Selecting Xieng Khouang as a tourist destination means getting closer to nature, historical sites, and mysteries. In addition to curiosity and excitement, these attractions can evoke many different emotions. This article will provide necessary information for tourists, whether traveling independently or choosing any Laos holiday packages. Do not miss it if you want to learn about your destination in advance!

Where Is Xieng Khouang Located?

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Part of the mountainous terrain of Xiangkhouang province (Source: Wikipedia)

Xiangkhouang is a northeastern Laos province on the Xiang Khoang plateau, 400 km from Vientiane’s capital. Its area is about 16 square kilometers, and nearly 300,000 people from many different ethnic groups live there, such as Hmong, Khmu, Phuan, Tai Daeng, and Tai Dam. After the Indochina War, part of Xiangkhouang province was heavily destroyed, destroying ancient architectural works and historical and cultural texts. The people here are restoring some of them and turning them into landmarks tourists can visit. Some plots of land still have traces of bombs and bullets, so you should also note that you must follow the trail or the instructions of local people.

Best Time To Visit Xieng Khouang

Xiangkhouang’s terrain is mainly mountainous, more than 1,000m above sea level, so the climate is mild. This province also has two distinct seasons: the dry and the rainy season. From November to April is the dry season, with average temperatures ranging from 17.7 °C to 24 °C. Meanwhile, the rainy season begins from May to Octoseason, starts in May, and ends at about 23.6 °C. The best time to visit this province is from November to February, around the middle of the dry season. The weather is quite cool, but still cold in the early morning and at night. Therefore, visitors must also bring some warm clothes to stay warm at these times.

What You Can Discover Xieng Khouang

Plain of Jars

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Jars of different sizes at Plain of Jars (Source:

Because of its mysterious appearance, the Plain of Jars is always a special destination in any Laos holiday packages. In 2019, UNESCO also recognized it as a World Heritage Site. Many legends say that ancient people created them to store rice or food, while others think they were a burial ritual for the dead. Nearly half a million jars have existed for more than 2,000 years scattered across the territory of Xieng Khouang province. Most of them are carved from granite and sandstone, with sizes ranging from very small up to 3.5 m high. Among the discovered locations, there are 3 sites with the most jars that attract many visitors:

SiteLocation Quantity of jars Features
Tong Hai Hin8 km southwest of Phonsavanh 334● Has the largest single jar, the trophy of King Khoun Chueang (6th century BC).
● Had an important military strategic position in the Indochina war
● Easily visits the War Museum
Ban Na KhoPhaxay district 93 (stretched over two adjacent hills) ● Has a stone disc carved with a human figure with many vignettes
● Exists many bomb craters from the French colonial period
Ban Xieng Dieng/Hai Hin Khaiaround Ban Xieng Di village about 150● Near a small Buddhist temple
● Near the local food and beverage area

Muang Khoun

Muang Khoun is the capital of the ancient Tai Phuan Kingdom, which has existed since the 14th century. It is located southeast of Phonsavan. This historic site was once a prosperous Lao Empire but was almost destroyed during the Indochina War. The biggest damage was the collapse of the Vat Si Phou temple, the holiest place in Khoun town.
Only the stone wall, brick archway, some parts of Wat Piawat temple, pillars, and large Buddha statues remain at this relic site. Even though it is incomplete, this place is still worth visiting for its discrete pieces filled with history.

Tad Kah And Tad Lang Waterfalls

Near Jar Site 3 is the beautiful Tad Lang waterfall, 800m high, on the Nam Xan River. The road leading to it is a about 700m long trail that curves along the riverbank, leading to a boulder field. After passing it, you may quickly see the waterfall hidden behind limestone rocks. The area around Tad Lang is covered with green trees and has a bit of fog in the early morning, making it suitable for interesting picnics.

Another waterfall, Tad Kah, is located 32 km north of Phonesavanh. This cascading waterfall flows through an ancient jungle, a quiet and clean place suitable for relaxing walks. It is also a well-known picnic place for locals, especially during holidays. Besides enjoying its beauty, you can immerse yourself in this clear stream.

Tham Piu And Tham Pha Caves

Tham Piu, also known as Coffin Cave, can be considered a historical site bearing painful traces of war. Before following your Laos holiday package to the cave, you should drop by the information center to view photos and notes about the bombing on November 24, 1968, which claimed 374 lives.

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View from the mouth of Tham Piu cave (Source: Tripadvisor)

Following the stairs, tourists can see a golden Buddha statue, tombstones and traces of bomb craters, and narrow concrete channels running along the path to supply water to nearby fields. Deep inside the cave is a collective temple where people remember those who died that year.

Tham Pha is a complex of caves that contain ancient Buddhist ruins and hundreds of Buddha statues, also known as Buddha Cave. The entrance is marked by a sitting Buddha statue over 1,200 years old. Visitors can explore the rooms through stone walkways that contain many other Buddha statues. A maze system is in place to prevent theft. Ban Nong Tang was home to many Buddhist pagodas and temples built in the 15th century. Few remnants of the Ban Mong Stupa and Vat Mixay remain, along with Vat Ban Ang.

Hmong New Year

Hmong New Year is a traditional festival held every December by locals to express gratitude to their ancestors and family spirits and mark a new beginning. Besides the offering ceremony, they also organize a game of ball throwing and question-and-answer, helping young people quickly find their other half. Other activities are equally interesting, such as horse racing, bullfighting, football, singing, etc. This traditional festival also preserves and passes on to the next generation the customs and traditions that have been gradually lost. It played a crucial role because the war destroyed documents related to much of the history of the ancient Phuan Kingdom.

Organic Silk Farm

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The process of separating cocoon and spinning it into fibers (Source: Discover Laos Today)

Mulberries Organic Silk Farm is just a few minutes from The Plain of Jars. It is an initiative to preserve the traditional silk-weaving art of the Lao people and generate income for the locals. This farm offers customers many tour options, such as:

Tour optionsScheduleCostActivities
1-hour farm tour8 am to 4 am, on Monday to Saturday Free Learn about silk production, from raising silkworms to creating natural dyes and weaving techniques into products.
Half-day class 9 am – 4 pm$25 – $38/ person (with lunch option)Choose 2 of the following 4 systems:
● Breed leaf worms with strawberries
● Untangle the cocoon and separate it into silk
● Hand weaving on a traditional wooden frame
● Product the natural dyes
FarmstayBook two weeks$55/ nightParticipate in the above activities and enjoy local dishes while chilling the peaceful of the farm
2 – 3 nights study tourFor student groups staying from 2 – 3 days$45/ personTake classes on the optional schedule and camp at night


Xieng Khouang is a resilient land despite the many devastations of war. The people here tried to restore some of the destroyed historical relics and ancient artistic architecture and passed down customs and practices that no longer have records. The Laos holiday packages can help visitors vividly witness a part of history and participate in more authentic local activities, allowing them to immerse themselves in it!

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