The novel Coronavirus outbreak has been the most significant hindrance to Vietnam’s tourism. However, since the very first days of the pandemic, Vietnam has proactively enacted comprehensive orders to limit the virus’s spread.

This raises concerns from people planning a trip to Vietnam – how is the situation now? And is there any advice for both upcoming travelers and remaining travelers?

Coronavirus – Current Situation

planning a trip to vietnam
Coronavirus – Must-know News For Traveler

Before planning your Vietnam travel itinerary, here are five must-know news from Vietnam’s government and Ministry Of Health:

Visa Suspension

From March 22nd until further notice, Vietnam will not issue Visa allow entry to any foreign country. This ban also applies to people currently holding Visa letters and Visa.

Current Visa exemptions in Vietnam are also suspended. Foreigners with visa exemption for tourists with expired visas who cannot return to their home country because of COVID-19 reasons can apply with their embassy to extend their temporary stay for 30 days maximum.

Exceptions are only made for diplomatic and official purposes. And these cases will have to undergo a 14-day quarantine on arrival.

Penalty Waivers For Overstayed Foreigners

Foreigners have to overstay less than ten days due to COVID-19 force majeure (quarantine, closed borders, lack of flights, and similar reasons) can ask their consulates for a penalty waiver.

Flight Changes

Vietnam will suspend all flights from April 1st to the day of further notice. Two-way international flights are confirmed to be in suspension from March 25th to April 30th the soonest.

Mandatory Health Declaration And Medical Check

All inbound travelers have to undergo a medical check and submit their health declaration upon arrival. The declaration is compulsorily filled either in paper or via a provided online link.

Closures And Cancellation

Most local, regional, and international festivals and recreational events have been either delayed or canceled (Hue Festival, Da Nang International Firework Festival, F1 Vietnam Grand Prix, Da Lat Ultra Trail, etc.).

Several popular tourism sites in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Quang Ninh, Ninh Binh, Quang Nam, Hue, Da Nang have also confirmed temporary closure.

Travel Advisories In Vietnam During Coronavirus Outbreak

planning a trip to vietnam
Travel Advisories In Vietnam

If you cannot return, stay where you are

As mentioned, most Vietnam tour holidays with tours and sites are still closed and probably won’t be open again until May or July. And if there is still no flight going back to your home country, it’s advisable to remain in your accommodation in Vietnam.

Even though the confirmed cases have remained low these days, strictly following the quarantine order is the best way to protect both your health and the community’s safety.

Follow health and safety precautions

Vietnam’s Ministry Of Health has published precautions for travelers coming to this country.

  • No traveling when you have such symptoms as fever, cough, and breathing difficulty
  • Keep social distancing – stay at least one meter away from others, especially those with mentioned symptoms.
  • Regularly wash your hand with soap or alcohol-based sanitizer and with water.
  • Always wear masks in public, discard single-use masks (if any) after use and wash your hands after that.
  • Always cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze.
  • Avoid contact with animals and only eat well-cooked foods.

Keep Updating COVID-19-related news

Keep yourself updated with the COVIS-19 situation in Vietnam, and especially in the area proximity to your accommodation. This is to make sure you are fully aware of the newest government quarantine order (if any).

What To Do If You Still Remain In Vietnam?

planning a trip to vietnam
What To Do While Still In Vietnam

Still in Vietnam? Make every day counts with these tips.

Don’t panic

It’s safe to say that Vietnam has had an impressive performance in combating the outbreak. The recovery cases have been increasing in number, and the total infection cases have remained at a very stable rate.

Stay safe, take care

Most supermarkets in Vietnam, especially the big chains (Big C, VinMart), are still open for shopping. There is thus no need for private speculation.

Even though almost all restaurants now are not allowed to welcome guests, they still provide food delivery services. In fact, food delivery has been flourishing more than ever in Vietnam.

You will need a Vietnamese sim card to order. Grab, GoViet, Delivery Now are some of the best choices when it comes to eating. For any other goods, most big suppliers also offer instant delivery. Everything you need is just a few taps away.

Spread the positivity

Finally, enjoy your days, and there should be no worries at all. Exercise, work/learn from remote, cheer yourself up with arts, online courses, DIY, cooking, or anything of your interest. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel and everything is gonna be fine soon!

Final Words

We believe you now have more insights about the present traveling situation in Vietnam during the Coronavirus outbreak. With all the effort from the country in curbing the outbreak, we really hope to have you enjoying your Vietnam tour holidays in the foreseeable future.

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