Visiting the islands is an indispensable destination for Cambodia tour packages. This country has more than 61 tropical islands with clear, quiet blue beaches and diverse underwater animals in the Gulf of Thailand. This article will lead you to visit Koh Tonsay, one of the pristine lands of the “Kingdom of Wonder.” Keep reading and add it to your wishlist of places to relax completely!

Overview On Koh Tonsay

Koh Tonsay (translated in Khmer as “Rabbit Island”) is managed by Kep province on Cambodia’s southern coast, in the Gulf of Thailand. The land has an area of about 2 square kilometers, only 4 kilometers south of Kep town. From 1953 to 1970, it was a rehabilitation center for convicted criminals who also served as guardians. During that period, transportation routes and hotels made of thatched wood were built. Despite being devastated by war and harsh climate, visitors can still find some remaining ruins that prove their existence.

Rabbit Island is home to about 25 households, with more than 100 residents. It is also an open tourist area, with a 600m long beach lined with coconut trees, leaf huts, seafood restaurants, and boat moorings. From May 2019, Koh Tonsay has been granted the development franchise to Try Pheap Company for 50 years. The company will construct 144ha resorts and commit to 60% forest coverage.

How To Get To Rabbit Island (Koh Tonsay) From Kep

The sea route is the shortest and the only way for tourists to travel from Kep town to Koh Tonsay. Cambodia tour packages often provide customers with a package including a tuk-tuk to the port, boat tickets, and accommodation in this area. Or visitors can travel independently and book a boat to go there. Boat prices range from $8 per person to $30 for a 6 or 8-seat boat, including round-trip tickets. The last boat leaving Kep is at 5 p.m. Holidays and weekends are peak hours, so visitors should book before arriving. Travel time to this place often takes 25 to 30 minutes. Reaching the destination, the tourists can rent bungalows by the sea and stay overnight because they do not have any hotels or motels.

Things To Do On Koh Tonsay


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Warm ocean waters with shallow water levels are ideal for swimming, including children (Source: Internet)

Warm ocean waters with shallow water levels are ideal for swimming, including children (Source: Leighton Travels!)
Swimming on Rabbit Island beach is an interesting activity, even at night. The seawater here is clean, has a warm temperature, and shallow water level slopes gently into the sea. The sea’s surface is decorated with sparkles at night by the luminescence emitted from plankton in the water.


Most Bungalows provide tourist fishing services, with rod rental prices around $5 per day. The rods are quite primitive, like the region itself, with only a few strands of fishing line wrapped around a plastic bottle with a hook and a weight. You can fish at the rocks protruding from the sea, near the shore, or at the headlands at both ends of the main beach. The other option is to rent a boat and sail it out to sea or a nearby Koh Tonsay. Rental prices range from $15 to $25 for two and a half- to four-hour trips. The rod can be fixed on the boat, with small fresh squid as bait. You also have plenty of time to walk around and see how this beautiful island is from many angles. If you want to enjoy your fished sea creatures, the surrounding restaurants are always willing to help.


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Snorkeling in Koh Tonsay, you will see many strange marine creatures and beautiful coral reefs (Source: Internet)

The Cambodian tour packages also offer snorkeling in Koh Tonsay, with some great quiet spots in the West. You can rent equipment and boats to the diving site or climb up the large rocks at both ends of the main beach. This beach is home to many unique marine creatures and large coral reefs. Watching them transform into their living environment is an interesting experience.


Restaurants near the beach often have kayak rental services for $5 for double and $3 for single within an hour. Because the sea surface is not too deep, it is suitable for tourists to row boats and admire the scenery around the region. You can also paddle to surrounding islands in the Kep archipelago, such as Koh Pos (Snake Island, 30 minutes away) or Koh Svay (Mango Island). They are great places to snorkel, but they cannot spend the night. However, you must also negotiate and consult with the boat owner and local people to ensure safety.


You can enjoy the sound of the waves, the airy space, and relax with the massage services provided around the beach. There are many different types of massage, such as Khmer, Thai, or with oil, with prices starting from $5. This service might be the type you use after a long trip, such as after swimming, fishing, or kayaking when your muscles are exhausted from vigorous activity.


Like most beaches worldwide, watching the sunset at Rabbit Island is also considered an impressive experience for visitors. The sky will change colors vividly and smoothly from red, pink, dark purple, and orange purple and gradually darken until completely dark. At this time, you need to sit on the sand, immerse yourself in that beauty, or sip seafood dishes at a beach restaurant to enjoy this moment at Koh Tonsay fully.

Doing Nothing On Rabbit Island

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Do nothing means that you just lie in the sun, under the palm trees, with the sound of crashing waves (Source: Internet)

Around the beach are seafood restaurants where you can enjoy fresh meals. They also provide hammocks where you can lie down for sunbathing, reading a book, and sipping a cocktail after swimming. You will quickly realize that the wave rhythm here is quite peaceful, and time passes slowly. People here often turn off the lights, go to bed around 10 p.m., and wake up after the sound of the rooster. There is almost no wifi on this land, and devices should be put away so you can completely focus on “doing nothing.”


Koh Tonsay has the pure beauty of the original islands, with clear blue seas, distinctive water creatures, fresh air, and simplicity. The Cambodia tour packages may interest you in local activities such as swimming, fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, or “doing nothing” and swinging in hammocks. Either way, you have more than one way to enjoy it. You must also bring sunscreen, a jacket, and sunscreen to protect your skin!

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