Since 2006, Da Nang tourism has made strong growth steps and has gradually become an important tourist destination. It captivates its guests with its rich flora and fauna, rich cultural history – food, and comfortable atmosphere. Are these enough to make this beautiful city always present in Vietnam holiday packages? This article will unveil its true charm and how you can reach it. Keep reading and find yourself a reasonable “excuse” to visit it!

What Do You Know About Da Nang?

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My Khe Beach, Da Nang, is sunny with golden sand, and crystal clear water (Source: Central Vietnam Guide)

Da Nang is the fourth largest city on the South Central Coast, VietNam, with a beach stretching over 60km. This place experienced a long history from the Cham Empire until its complete annexation of Dai Viet (present-day Vietnam) territory in 1832. People know this city by many other names. such as: Daknan, Cua Han, Ke Han, Turon, Tourane, or Thai Phien. The administrative division of Da Nang includes 6 districts and 2 rural districts, of which the center is Hai Chau District. This city has many key tourist destinations, such as Ngu Hanh Son Mountain, My Khe Beach, Son Tra peninsula, Cu Lao Cham Island, and Ba Na Hills.

In addition, this place is also famous for the annual International Fireworks Festival, which honors art and culture through beautiful fireworks displays combined with music and dance. In 2018, this coastal city was in the top 10 most livable cities, according to Live and Invest Overseas Travel Magazine. It welcomes people with a fresh, peaceful atmosphere, various cuisine, majestic scenery, safety, and friendliness.

Why You Should Come To Da Nang

This city is an ideal tourist and living destination for tourists in almost all Vietnam holiday packages. The following reasons will surely spark your curiosity:

Cleanest City

Thanks to the strict policies of the local government, Da Nang has been known as one of the cleanest cities in Vietnam. Streets cleaned twice daily or the litter received heavy punishment are one of them. Despite welcoming many tourist groups, the city’s atmosphere is also extremely fresh, and its hustle and bustle are no less than other cities. In 2020, the average air quality index of Da Nang was 57/500, a green zone, according to

Fresh Seafood

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Da Nang has a rich and diverse source of seafood that is fresh and delicious (Source: Premier Village Danang Resort)

With more than 60km adjacent to the sea, this place becomes the ideal habitat for many sea creatures. Beach tourism, seafood markets, and rich cuisine are also what many tourists expect. You can choose for yourself the desired seafood, from fish, lobster, crab, squid or urchin, etc. The seller will weigh and quote the price before processing the required dish. All these sea creatures are fresh or freshly caught. In particular, the price is extremely affordable, suitable for any food lover.

Reasonable Price

The local government has strict regulations on prices, especially for tourists here. Usually, they will be listed or have a certain limit depending on the region. Therefore, visitors are completely secure with their budget when visiting this city. You can even contact the city’s Department of Tourism hotline if you notice any dumping acts.

Beautiful Views

With its long history, Da Nang is surrounded by clear blue beaches, majestic natural beauty, and impressive culture. This place is the ideal “One-stop” destination providing any tourism. For instance, joining adrenaline-inducing games or peaceful immersion at sea, cultural exploration at historical or religious construction sites, immersing yourself in nature at the Ngu Hanh Son Mountain or Son Tra Peninsula, or enjoying a relaxing vacation with your family at Ba Na Hills. All are worthy to test themselves and find their passion deep inside.

Rich Culture

In addition to religious or historical imprints, beliefs in Da Nang are also very diverse and developed, formed from many different ethnic groups and civilizations over the centuries.

  • Beliefs and rituals of Mother Worship: Pray for peace, pray for money, pray for good fortune
  • Belief in worshiping Thien Hau: That of the Chinese community, patronizing a peaceful life, health, and fortune
  • Ancestor worship: Also known as grandparents adore, with activities associated with important family occasions
  • Thanh Hoang Worship: The god who protects and helps local life
  • Craft ancestor’s beliefs: This is part of the action to preserve and develop local craft villages
  • Worshiping national heroes: Like heroes and martyrs from past to present who have sacrificed for the peace of the country
  • Honoring the souls: May the souls who have not yet been liberated can quickly enter eternity
  • Worshiping Ca Ong: An annual coastal activity to pray for favorable rain and wind, to sail safely, and strongly demonstrate Vietnam’s sovereignty over the sea and islands.
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Part of the Bee Fish ritual in Da Nang with the wishes of the fishermen (Source: Bao Nguoi lao dong)

Most Convenient Ways To Travel To Da Nang

Getting to Da Nang is easy, with several transportation options available. Here are some of the most convenient ways to travel to this city:

By Train

You can easily arrange your schedule to move from the two big cities of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh to Da Nang. The journey is about 880 km long and takes nearly 17 hours. But they are a lively way to see the scenery from the forest, the people of Vietnam, to the long clear blue coast.

By Motorbike

For those who love a more adventurous and adventurous journey, motorbikes are an option. Normally, tourists will travel from Hue to Da Nang by crossing Hai Van Pass, with a length of 100 km. This road is quite dangerous because it is the place of the traffic of many large trucks. Therefore, if you are unfamiliar with bends and downhill bends, you should choose another vehicle.

By Car

According to some Vietnam holiday packages, travel by car is a good choice for a journey to this city, wherever it is. You can rest at the stops before getting closer to the destination. Like a motorbike, this vehicle is convenient for moving in the inner city. Car rental services are also available here. You can completely contact us in advance for transportation and discovery travel.

By Plane

Da Nang has one of Vietnam’s three largest International Airports, Noi Bai (Ha Noi) and Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh). The distance from the airport to the central district, Hai Chau, is about 4km. From there, you can also take a bus or Taxi to Hoi An Ancient Town, which takes about an hour for a distance of nearly 30 km. The airport usually has many services, such as restaurants, local shops, currency exchange, and taxi-hailing. They also prepare maps and tourist guides for visitors to consult for free.


Da Nang is undoubtedly one of the best tourist destinations in Vietnam, offering visitors a unique blend of natural beauty, delicious cuisine, rich culture, and affordable prices. Whether you are looking for Vietnam holiday packages for a relaxing beach break or an adventurous trip, this city will never turn you down. Let’s pack your backpack and mingle with one of the top most livable places in the world.

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