You desire to take advantage of the highlights of Southeast Asia by taking a vacation to Cambodia, which is rich in historical monuments and stunning scenery, unlike neighboring Indochina sites. And Kampot is the place you want to experience on this trip. Having well-crafted locations to explore in the Kampot guide for reference on your edifying vacation is essential. Let’s scroll down to learn some tips for your Cambodia holiday packages.

Overview On Kampot

Kampot is a minuscule township on Cambodia’s border. This place has a distinct feel due to the structures and landmarks constructed throughout French domination. Once famed for chili pepper and salt manufacturing, Kampot is now a lovely riverside city. Time may be spent admiring the river, enjoying noodles at a marketplace, or riding over the mountains.

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If you’d prefer to do something more daring, take a 15-kilometer diversion to Bokor Hill Station, a French historical deserted village. Plenty of structures have become neglected and degraded over time, yet surviving works retain their historic charm, all contributing to an appealing and venerable Kampot. The lively scene at night generates Kampot Travel ranks as the top Cambodia holiday packages. On weekends, when you visit Kampot, you can enjoy the lively bustle in the flea markets and the serene magnificence of the hills and woods. It promises to be nice to go to the town center. The presence of lively eating and drinking establishments has added to the inherent charm of this particular spot.

How To Get To Kampot

There are many ways to get to Kampot, a tourist destination from the following 3 big cities.

From Koh Kong

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You can choose a few alternatives for getting from Koh Rong to Kampot. Traveling between these locations is achievable via many modes of transportation. The expenditure of your journey will be determined by the kind of transportation you pick. The travel distance from Koh Kong to Kampot is 243 km. The most affordable way to go from Koh Kong to Kampot is by bus, which costs between $22 and $26 and takes 8 hours and 36 minutes. The ferry or rail are the best options to go somewhere quickly. If you prefer a more gradual, cheaper mode of transportation, you can reserve a ferry or rail ticket.

From Siem Reap

You may take a public transportation system, a private cab, or a train from Siem Reap to Kampot. A private cab is the ideal alternative if you want to feel comfortable traveling. The trip will last roughly nine hours, and the price will be nearly $150. There are always many daily buses to Siem Reap, so that you can travel by bus from Siem Reap to Kampot. Taking a boat to Siem Reap and Battambang is possible, but taking a bus via the new highway is much cheaper and faster. Most locals take the bus unless they have a lot of goods.

From Phnom Penh

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You may take a bus, a private cab, or a train from Phnom Penh to Kampot. If you want to feel comfortable traveling, a chauffeur-driven cab is the ideal alternative. The trip is expected to last roughly 3 hours and cost approximately $50.
It takes 3 to 5 hours to travel from the capital, Phnom Penh, to Kampot by bus. The Giant Ibis bus is the fastest, with a ticket price of 8 USD. Taking the train is the choice of some tourists in many cases. Trains are safer than buses, and train fares are about the same. In addition, trains are ideal if you want to travel at night. Taking the train is also more comfortable for long journeys, and you can rest more.

Things To Do In Kampot


Traffic is sparse so you can easily walk around the wide streets by bicycle, motorbike or on foot. The pace of life here is extremely peaceful and unobstructed. You can lie lazily in a hanging hammock or swim in the river right in the city to enjoy yourself, even though the weather may sometimes not please you.


In addition, you can take a walk to admire the beautiful salt fields along the road, immerse yourself in the clear blue sea, relax under the long white sand beach, and enjoy many fresh seafood dishes. It’s great to comfortably “chill” on a Cambodian holiday package, watch the blue sky and white clouds, and relax in the wild space of this place.


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Kayaking in Kampot

You can satisfy your passion for kayaking in Teuk Chhou Stream, attracting tourists with a fresh-air atmosphere for relaxation and for a vacation away from the noise and bustle. Located from the center of Kampot about 150 km, the nature is clear. There are mountains and hills; you can listen to the sound of gurgling water and chirping birds.


If you want to experience the feeling of hiking and exercising when traveling to Kampot, you can go to Phnom Chhngok Cave. Here is a small limestone cave located about 1.5km from Kampot city. The path up to the cave is not too steep or difficult, but remember to choose neat clothes, sports shoes, and flat shoes to move easily.

Cooling Off In The Phnom Kbal Romeas

Today, the ancient Phnom Kbal Romeas cave system, situated just fifteen minutes from central Kampot, contains a modest temple worth seeing if you’re roaming east of Kampot. Then, you’re confronted with a vast expanse and several route alternatives; pick the little staircases leading to an even greater space. It still has the strange old site; if you discover the configuration of stones shaped like a mini-stupa when you gaze up, you’ll find a massive room with a brick ground.


Lastly, Kampot isn’t too congested, so it would have been regrettable not to spend time here on Cambodia holiday packages. The region enclosing Kampot is picturesque and serene, and it is enjoyable to take a road trip via small towns, cultivation, rice fields, palm palms, and inhabitants going about how they live every day.

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