Waterfalls may not be a familiar tourist destination when it comes to planning Vietnam Cambodia honeymoon packages, but our list of Cambodia’s wonderful natural waterfalls will take you by surprise!

Spread across the beautiful nation, Cambodia waterfalls have captured many natural lovers’ hearts from all over the world with their epic natural beauty, magnificent views, and thrilling experiences. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the list of great waterfalls in Cambodia you must discover once in your life.

Excellently Beautiful Waterfalls in Cambodia to Discovery

Bousra Waterfall

Easily accessed via a beautiful 30-km paved road from Sen Monorom, northeast of Mondulkiri provincial town, Boursa is a gorgeous three-tier waterfall set amidst the dense tropical jungle.

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A gorgeous three-tier waterfall lies in the heart of the jungle

Dubbed as the most beautiful natural “masterpiece” in Mondulkiri, the three-stage Bousra Waterfall creates stunning and relatively safe swimming pools for locals and tourists to soak under the cool water under the tropical heat. However, adventure seekers should refrain from visiting the Fall’s third tier as it lies deep in the forest with no marked paths and protective measures.

Besides chilling out and enjoying a picnic in a peaceful and pristine Cambodia natural scenery, visitors can go ziplining over the Fall and into the lush forest for some exhilarating moments. The nearby village of Bousra is also worth visiting for discovering the local’s lifestyle in traditional Bunong straw huts and present-day stilted wooden houses.

Tatai Waterfall

Located about 40 minutes from Koh Kong province and reached by tuk-tuks or boats, Tatai Waterfall is a spectacular rocky cascade with a lush jungle in the background. It’s recommended to go on a boat trip as the natural sceneries along the way are incredible and very much alive.

vietnam cambodia trip itinerary
Escape the heat under the cool clear water of Tatai Waterfall

Coming to this Fall during the dry season, visitors can escape the heat of Cambodia under the cool and transparent waters at naturally formed pools at the bottom or snap some amazing photos.

If you travel from Koh Kong province, cramming too many activities in a day is not advisable as the traveling time to move back and forth will likely take you the whole day. Instead, residing in an eco-resort in the area will give you more time to explore or go kayaking along the river.

Kbal Spean

While traveling around Vietnam and Cambodia, Kbal Spean Waterfalls is the third name on the list you shouldn’t miss out on! Commonly known under the name “River of a Thousand Lingas,” Kbal Spean Falls lies deep in the jungle to the Northeast of Angkor and is 50 km north of Siem Reap.

vietnam cambodia trip itinerary
Explore stone carvings of prehistoric times

This striking series of waterfalls is a top destination to immerse in the wild and explore stone carvings of prehistoric times along the river path. After a 2-kilometer uphill walk winding through the forest, the carvings and animal images appear impressively and carry in itself lively lessons of Cambodian religious history. The best way to fully enjoy your trip to Kbal Spean is to work your way down from the river carvings to the waterfalls below for cooling off.

Don’t forget to fill up your hungry belly with some simple Cambodian-style dishes such as noodles, soup, or fried rice at local food stalls. For fancier meals, visit the Borey Sovann near the entrance to the waterfall.

Kbal Chhay Waterfall

Situated in Khan Prey Nup, 16 km north of the downtown Sihanoukville, Kbal Chhay Waterfall bears in itself quite an interesting history. Since its discovery in 1960, the Fall was under construction to become a reservoir but later left unfinished due to the Civil War and finally turned into the Khmer Rouge’s refuge. Until 1997, the site went under development to become a highlight of Sihanoukville tourism.

vietnam cambodia trip itnerary
The Fall bears in itself quite an interesting history

The best time to visit Kbal Chhay Waterfall is between July and October, as it is the wet season. The spectacular view of white strips of water pouring down will make a stunning background for your traveling photos!
Apart from being a photogenic spot with majestic natural beauty, the waterfall is also a favorite picnic destination for spending a day in the wild and enjoying the tranquil vibe.

Ka Chanh Waterfall

vietnam cambodia trip itinerary
Ka Chanh – a great place for picnicking and hiking

This beautiful waterfall in Ban Loung provincial town is one of the most popular scenic spots here. It has 12-meter height, flows into the Sre Pork River, and is filled by the Kan Teung Canal. After passing several rubber plantations and climbing down a staircase of 72 stone steps, you will reach a spacious space for picnicking amidst the jungle and noise of the wild. For more unique experiences, elephant trips are also available to reach the waterfall.

Wrapping Up

We hope that our list of the great waterfalls in Cambodia you must visit once in your life has inspired you with some exciting new ideas for your Vietnam Cambodia trip itinerary. Let’s pack up and go on the most memorable trip of your life!

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