Vientiane is the capital of Laos and the country’s largest city. The city is located on the Mekong River banks, making it an important site for trade and tourism. Vientiane is known as Laos’s cultural capital, making it very interesting for travelers who want to spend some time away and enjoy some culture and heritages. All information will be here in this post of Discover Vientiane In Laos – A detailed Laos tour packages.

What You Can Do In Vientiane – Laos Tour Packages

There are two main districts in Vientiane: Phonthong and Xayaburi. The first district is better known as “Old Vientiane” because it’s where most tourists stay, while Xayaburi is more modern and has more traditional architecture. And now, let’s start your Laos tour packages right away.

Taste Local Street

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Vientiane local food

Vientiane is also famous for its street food: there’s no shortage of vendors selling fresh spring rolls or fried chicken on almost every corner. With Laos airline tickets, you can sample the gastronomic delights of this nation.

  • Lam rice: a traditional dish of the Lao people and other ethnic minorities. Rice is made from sticky rice, a significant crop in Laos. You can also try khao soi (rice noodles with egg) or nam pha phai (steamed rice).
  • Barbecue: Lao cuisine is mostly grilled, and you can find barbecue restaurants all over the streets of Vientiane. Charcoal is used to grill poultry, fish, and various vegetables. Grilling methods vary by area, yet all deliver a wonderful appealing taste to guests.
  • Lap: In the Lao language, Lap means luck; this dish is often used in festivals of the Lao people and is also one of the specialties of the people here. This dish is made from animal meat, usually cows or deer.
    There are also plenty of coffee shops where you can try Lao coffee or a cold beer while watching an old war movie on the big screen TV hanging from the ceiling.

Try Tuk-Tuk

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Vientiane tuk tuk

The sight of a tuk-tuk on the road is perhaps common to Laotians, but this mode of transportation is extremely unusual for foreigners. A tuk-tuk is a three- or four-wheeled vehicle with a cabin, which can transport up to 12 persons. When visiting Vientiane in the Laos tour packages, you will frequently encounter photographs of tuk-tuks transporting products and people traveling throughout the city.

Renting a tuk-tuk in Laos costs around 200,000 kip/car / 7 seats. Visitors looking to rent a car can do so at bus stations or travel agencies in Vientiane. Hiring a car is expensive, so if you go alone, you might offer to move with other people. Always ask for a quote before hiring a car to avoid pricing pressure.

Massage in Vientiane

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Massage in Vientiane

Vientiane is not very big. It’s spread across just over 10km2, which isn’t much compared to other cities in Southeast Asia like Bangkok (Thailand) or Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). But despite its small size, Vientiane has a lot going on regarding nightlife, restaurants, and shopping opportunities. And massage is one of them.

The people of Laos are known for their friendly nature, kind spirit, and beautiful smiles. They love to smile at people they meet on the streets, so don’t be surprised if you get a lot of waves from locals! So, going for a traditional massage can be a great way for you to make new friends and learn more about the lives of people here. Also, don’t forget to mention that it is great for your health.

Cycle Around Vientiane

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Cycle Around Vientiane

Vientiane is a great city to discover in Laos because it has a lot of things to offer. The country’s capital is the ‘Paris-Laos’ because it is filled with French colonial architecture and style. The French influence can be seen everywhere: fancy restaurants, elegant hotels, and huge parks where locals exercise their dogs on weekends. Consider renting a bicycle and riding along the streets of Vientiane as it is an exciting experience. Several bike rental companies in the city make it very easy for tourists to explore the area on two wheels.

In the morning, you can go sightseeing on a bicycle. There are many interesting things to see in the city center of Vientiane: the Mekong River, Wat Si Saket, the National Museum, Wat Phu Si, and many others. You can also visit the Old Market, where you will find an incredible variety of goods in different kinds of containers. You can buy anything you like here!

Visit Historical Temples and Buildings

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Visit Historical Temples and Buildings Vientiane

There are many temples in Vientiane, but most tourists prefer the Pha That Luang or Wat Intharathat. This temple was built in 1857 by King Setthathirath, who converted from Buddhism to Theravada Buddhism, and built a second temple in 1861. It’s one of the most important religious sites in Laos. The Wat Intharathat also houses an enormous statue of Buddha carved out of rock during the reign of King Visoun on top of a mountain that overlooks Pha That Luang. Visitors can climb up to see it from different angles or take a cable car ride to get closer!

You’ll also find other statues of gods throughout the grounds, including Wat That Luang, which has two gilded stupas carved out of stone – one for Buddha and another representing him as a protector against disease and death.


The capital of Laos is a city of contrasts. It’s also known as the “Paris of the East” for its architecture, with colonial-era buildings reflecting French colonial influence. But it’s also home to some of Asia’s most primitive villages, where people live in houses made of bamboo and other plants. There are many exciting things to do here in this Discover Vientiane In Laos – A detailed Laos tour packages. Come and enjoy the Southeast Asia heritages now.

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