The view, life of the highland in Vietnam appear in many artworks. When admiring all these pictures, a lot of feeling such as grandeur, friendly, and peaceful may come across your mind. But have you only seen these beautiful scene in the photos? Then it’s greater if you experience it in real life.

Finding a trip to the mountain area on the Northside of Vietnam is nothing tough at all. You can search a lot of Vietnam vacation packages tour traveling around highland on the Internet. You even may find difficult on considering the tour will give you the best experience. To make your work easier, we suggest you prioritize on the trip that leads you through these stages. Let’s take a ride!

List of the Most Wonderful Highland in the North Side of Vietnam

Ha Giang

Ha Giang is one of the must-see destinations in this Vietnam travel itinerary; this location is in the northern mountainous region that is surrounded mostly by nature. It posses many beautiful and majestic scene as well as cold weather every day.

Ha Giang

In Ha Giang, you can visit Yen Minh pine forest which is known as the second-largest pine forest in Vietnam. Each morning at pine forest, you have a chance to enjoy a romantic scene when the sunshine goes through the leaves. Then when the sun goes down, it will change to a mysterious picture.

One of the most historical location in Ha Giang is Lung Cu flagpole, which is a landmark for drawing Vietnamese map. Standing on the top of the flagpole and looking down, you will see an enchanted triangular circuit flower field.

Ha Giang cuisine is famous for sticky rice and wild meat, and the best place to enjoy these unique foods is at the Dong Van Old Quarter. It’s not same as the well-know Old quarter in Hanoi. This location is an old and quiet valley surrounded by mountains and trees, and houses are designed with two floors under the brick roof, which is the main architecture of Ha Giang from the past.

Tam Coc- Bich Dong

If you want to see romantic and peaceful scenes that mostly appear in Vietnamese movies, then you must come to Tam Coc – Bich Dong. It’s best if you come here at the end of May, then you can admire the view of beautiful golden rice paddles. A lot of photographers have come here to make an enchanted yearbook or even the wedding photo.

vietnam travel itinerary
Golden rice paddy field in Tam Coc

Tam Coc – Bich Dong scene is unique due to the existence of many limestone mountains, rice fields, sedimentary caves, ancient pagodas, and small rivers staying at the bottom of the hill. All these things form a scenic complex attracting many tourists. Just over 100 kilometers from Hanoi, let’s take the camera and go to Tam Coc to have a memorable album.


Come to Sapa to feel a bit of cold, a little drizzle or even snowflakes in a SouthEast country. It’s not a problem If you are a romance or venturer, Sapa can satisfy all your demand with many majestic hills and mountains.

vietnam travel itinerary
Scene of Sapa covered by the mist

The typical scenery of Sapa is the mountains covered by greenery and hidden inside the floating clouds. There is a viral activity in Sapa, which is conquering Mount Fansipan – the highest mountain in Vietnam. Climbing to the top of this mountain is a challenge, but then there is a positive feeling can’t even explain when you succeed in it. You don’t like climbing the mountain but still want to see the top of Fansipan, it’s ok? You can take a cable car, one of the most modern cable systems in the world.

Moc Chau

Moc Chau is famous in Vietnam with dairy farms and tea hills. This location is beautiful in its own way with the scenery of mountains and hills. You can visit Mochau when the Spring comes. The cherry and plum flowers will blossom, creating a beautiful view that is often seen in artwork albums. Green tea fields are the ideal place for those who are looking for a “chill” time. Enjoying the smell of tea leaves floating in the air, then watching young green tea buds, you will find a unique, pleasant feeling.

vietnam travel itinerary
Green tea field in Moc Chau

Specifically, you can participate in milking cows with the farmers. This activity must be a unique experience through this Vietnam travel itinerary.

It’s Time to Pack Your Luggage

All these suggestion above are the most must-see mountain area in the Northside of Vietnam. It’s such a lovely trip to avoid the noise of the big city. Take a picture of the majestic scene and travel around these locations; you will find a special feeling that hardly can be explained.

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