Do you find yourself confused with so many online travel recommendations while your holiday is drawing even closer? Are you struggling to find a romantic, private yet affordable site for the two? What should you expect for your next trip to Laos?

Worry not! Have a glance at our Laos tour packages and see which place fits your definitions of excellent places for sunset.

Best Places to See Sunset in Laos

Khop Chai Deu Restaurant: Best for a romantic date

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The well-known Laotian gastronomic restaurant – Khop Chai Deu

We believe it’s hard to spread any love on an empty stomach. So, take your significant other to Khop Chai Deu restaurant to heat the atmosphere first. This is one of the most iconic places in Vang Vieng, widely known for its rustic yet delicate decor – a harmonic combination of French and Asian architecture.

On your first venture into this restaurant, you will be able to indulge yourself in a world of cuisine, from Western to traditional Lao dishes. Say, international buffet, Lao salad – larb, tom yum, Khao niew, jaew, or khao soi. You’ve got everything you want.

Moreover, Khop Chai Deu restaurant also serves as a bar where you can warm the vibes up even more with alcohol after having a sumptuous dinner. And then you two would simultaneously gaze out the window, where the sun is setting down.

But you know what? The best part is that the price range for this restaurant is affordable, especially for two. So, be sure to make a reservation in advance. Otherwise, the seats will be fully booked by the time you arrive.

Nam Xay Viewpoint: Best for Adventurous Souls

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The mystic, magnificent landscape from Nam Xay Viewpoint

As someone who takes the beauty of nature as a place to recharge, don’t miss out on our Laos private tours. We will be taking you to the Nam Xay Viewpoint, where you can see yourself literally standing on top of everything.

Moreover, different shades of tree green, gray mountainous ranges, and dreamy layers of fog will be exposed right in front of your eyes, allowing yourself to inhale a pure breeze and forget the hustle culture for a while.

It is also this religious moment that takes you through time, back to when you were a carefree child yearning nothing but to explore the true beauty of the world, and to flashback every storm that shapes the current you.

But we suppose the aspect that Nam Xay Viewpoint excites you most is that you get to share intimate and unforgettable moments with your partner here. We mean, who wouldn’t want a tight hug or a naughty kiss against the sunset background?

Smile Beach Bar: Best Budget

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The rustic and relaxing vibes from Smile Beach Bar

The bar’s name somehow speaks for itself, doesn’t it? We mean, you can’t stop your smiles upon arriving at this bar. However, its name may confuse you a bit, as the Smile Beach Bar is not built across the seashore but on the river banks of Vang Vieng. If the mountains arouse in you a sense of magnificent accomplishment, the river brings you an unwavering and constant feeling of time.

And it is no exception here. You’ll observe a splendor of dusk, shining its last weak light onto the quiet river flows, gradually and gradually. Until the sun is finally settling down behind the mountains. What a sight! It must be more than wonderful to have the partner by your side during these holy moments. Be sure to include this place on your list.

Mount Phou Si: Best for your mindfulness

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The natural beauty captured from Mount Phou Si

Last but not least, the famous, famous Mount Phou Si. This place has always been on our bucket list, besides a Vietnam honeymoon, ever since we were still in high school.

From the royal palace, you’ll find your way to this religious site. Unlike Nam Xay Viewpoint, Mount Phou Si offers you a full view of the old town neighborhood of Luang Prabang. From there, you’ll see rural life blending in gracefully with nature.

It gives your mind a refreshing sense of purity and balance, allowing you to dive deeply into the moment. Here comes our tip: Choose to come to Mount Phou Si on bright days, otherwise you can’t fully cherish the sunset view due to the smoky screen.

In Sum

Have you found yourself in mad love with Lao’s beauty? Because we have. We just can’t wait to take a sip of Laos’s sunset anymore. But if you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be at your service any time. And until then, tell us about your sunset.

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