If you are looking for breath-taking destinations in Laos, this article is for you. Laos is a nice gate-away choice for you as this country may allure you with its stunning scenery, charming architecture, unique culture, and local people’s hospitality. Here are the top 5 places of choice in your Laos tours.

Don Det Island

Out of four well-known islands in Laos, Don Det Island has become the best-loved island in this country, drawing the most visitors’ attention. Once you put your foot on this land, you might feel relaxed with the fantastic nature. All you should do is trekking or riding a bicycle to emerge yourselves with the surrounding nature or just lying restfully and sightseeing.

If you are more of an active person, you can try kayak sailing. Do not worry that you might get bored on this island as you can engage in a lively party in the local restaurants. It is easy to access the mighty waterfall, Khone Phapheng, which is known as a “tiny Niagara” of SouthEast Asia.

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Sunset on river in Don Det

One more fact you need to know about this place is that viewing the sunset from here is fantastic as it is glorious. Just lying, watching the sun setting on the river, and chilling out would make your lazy day become memorable.

Xieng Liab Cave

After relaxing yourself with the intact nature, you can challenge your bravery with a venture into Xieng Liab Cave. It only takes you 20 minutes to get to this place from Thakhhek, but it would not be a waste of effort to take some time here.

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You may be overwhelmed by the caves’ natural scene

You can discover the cave by boat during the green season (May to October) or on foot during dry months (November to April). However, be careful as in the cave it is slippery, so keep balance. Also, you could immerse yourself in the stream or swimming hole and just enjoy the valley view.

One more interesting secret about this cave is that there are several wall paintings from the ancestors as well as bizarre limestone formations surrounding you.

Kuang Si Waterfall

Kuang Si Waterfall is the masterpiece of the nature of Laos. It has become the most prevalent tour site in this country. This waterfall is famous for its sapphire blue water and the lush tropical jungle around. There are shallow pools below the fall where you can unwind yourself with cool water and picturesque landscape. Another interesting activity for those who seek adventure is jumping into the pools.

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You can also enjoy the panoramic view of nature here by hiking up to the summit regardless of tough terrain. It is worthwhile to get to the top as it is an isolated area without the noise and other disturbing things in your life. On the way to getting to the peak, you might get a chance to be familiar with the animals and flowers here. Don’t miss it when travelling to Laos.

Phathang Village

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Tranquility and the hoariness of Phathang village

No matter when you reach Phathang Village, its landscape always strikes you as an admiring feeling. It is surrounded by the Mekong River in Phathang village making this village more poetic. Though it is an ancient town, it is located on the outskirts of Vang Vieng – just 20 kilometers from Vang Vien center. Don’t miss this place when you get to Laos as it reflects the infusions of history and memory

Karst Mountains

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A part of Vieng Vang city from the peak of a Karst Mountain

If you want to enjoy Laos to the utmost, don’t forget to visit the Karst Mountains, which are situated right in Vang Vieng. Climbing to the outcrops mountain and you will be allured by a mesmerizing sunset view. Also, you can explore caves hidden in the mountains. You will never get to know the whole natural beauty of Vieng Vang if you have not got to the peak of the mountains.

In Conclusion

If you plan to visit Laos, note those places on your list, all of which have rugged and natural beauty. Nature and the atmosphere there will never disappoint you, so after the covid-19 outbreak, you could try to reach this wonderful land to enjoy all of these sites.

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