Railay Beach is one of the famous destinations for travelers who visit Thailand. This beach is really beautiful, and it is super easy to find services that help you to go swimming, diving, climbing, and more. If you have already purchased a Thailand holiday package and this beach is one of the destinations in the package, it is great, and you will not need to worry much about commuting here. For those who want to go there alone, getting to Railay Beach is also easy, with several options. Let’s dive in!

How to Get to Railay Beach


If you are in Krabi town, you can take a bus and find a boat to go to Railay Beach easily. To get on the bus, you must go to the bus station first. There are several ways to get there, like taking a taxi, songthaew, bike, or asking someone to drive you there. To simplify the process, the best way is to contact a tourist agent and book a minibus, a bus, or a ferry later.


Depending on where you are currently, you likely take a suitable ferry to the beach. Here are some of the locations where you can take a ferry:

  • Krabi Town
thailand holiday package
You can get to Railay Beach from Krabi town

In Krabi town, it is super easy to buy a ticket to the Railay beach from tourist services, or you can get it by yourself. It will cost you 150 baht to take a boat to the beach. Those boats may have time to depart, but you may need to wait until enough people are getting on the boat. Also, a private boat from this town is more expensive than Ao Nam Nao and Ao Nang. It’s 1,200 baht for either going to the beach or going back to the land from it.

  • Ao Nang

The first public boats in Ao Nang can start to run at 8 AM if enough people are getting on it, and the last one is at 6 PM. Normally, the fee for one ticket here is 100 baht, but in higher seasons, you must pay 150 baht to take the boat.
At night, when most people return to the land, you’ll have to wait for a much longer time. In case of affording it, you can take a private boat, which is 800 baht, to go right when you want to.

  • Ao Nammao

Generally, it would take around 80 baht for one boat ticket to Railay Beach. In the tourist season, to go to Railay Beach, there is at least one boat full of people departing from 8 AM to 6 PM. Still, in the lower season, this place will attract fewer people. You might have to wait for a longer time, as the boats will only start when it’s full of people, and the last boat you can take can be the one at around noon.


Krabi International is the nearest airport to Railay Beach. After getting off the flight, you’d better take a taxi or other vehicle to Ao Nammao or Ao Nang’s boat station and get a ticket to Railay Beach.

Getting To Railay Beach: What It’s Like Taking The Longtail Boat Ride To Railay Beach

Taking a longtail boat to Railay Beach is quite easy and not exhausting, as it only takes around 20 minutes for the ride to finish. The boats you will take to the beach are the traditional boats of Thailand, which are made from timber and are equipped with an engine for them to run on water. And these boats are not complicatedly made, so they do not look fancy. The engine, by the way, can make a certain noise level. However, the fee to take the boat is not expensive, and the time it takes to reach your destination is also short, so it’s not a bad experience taking these boats. If you do not mind the noise, it can be pleasant to take it as the view is quite good.

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The boats to Railay Beach are the traditional boats of Thailand

Best Tips For The Boat Transfer To Railay Beach

Tip #1

In low season, fewer people travel to the beach, so it can be a great experience for those who do not want to be with a crowd. However, as the boats here only start running when they are full, you might need to wait for a long time until there are enough people on the boat. Also, it is always better to get a book to read or bring something to play if you are with friends during the low season. You might have to wait a long time, so it is better to have something to distract you if you wish to.

Tip #2

When many people are taking the boats, you will not need to wait for the boat to gather enough people. However, the crowd might make you uncomfortable. For this reason, try to take early boats to have better seats and avoid sneaking in a group of tourists.

Tip #3

thailand holiday package
It’s better to wear the shoes that work best in these conditions

In the low tide and rainy season, the sand will be wet. So, you should wear the shoes that work best with these conditions.

Tip #4

If you do not want to pay for a private boat, try not to return to the boat too late because you will have to wait for a long time, or pay for a private one if the other ones are already full or their service time has ended.


Getting to Railay Beach is quite an interesting and easy experience. In general, you need to take any transportation that takes you to the boat station to Railay Beach, you will be able to reach your destination easily. Again, we cannot guess how long you will need to wait for the boat to depart, so do not bring something that can entertain you while waiting (like a book.) If you want to simplify your whole process from moving from another province or town to this beach, having a Thailand holiday package will save you much time and effort, especially when you do not speak the language. The travel agents can also give you useful tips to fulfill your experience.

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