Summer is approaching. Have you prepared for your vacation in the hottest months? What about going on a private tour to Vietnam and admire the magnificent landscapes there?

If you are planning a trip to Vietnam this summer, do not forget to stop off at Moc Chau, a breathtaking plateau in the North of the country. Dig in my comprehensive guide about this appealing destination.


Moc Chau is a small district to the Southwest of Son La, a Northern province of Vietnam. From Hanoi capital, it takes a 5-hour drive to reach Moc Chau plateau. If you go on a private tour to Vietnam, you can ask the travel agency to arrange an express coach for you. Alternatively, hire a motorbike and explore Moc Chau as a local.

What To Do In Moc Chau

Trekking On Pha Luong Mountain

In your Vietnam travel itinerary, do not forget to include Pha Luong as a must-visit destination. It is a 2000 meter mountain covered in the fog all year round. While staying there, you can experience different seasons alternating in a day. Sometimes, you wake up to a clear blue sky only to see dark clouds gathering the next second.

Take a panoramic view of Moc Chau plateau, and Hin Pen village from the peak of Pha Luong is undoubtedly an authentic experience you cannot miss when travelling to Vietnam.

Exploring The Pine Forest

The pine forest nestles invitingly near the clustering stilt houses of Ang Village. Few things compare to visiting the village in the early morning, when the serene lake silently reflects every pine tree, creating a picturesque scenery. When the moon shines brightly over the forest, you can listen to the flute melody of locals harmonized with the sounds of wind and tree leaves.

The picturesque scenery of the pine forest

It doesn’t stop there! In Ang village, you can experience the lives of local ethnic minorities in the best way. Take a glimpse to the well-preserved culture of Mong people by living in the stilt houses, singing folk songs or dance to traditional rhythms. It is incredible, isn’t it?

Admiring Dai Yem Waterfall

The beauty of Dai Yem waterfall

The spectacular waterfall is about 100 meters high. Standing on the ground, you can watch the waterfall cascade down the mountainside, making the scenery both chilling and magnificent. Dai Yem waterfall is the most gorgeous from April to October.

Shopping At Lao Market In The Border

This market is discribed as the place where verbal language transcends all borders. Visitors simply pick any item they love, and the sellers will tell the price using hand gestures. In terms of money, the sellers accept both Vietnamese and Laotian currency.

There are a variety of items on sale in the market, from jewelry, clothing to souvenirs. Do not forget buy a local gift for your friends after going on a private tour to Vietnam there.

What To Eat In Moc Chau

Calf Dipped In Fermented Tofu

The locals pick out some healthy calves, then split the animals to take the meat. The calves’ meat is well seasoned with spices, ginger, and fermented tofu. The soft sweetened taste of meat combines with the flavors of seasonings in the dish.

Buffalo Meat

The recipe for this dish is really simple. The buffalo meat is dipped in a variety of seasonings including wild chili and pepper, then hung over a cooking fire until the meat dries completely. The piece of meat seems burned on the surface, but it remains the original red color inside.

Rock Snail

The locals either boil the snails or make snail soups with sour bamboo shoots. The rock snails in Bang streams appear only from April to the end of August.

Best Time To Visit Moc Chau

Buckwheat flower blossom

The weather condition in Moc Chau is relatively mild; therefore, feel free to visit the scenic plateau anytime you want. It is ideal if you can explore Moc Chau in these following months:

  1. May to August: Visitors flock to Moc Chau in this season to admire buckwheat flower blossoms and enjoy sweetened plums right on the tree.
  2. September: The ethnic minorities will organize their Independence Holiday in this month, so it is the best time to discover the long-standing culture of Northwest Vietnam.
  3. October to December: Wild sunflowers blooming cover the whole plateau with the stunning color of yellow. Do not miss this season if you desire great outdoor photoshoot.
Children playing with wild sunflowers

If you reach this line, you have known all the essential information about visiting Moc Chau plateau. Wish you have an authentic experience on your trip to Vietnam with these advice.

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