If you’re trying to experience Gibbon adventure in the Laos jungle, the Laos holiday packages will make your dream come true. You will have a chance to contemplate the fascinating view of the jungles, living species, and the beauty of nature, like sunrise and sunset. The local administers the Gibbon Experience, a cutting-edge project to protect the Bokeo Nature Reserve for future generations. This social corporation preserves threatened black-cheeked gibbons, assists locals in earning stable income, and provides visitors with amazing activities.

What is The Gibbon Experience Like

Classic, Waterfall, or Express Options

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The Gibbon Experience Will Satisfy Adventurous Visitors

The Gibbon Experience offers three versions for tourists, including Classic, Waterfall, and Express. Each option will take you to different forest parts and live in unique tree canopies. The Classic and Waterfall experiences both provide hiking and zip-lining activities, but the Classic trip is the best for spotting gibbons and other wild species. The Waterfall option is impressive, as you can swim in cold waterfalls and lagoons. This tour also requires more hiking and good physical health. However, it’s not available in rainy seasons due to potential risks. If you’re only free for one day, we highly recommend the Express selection, which offers shorter duration. You will stay one night in the treehouse, exclusively focus on zip lining, and witness the natural beauty in a short time.

Zip Lining

Zip lining is one of the most fascinating activities you should try on this trip. The locals build zip lines throughout the forest, often hidden by undergrowth until you come upon them. Zip lines go over deep gorges, allowing you to explore considerably faster than walking on foot.

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Zipping Is An Enjoyable Activity

It may surprise you, but zip lines are the only way to reach your treehouse. The cable’s length ranges between 50 and 570 meters, which seems scary if you have acrophobia. However, throw away your fear and see the spectacular forest view below. This is a gift for every risk-taker who has a chance to get closer to Mother Earth. The most frightening part is when you start zipping in and out from the biggest tree canopy. After overcoming 50 meters with the help of your tour guides, the rest of the zipping experience will be more relaxing.

Treehouse Architecture

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You Can See The Wonderful View From Your Treehouse Canopy

Building treehouses is not easy, yet it requires a sustainable architecture to ensure the safety of all occupants. The Gibbon Experience was successfully constructed, offering visitors a direct view of the jungles and safety while joining risky activities. Among various designs, this project provides three types of tree canopy: treehouses placed on wooden consoles, treehouses hanging from rope lines, and the geodesic polyhedron core. The tree’s structure determines how the houses are built, so not all tree canopies at the Gibbon Experience are the same. Though the construction process is challenging, the achievement is undoubtedly worth their effort, resources, and time.

Gibbon Experience in Laos


As the Gibbon Experience offers three different tours, the price also varies. The average cost for each tourist is around $100 per day. The Classic and Waterfall tours last three days and two nights, and you will pay about $310 for them.
As mentioned above, the Express option is shorter and suitable for those who don’t have much time. Therefore, the price of this tour is slightly affordable, which often costs $208.

How to Get There

You first need to reach Huay Xai, a small river town in Laos that shares borders with Thailand, to go to the Gibbon Experience, as its office is located here. If you travel from Thailand, you will leave Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai to Chiang Khong by bus and cross the border and river. Then, hire a tuk tuk to Huay Xai. In case your starting location is Laos, boats and buses from Luang Prabang are always available to pick you up. You can fly from Vientiane, but the price will be more expensive. We recommend arriving early and sleeping overnight in Huay Xai for at least one day. Spend the next morning leaving the Huay Xai office and go straight to the Gibbon Experience. You will return to this place in the afternoon of the final day.

What to Pack for The Gibbon Experience

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The Gibbon Experience Has A Plentiful Ecosystem

Thinking about what to pack for the Gibbon Experience is essential, as you cannot bring a heavy bag or suitcase while hiking and zipping to the treehouses. The list below contains the necessary items that you should pack:

  • A small backpack is the best choice for holding all your stuff.
  • Comfortable and waterproof hiking shoes help you better grip wet and muddy terrain.
  • A flashlight is advisable for exploring thick forests.
  • Insect repellents to fight against insects and pests in jungles.
  • A first aid kit box.
  • A camera to record your fantastic moments here.
  • Batteries and a portable charger for your phone, camera, and flashlight are useful, as there are no electric sockets inside the tree canopies.
  • A refillable water bottle, plastic bag for trash, toilet paper, wet towel, comfortable sweat-resistant clothes, and socks.
  • Earplugs for better sleep.
  • Sunscreen, food, drinks, and many kinds of entertainment keep you busy when staying in the treehouses.

Staying the Night in a Treehouse

Sleeping overnight in the tree canopies is peaceful and pleasant. All rooms have blankets, mattresses, and canvas tents to protect you from mosquitoes and insects. Don’t worry about bathrooms! They are sufficiently convenient with sinks, squat toilets, and showers. The meal is delicious and traditional and served by Hmong women.


If you love treehouses and always want to live in the middle of the forest, the Gibbon Experience is an amazing option. This place will make your childhood dream come true. You will see wonderful intact jungles and living animals and participate in courageous activities. With the Laos holiday packages, you will have the most professional and friendly support from our tour guides. All you can do is comfortably challenge yourself, immerse yourself in the fresh air, and find your inner peace.

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