There famous countries in the Indochina region, each has its unique culture and multiple perspectives to discover. You can find many Indochina tour packages on the tourist advertisement, making you confuse which one is better. So let we suggest as well as give you a quick review of the most famous tourist attraction while you travel to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

Let’s make this trip become the most memorable experience in your life.

Top 5 tourist attractions during Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand trip


Start with Phuket; this is the largest island in Thailand, located in the south of the country. It has many exciting attractions that visitors cannot ignore.

Relax in graceful Phuket

Different from a standard Island, it has its own airport. So don’t worry if you have to catch a train or a ship to get into Phuket, now you can fly directly from Bangkok instead. There is a wide range of beaches in Phuket with many bustle activities, giving you a lot of options for your holiday.

You can lie on the beach and admire the peace of this island, or you can come to see the fantastic traditional performances from Thai artist. When at night, sleeping early is something so wasteful, as Phuket night’s life is one of the reasons attracting tourist. Let’s go outside and join with many crowds on the street, eat all the delicious street foods or party at the nightclub.

Phnom Penh

Now we come to the capital city in Cambodia, one of the largest as well as well-developed cities in SouthEast Asia. Although this city is developed fastly with the growth of skyscraper, much ancient and majestic architectures still stay safe in this city.

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Royal Palace

You can visit the Royal Palace of Cambodia in Phnom Penh. This place is a complex of the building serving the Cambodia royal family. In here, you can see many structures built in the 19th century. Royal Palace is a must-see place when you travel to Cambodia. It not only brings you the enchanted and magnificent architecture with royal style but also contains the value of the ancient Khmer culture.

In the end, you may want to have souvenirs on this place, then let’s go to the Central Market. The Central Market is one of the main landmarks in the capital, Phnom Penh. This is not only a shopping place but also an outstanding architectural work of the city. It is built in 1937 by the French in the style of Art Deco. The Central Market brings the best in technical and fine art, uniquely reflecting the traditional Asian architecture.

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Now it’s time to visit Vietnam, a country that you can never forget when you step a foot on this land. Ho Chi Minh City or as know as Saigon, this city is currently the commercial capital of Vietnam. For this reason, life in this city is alway bustle, even the day or night.

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Nightime in Ho Chi Minh

But If you want to find a peaceful time here, let’s go to the Notre Dame Cathedral. Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the locations that you cannot miss to check-in when coming to Saigon. It’s the combination of the European architecture with Roman and Gothic styles.

The special thing around Notre Dame Cathedral is the unique activity, which is drink coffee while sitting on the street. Take a shot of Vietnam cafe and talk with friends after working hours, you will enjoy the time right in this bustling city.

Hoi An

Hoi An Ancient Town is an ancient town located in the coastal plain of Quang Nam province, 30km south of Danang City. The unique architecture of Hoi An is the ancient houses with yellow walls, now most of them are the cafe coffee shop.

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Colorful Hoi An

Imagine sitting in the tranquil classical coffee shop and surround by many bustle activitíe. This combination creates an unforgettable feeling when enjoying coffee in Hoi An. Not only the extraordinary architecture, but Hoi An also maintains a fairly intangible cultural. The daily life of residents, religious activities, folk art, and many other cultural festivals; all of these make Hoi An increasingly attractive to tourist from all the globe.

Ha Noi

Hanoi city is the capital of Vietnam, a must-see place in your Vietnam travel itinerary. The town has a thousand-year history and many ancient architectures, preserving long-standing traditional values.

The town has a thousand-year history and many ancient architectures, preserving long-standing traditional values.

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Historic Hanoi Capital

The old quarter in Hanoi is the highlight of Hanoi tourism; it contains many old houses and the streets from the 19th century. You can roam all day in the old quarter, discover the peace of Hanoi’s sightseeing. But inside the idyllic scene, this place is the most bustling location in Hanoi with many activities as well as traditional restaurants around here.

For those who prefer a tranquil trip, then visit West Lake is the perfect ideal, this is the largest lake in Hanoi. You can rent a bike or take a boat trip around West Lake and watching the sunset. It will be one of the most romantic scenes you can admire in your life.

Let’s pack your luggages

Is it enough for your trip in Indochina region? Of course no, there are many tourist attraction as well as activities are waiting for you to discover. But these place above is the must-see location while you travel to Vietnam Cambodia and Thailand.

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