridge, or mixed grilled seafood.

Sevensea Restaurant

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Sevensea Restaurant always has fresh seafood available for customers to choose from before processing (Source: Sevensea Seafood Restaurant)
  • Address: Sangkat Tonle Bassac, Khan Chamkarmon
  • Phone: (+85) 5 77 80 17 77

Sevensea is a luxurious fine dining restaurant with a cozy, spacious and quiet space. The restaurant’s name is characteristic because the number of cuisines, private rooms, main chefs, session menus, fresh seafood, and art deco sculptures is seven.

The menu prices here range from $470 to $1050, and there is also a special menu for younger guests. The ingredients are always available, and when customers order, the chef will start cooking and decorating before serving, so they are always fresh and eye-catching. The restaurant is often crowded, and if you need a private room, you should book in advance to avoid a long wait!

Old Place

  • Address: Street 245 Mao Tse Tong Blvd
  • Phone: (+85) 5 23 226 683

Old Place is suitable for Cambodia vacation packages because it has a large hall space and a diverse Chinese menu. This Place has tanks with fresh seafood such as crayfish, assorted fish, abalone, and mussels. Diners can visit and select them; then, the chef will cook according to request.

In addition, their menu also has other traditional Chinese dishes such as dim sum, dumplings, Peking duck, Yangzhou fried rice, etc. When ordering, the server will display it on a special turntable so anyone sitting anywhere can enjoy their favorite dish. And at the end of the meal, Old Place will offer diners a hot sweet bun for dessert!


Not only famous for fresh seafood, but the capital of Cambodia is also the intersection of many different cuisines, such as Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and Mediterranean. Enjoy them all, and you will realize whether it is an outdoor or high-class restaurant, the taste still has a unique local characteristic. And the above Phnom Penh seafood restaurants have contributed to spreading it to the guests, especially tourists, in the most honest way. So don’t miss them if you visit here!

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