Whenever someone mentions Cambodia, we could not miss out on the beautiful sunrise in the Cambodian sky. Consult this list of the five best sunrise spots in Cambodia if you want to capture this exquisite sight! Scroll down for details before going on your Cambodia vacation packages.

Best Sunrise Spots in Cambodia

Angkor Balloon

The Angkor Balloon presents you with a great sunrise view!

The Angkor Balloon is a tethered helium balloon that lends itself to travelers and reveals how beautiful Cambodia can be looking down from above! Additionally, the site is open to visitors from dusk until dawn to ensure that you can watch the sunrise and sunset of Cambodia.

When you are lifted 120 meters into the air, you may be amazed by the scenery before your eyes. The spectacular scene contains Angkor Wat, Phnom Bakheng, West Baray, and even the Tonle Sap Lake, immersed in glorious golden sunlight. From this view, you can take a lot of beautiful pictures of the sunrise as well as the landscape with your loved ones.

The balloon site is only 800 meters away from the legendary Angkor Wat. Hence, it’s definitely a must-do activity in any Cambodia vacation packages!

Srah Srang – the Royal Bathing Pool

This wonderful view will show itself fully in Srah Srang

Srah Srang – also known as the Royal Bath, is a reservoir at Angkor, Cambodia. When the water lowers, and the tide pulls, you will be able to see remnants of a “floating” temple.

While standing at the bank of the pool and watching the serene water stretch beyond the horizon, you will feel a sense of peace flowing over you. Moreover, you’ll be able to see the famed Cambodian sunrise in its full glory. But that’s not all, as Srah Srang also lends itself to the view and reflects the sunlight into its surface. Hence, this is the perfect time to capture the moment and watch as the pool glitters under the sunrise!

Phnom Krom

The sunset on Phnom Krom is absolutely worth it!

Over at Siem Reap City, there is a 140-meter hill worth a hike thanks to the sight it bestows upon visitors of the area. Specifically, the hill is situated on the southwest side of the city, which is the perfect direction to admiring a clear sunrise!

You might want to wake up early to take a tuk-tuk to the foot of the hill and enjoy the way up the mountain through your window. Feast your eyes on the rural villages, the rice paddies waving to the wind, and the luscious lotus fields.
After walking up the flight of stairs, you’ll be welcomed by Prasat Phnom Krom – the temple named after the hill, as well as the most magnificent view of the sun waking up.

Siem Reap Countryside

cambodia vacation packages
Only the Siem Reap Countryside can give you such a sunrise!

While standing on the top of Siem Reap, why don’t we take a stroll down the city’s rural outskirts for a different experience? Do look out for this next location on your Cambodia vacation packages!

The countryside of Siem Reap is full of small dirt paths, stunning pagodas, and lively wildlife. The area will surely give you a sense of exclusivity and coziness, which will empower the sighting of the Cambodian sunset even further.

Nevertheless, some activities you might want to try are spending the night with the locals, enjoying a meal with them, and waking up to watch the beautiful sight from the window. As the world’s source of life moves above the horizon, you will feel strangely at home while bathing in its warmth. Hence, that is the unique beauty of Siem Reap countryside’s dawn.

The Bayon

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The Bayon’s sunrise is astonishing

The Bayon is one of Cambodia’s must-visit wonders. Specifically, Bayon is on this list but not other temples because of its exceptional synergy with the sight of sunrise!

The Bayon is made up of a cluster of towers, and on each tower is a smiling stone face that gives all tourists a warm welcome to the site. Besides, the towers’ construction follows a stunning baroque style that charms whoever enters the place.

As you come to admire the site’s sunrise, you can stare directly at the spectacle and watch how sunlight colors Bayon’s features. The sharp shadows left by the towers, the face stone’s larger smiles, and the light dancing atop the main structure are how Bayon flatters the Cambodian sunrise’s beauty.


Cambodia is home to the most beautiful dawns globally, and it cannot achieve this title without those wonderful sites we mentioned. Hence, please be sure to note these locations down if you want to visit Cambodia, and set your alarm early on your trip to catch these magnificent sites.

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