Tham Kong Lo is a natural wonder located in the center of Laos. This cave, created by the Hinboun River, is 7.5 km long and a popular destination for any Laos package tours. Nestled deep in a small village, Kong Lo asks many questions in visitors’ minds, from transportation, accommodations, activities, and tips. In this article, these issues will be clarified. Keep on reading to benefit your trip!

How To Get To Tham Kong Lo

By Bus

The most affordable way to get to Tham Kong Lo is by bus, available from Vientiane, the capital city of Laos. The distance between them is about 233 km, with the road distance being 454,9 km. Thus, the journey takes around 10 hours and costs nearly $12 ( 100,000 LAK). You can buy tickets for the whole trip or each station if you still want to spend time sightseeing. From the village, you can hire a tuk-tuk for $2 ( 25,000 LAK) or rent a motorbike for $3 – 5 per day ( 50,000 – 80,000 LAK) to take to the cave.

By Private Car

A more comfortable and convenient option is to hire a private car which is always available from Vientiane or other cities in Laos. The price for this service is high at $50 per seat, and the trip takes up to 6 hours. The advantage of hiring a car is stopping and taking in Laos’s beautiful scenery. You can also arrange for your driver to take you to other attractions.

By Motorbike

For the more adventurous traveler, renting a motorbike is also exciting. You can also rent a motorbike from Vientiane or other cities in Laos. The journey to this destination by this vehicle is extremely beautiful. However, it can be challenging with some narrow, bumpy roads.

Experience At Kong Lor Cave

Initially, renting a motorboat (Sampan), about $6 per person, would be best. The long, narrow boats can carry up to 5 passengers and 2 crew members. It takes about 5 minutes from the boatyard to the first attraction. You will continue to walk and explore the inside of the cave. Because the limestone is wet and slippery, you must carefully walk on the artificial paved path.

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You will have 15 minutes to explore this beautiful limestone and stalactite cave (Source: diariesof-Magazine)

The largest place in this natural attraction is 100m above the water and 90m from the wall. The interior is quite dark and deep, with many jagged stalactites. On the other hand, the only visible light may be from your headlamp. After that, the boat takes visitors out of the tunnel and stops at a small valley where you can buy snacks from the locals and rest. Or, depending on the time, you can visit the village center about 1km away. Finally, the boat will bring you back to the harbor at the starting point by returning to the old road and ending the trip.

Tips When Visiting Tham Kong Lo

  • Items for your packages: Shorts, t-shirts (for both men and women), thin coat, waterproof shoes or sandals, sunscreen, waterproof bags (for money or miscellaneous items), photo gear (utilize well in low light conditions), and a little cash (enough for your journey’s expenses).
  • Communication: If you have any questions, ask your boatman. The language barrier can embarrass both parties, but they know how to explain it differently.
  • Silent request: You can ask the driver to turn off the engine when stopping to visit if there are no other boats. Completely quiet space in the cave will help you enjoy this trip more fully and not disturb the creatures in it.
  • Tips: Not necessary in Laos; however, if you ask the boatman to wait or anything else, you may give them a bonus. Its value is usually around 10,000 LAK or 10% of the total service.

Where To Stay In Kong Lo

The development of this destination from the Laos package tours or even individual tourism has attracted many tourists, forming many guesthouses around. Because of that, visitors coming here will have more options for their accommodation. To be specific:

  • Homestays: Ban Kong Lo village, about 1km from the destination. This place is suitable for you to experience life with a host family, accompanied by family meals. Prices range from $5 – 10.
  • Sala Hin Boun: is a densely populated area with room rates of around $20.
    Inthapanya Guesthouse: in Ban Khoun Kham village. The advantage is that there is English-speaking staff, which is convenient for long trips.
  • Spring River Resort: located on the southern bank of Hinboun, slightly away from the village and towns. Prices fluctuate seasonally.

In addition, you can refer to some local guest houses such as Konglor Alounmai, Kong Lor Eco-Lodge, or Kong Lor Cave Resort. They are also spacious, airy, convenient, air-conditioned, and affordable for travelers.


What Are The Timings For Tham Kong Lo Cave?

This cave tour usually lasts up to 3 hours, including 15 minutes by boat into the cave, 15 minutes on foot to explore stalactites, more than 30 minutes by ship in the dark and explore the cave, 15 minutes from the cave to the resting place and almost 1 hour for the return trip.

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Out of the tunnel, you will reach a small valley where local snacks are sold (Source: AwayGoWe)

What Are The Ticket Prices For Tham Kong Lo Cave?

There are three basic fees that you need to pay before you start your journey:

  • Entrance fee: used to enter Phu Hin Bun National Park, priced at $0.23 (LAK 4000).
  • Cave entrance fee: about $1.15 (20,000 LAK), usually included in the boat trip
  • Boat tour: about $11.5 (200,000 LAK) for 3 people or $6 per person

Do You Need To Book In Advance To Visit Kong Lo Cave?

Booking in advance for this tour is unnecessary, even if you do not book Laos package tours. Instead, it would be best to estimate your travel schedule because it may last 3 hours, and the close time is 4 pm. Therefore, you need to get there at least before 1 pm. In addition, the best time to visit it is in the dry season, when the water level is not too high. This season usually starts in November and lasts until March next year.

In Sum

Visiting Kong Lo Cave can be an adventure but worth it. Whether you get there alone or on any Laos package tours, the journey to this cave is filled with natural beauty and charm. Then, your action now is to tighten your luggage and get ready for a memorable trip to one of Laos’ most beautiful gifts in nature.

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