Mondulkiri is a province in northeastern Cambodia known for its lush rainforests and rustic charm. This place is a great destination for travelers who want to experience the beauty of nature and trekking or camping in the forest. This article will be an informative guide to your great Cambodia package tours. Thus, do not let it go away!

What Is The Culture in Mondulkiri?

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One of the traditional houses of the Bunong people still stands today (Source: World Monuments Fund)

Mondulkiri’s population comes from more than ten minority tribes, with 80% being Bunong and the remaining 20% being Khmer, Chinese, and Muslim Cham. The culture is unique, mainly made up of the Bunong people, including animists (like elephants), spiritual beliefs, and extensive knowledge of nature; sometimes, you may find little influence from North Vietnam or South China. Their language is mainly Khmer, which has not been written since the early days. However, nowadays, they have utilized Khmer and English to represent their language.

Traditional Bunong houses have gradually disappeared, replaced by the Khmer style. In the old places, you can find large jars and gongs bearing cultural imprints of more than a thousand years. After 1970, several other valuable items can be found scattered in the forest due to Pol Pot’s genocide.

Where To Stay Near Mondulkiri?

Like many other Cambodia package tours, Mondulkiri offers visitors a variety of accommodations providing different experiences. Specifically, such as:

  • Guest houses: With more than 20 units, in Sen Monorom town, the center of the province, with prices ranging from $7 – 20, many rooms and full amenities, and meals with bold local imprints.
  • Bungalows are built like traditional houses, with large communal courtyards, providing many services such as fishing or BBQ. Room rates range from $20 or more, suitable for groups of friends or large families.
  • Resorts: Such as Nature Lodge, KNN, or Pidoma, are often located quite far from the center of the province. Most resorts are located in the forest, providing many resort services and restaurants serving 24/24. In return, the price will be higher than usual, at least $30 or more.

What to See in Mondulkiri?

As a result, Mondulkiri is endowed with natural and majestic landscapes focused on eco-tourism and environmental protection. It is rare for Cambodia package tours to cover tourism here, and visitors should mainly explore for themselves. Some attractive places include waterfalls and green hills, which you may pocket like:

Boo Sra Waterfall

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A corner of Boo Sra, the most beautiful waterfall in the Mondulkiri province (Source: Internet)

The most beautiful waterfall in the province is located in the Pich Chinda district, 43 km from the center. The water level is divided into three stages, depending on the season. Particularly for the third stage, the flow rate is stronger and located deep in the jungle, with many wild and dangerous animals unsuitable for visiting.

Sen Monorum Waterfall

This waterfall is in the Sen Monorum district, along the trail of industrial crops such as rubber, coffee, and cashew – 5 km long. It is also divided into three stages; depending on the rainy and dry seasons, the water levels are different:

  • The first: usually has a slow flow rate
  • The second: has strong flows in the rainy season. A large relaxing space and sightseeing area for tourism exist on both sides.
  • The last: is quite far, about one kilometer from the second one and 1.5 km higher

Rum Near Waterfall

Rum Near is located in the Sen Monorum district, 10.5 km from the center, near industrial plantations such as coffee, cashew, mango, avocado, and rubber. Its height is up to 5m, with many big trees covering a large area on both sides.

Chrey Thom Waterfall

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Chrey Thom Waterfall is located near the border of Vietnam and Cambodia (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

It is in the San Monorum district, 43 km from the center, surrounded by the Sro Lou plantation, with a big cherry tree used as strong wine. Its diameter is about 8m, and the height is 11m in the rainy season, so it is often used as an alternative tourist destination for Boo Sra waterfall on those days.


This place is in Koh Nhek district, 150 km from the center and next to the Srepok River, with a few small islands. It is filled with red and yellow sands interspersed and is a place for the locals’ entertainment.

Plantation of Pine Trees

This place was established in the Sen Monorum district, 6km from the center along Highway 14, in 1970. This structure includes many pine trees planted in a straight line and at the same height. The ground is made of soft yellow leaves, which tourists can rest on.

How to Get to Mondulkiri

By Express Van (Mini Bus)

Each van usually carries between 9 and 15 passengers, and you can reserve seats. Fares will range from $11 to $15, and there’s a little extra charge if you pay by credit card. Along the way, drivers can let passengers take a break at Snoul, where locals sell specialties. The last station is near the center of Sen Monorom. However, the guests can get off near their accommodation. Particularly for some resorts located deep in the forest, guests can contact local car or shuttle service.

By Taxi

You can also catch a taxi from the capital to the province for between $80 and $100. Most taxi companies use Toyota Camry to carry 5 people, but the trunk space is small. The advantage of this vehicle is that it takes you to the right place, and the time is independent. You can ask your hotel or the local tuk-tuk drivers to book for you a day in advance.


How Many Hours From Phnom Penh To Mondulkiri?

The road from Phnom Penh to Mondulkiri province is 273 km long. Then, this trip can take 5 to 6 hours; depending on the traffic situation, it may take longer.

What Is In The Mondulkiri Forest?

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The majestic, verdant Mondulkiri protected forest is home to a variety of near-extinct animals (Source: Internet)

Mondulkiri forest has a fairly large area with 372,971 hectares, specially protected by Southeast Asia’s most biological diversity. Some precious and rare species are almost extinct, such as tiger, silver langur, Siamese crocodile, deer, green peacock, giant ibis, and especially the largest leopard population in the country.

What Is The Climate In Mondulkiri?

The climate here is divided into 3 distinct seasons, with temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius and lower than in other areas in the country.

  • Rainy season: June to October
  • Cool season: November lasts until February next year
  • Hot season: March to May

In Sum

Coming to Mondulkiri, you will feel the fresh air purified by the vast primeval forest and experience trekking, and enjoy the waterfalls as a reward after a long journey. In addition, the local people will vividly recreate the unique culture and traditional imprints of thousands of years as a part of Cambodia package tours. And this journey is not to be missed!

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