If you are looking for an unforgettable traveling experience, Thailand is definitely up there on the list of destinations! And best of all, you will not come back empty-handed as the country’s supply of quality souvenirs is diverse and never-ending. Let’s see what you can bring home from your Thailand vacation packages!

What Can We Purchase as Souvenir When Coming Thailand

Thai Silk

Jim Thompson had left his permanent mark on Thailand in the form of his brand of Thai silk, and it is just what you should find for your travels. You will discover many uses for these sheets of beauty as they are widely used for sewing clothes, scarves, curtains, or even pillowcases!

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Thailand Silk: One of the most favorite Thailand Souvenirs

All Thai silks are woven by hand from the silk of Thai silkworms and their diet of mulberry leaves. You will never have to worry about Thai silks’ authenticity as the Agriculture Ministry of Thailand has put a peacock emblem into use for imitation prevention. So look out for the emblem, and you can rest assured that you are getting the real deal!
There are currently four peacock emblems on the market, signifying the four types of Thai silks and production processes. The price of the silk goes up from Green Peacock, Blue Peacock, Silver Peacock to Gold Peacock – the royal weave. That way, you will have many options to pick from and bring home.

Thai Spices

If you can find yourself missing the taste of Thailand on your way home, why not consider bringing a snippet of Thai cuisine with you? After all, Thailand is home to many indigenous spices that you can incorporate into your meals in your hometown. But what spices should you buy?

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Bringing Thai spices with you is the quickest way to get that Thai taste!

Ob-choey or Thai cinnamon is a great way to start your Thai spice kit. Thai people do not use cinnamon for sweets and pastries like how Westerners do, although the spice does lend a tad of sweetness to the dish. Rather, you will catch ob-choey in pa-loe soups or braised beef stew. The spice is used primarily to relieve heat strokes and exhaustion.

Another spice you should know about to add Thai flair to your own dishes is Kha or Galangal. It is the key to making the Thai’s special chicken and galangal soup, also known as Tom Kha Gai. The root is closely related to ginger, which should explain their similarity in taste. Kha is much more complex in aroma and flavor, though.

If you are not the type to cook, Thailand got you covered as well. Head to the food market and look around for the delicious dried fruits and friend snacks. You can pick between numerous different snacks that the country has to offer, and each and every packet can satisfy your Thai food craving in an instant!

Thai Handicrafts

Thai handicrafts are exceptionally beautiful as they carry the signature and traditional glamor of Thailand. You can find yourself surrounded by the wonderful goods in Chiang Mai – the epicenter of high-quality national craftsmanship, so do not miss out on this when you are in town.

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Thai handicrafts are marvels on their own!

The first items you may spot while you are at Chiang Mai are the wood carvings – the traditional art of Northern Thai people. The material can range from teak, mahogany, or even mango wood, as these woods are durable yet flexible enough to be shaped and carved into. You can spot the traditional pattern motifs on the carvings as well as temples!
The most common types of carvings are elephants, statues, and cutleries, but there are so many other choices to go for!

Lacquerware and ceramic items are also on the rise in popularity. The intricate design will be sure to add a touch of glam to your current pantry, but you should really be careful with the delivery.

Thai Antiques

Do not get us wrong: genuine Thai antiques are very expensive and hard to transport outside the country. Antique shop dealers can help you a ton with the procedures to get the souvenir home safe and sound, but you are going to have a pretty tough time nonetheless.

Items that are significant to the country’s heritage and Buddha statues are forbidden from exiting the borders of Thailand. If you insist on taking items of lesser importance back to your hometown, you will need to secure a permit from the Fine Arts Department. Nevertheless, these antique items make for wonderful gifts for people you cherish!

Thai Silver

Once again, if you are in Chiang Mai, you will not want to miss out on the souvenirs. There is another type of gift we have saved for last because Thai silver items and jewelry are truly one of a kind!

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The Hill Tribe people cherish their silver so much

For years, the Northern Thai tribes have been crafting intricate and high-quality silver items to use in their daily life, as well as decorate their bodies and their homes. In a way, silver plays a major role in the lifestyles of these tribes, and it may do the same for you as well.

As a result of the tradition of silversmithing, you will be able to spot several earrings, bracelets, Buddhist pendants, and even silver beads on clothes! Every single piece carries a significant meaning hidden within the gorgeous patterns and engravings. Today, you can visit the Hill Tribes of Thailand as they welcome you in with open arms. They will gladly show you their stock of silverware and jewelry for you to check out and consider if you want to bring home some!

In Sum

Thailand is definitely a country you want to bring home souvenirs from to remember their unique cultures and beauty. So do not be shy; let yourself be whisked away into the one-of-a-kind spirit of the Land of Smiles. Who knows, you might bring home an item you truly like from your Thailand vacation packages?

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