If you are looking for somewhere to have a drink during the Cambodia vacation packages’ free days, you have just hit the jackpot with this article! We proudly present to you the most well-known bars for weary travelers to enjoy their nights in style. Scroll down to read more!

Excellent Cambodia Bars Drinkers Should Come

Elephant Bar

Pay a visit to this famous bar once you set foot into the city of Phnom Penh, and you will have the time of your life! Elephant Bar is part of the Raffles Hotel – formerly known as the Le Royal Hotel, where you will be able to find the largest selection of gins in all of Asia.

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Prepare to be amazed at Elephant Bar

The bar is open for visitors and drinkers alike from 3 PM until midnight. But if you want to cut a deal for Happy Hours, you should arrive within the 4 PM-9 PM range. Going through the entire menu should be a breeze, especially when tapas and light meals are available to keep your drinks company for you all day long.

The signature drink of Elephant Bar is definitely the Femme Fatale – an exceptionally elegant cocktail brewed for the former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. The recipe is kept true to when it was first made in 1967 during the former First Lady’s visit: crème de fraise des bois (a liqueur made from strawberry and wild strawberry infusion), cognac, and champagne. The drink is then decorated with a tropical flower to finish the look.

If you are not interested in getting alcohol in your system on the visiting occasion, you can also choose to try out Raffles’ selection of afternoon tea also served at Elephant Bar. You will only be able to order the tea during the timeframe of 3 PM-5 PM, so hurry up, or you’ll miss it!

SORA Skybar

SORA Sky Bar is possibly the best open-space bar in Phnom Penh by far! With the unparalleled view from 37 floors above, a delightful whisky bar, and special signature cocktails, you can never go wrong with a visit! The bar is open from 5 PM until midnight and has a smart casual dresscode. So dress up a little with your pants, shirts and classy skirts, and you will fit right into the urban beauty of SORA. Your eyes will never grow tired of its glamor, as the bar features a fusion architecture between indoors and outdoors!

Here you will be able to enjoy the bar’s wide selection of whiskeys, spirits, colorful cocktails, and exquisite wines. In case you want to combine your whiskey with some smoke, SORA Sky Bar also has a cigar lounge for you to enjoy a few blends with your drink!

Red Bar

If you are not interested in the luxurious high life SORA Sky Bar offers, Red Bar should be able to give you a chiller and more down-to-earth experience (quite literally). It is an upmarket dive bar with a signature maroon hue from red neon lights that carries a friendly and inviting vibe for all those stopping by.

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Step into Red Bar, and you will feel the warmth

In Red Bar, there is never really a down moment, as festive and stylish live music is played almost the entire opening duration. Sit down, and you will be offered a menu full of tasteful beers and margaritas, promising a refreshing night away from the city’s rushes. The bar swings its entrance open at 5 PM sharp, and drinkers can linger until 1 AM!
In case you cannot squeeze into the famously delicious Piccolo Pizzeria next door, Red Bar allows you to bring your pizza in for a seat. Perhaps, you can find yourself a jug of beer to enjoy with your slices of goodness as well! Nice experience during your Cambodia vacation packages, right?

Le Bouchon Wine Bar

When you are at Le Bouchon Wine Bar, you will be greeted with a Cambodian-French atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else. The bar consists of two separate areas: the open bar and BBQ area downstairs and the balcony terrace upstairs for dining!

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Che Culo is a place you can head to for some great food and drinks

As soon as you enter the facility, head straight to the U-shaped bar in the open yard and ask the bartender for the menu. Le Bouchon has an astonishing range of delicious wine, cocktails, and craft beers from local sources as well as France.

Every single item comes with a very reasonable price tag, so you will for sure spend the entire night without going broke. You may even want to order some BBQ that is grilled right in front of your eyes too! When you feel hungry, you can climb the stairs and rest at the sofa tables. The bar staff will provide you with a menu full of classic French dishes like foie gras, coq au vin, boeuf bourguignon, and so many more.

Le Bouchon Wine Bar also has very frequent live music events every week or so, so you will never miss out on a great performance. What is better than fragrant wine, delicious cuisine, and a great atmosphere? And where better to find a blend of them all than in Le Bouchon Wine Bar?

Che Culo!

Instead of French cuisine, why don’t you try heading down to Che Culo for a taste of Mediterranean-Cambodian fusion for a fresh taste? It is simply the best bar/eatery you can hope to find within the city of Phnom Penh! At the bar, you are welcomed with a truly unique selection of drink choices, as Che Culo’s cocktails can only be found within its facility. Accompanying the tasty, affordable drinks are tapas coming from Greece, Italy, and Spain to satisfy your tastebuds.

And just a piece of advice for our readers: If you arrive around their “Aphrodite aperitivo’ hours (from 5 PM-7 PM), you will receive discounts on their signature cocktails and spirits. This is also a great chance for you to give Cambodian beer a taste!

In Sum

Cambodian is home to many beautiful temples and historical-cultural sites, but that does not mean its nightlife is lacking in the slightest! Be sure to check these locations out on your Cambodia vacation packages, or the alcohol lover inside you will regret deeply. You can make your own list or use this list for your travels!

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