With our Vietnam vacation packages to the enchanting Hue Royal Palace, you can now embark on a regal adventure. Immerse yourself in the luxury of Vietnam’s imperial history as we unveil the secrets and splendors of this iconic destination. From ornate architecture to captivating stories, our travel guide ensures an unforgettable journey through the heart of Hue’s royal legacy. Let us guide you to a truly majestic experience in the heart of Vietnam.

History of Hue Imperial City

The Hue Imperial City, constructed in 1362, is a World Heritage Site that has borne witness to centuries of Vietnam’s rich history. It is the capital of unified Vietnam under the Nguyen Dynasty between 1802 and 1945.

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Hue Imperial City – World Heritage Site (Source: Internet)

The first Nguyen emperor, Gia Long, took the throne in the early 19th century through a campaign marked by bloodshed and conquest of rival emperors across the region. His ruthless tactics unified Vietnam into a single empire centered in Hue after years of division.

To the Nguyen advisors, the natural landscape around Hue looked very promising according to the principles of geomancy. The Huong River wrapping around the city resembled snakes, while the nearby mountains looked like lions.
The birth of a magnificent vision has led to the creation of an immense complex. A 10-kilometer moat embraced it while towering 2-kilometer-long, 6-meter-high walls encircled what we now fondly known as the Imperial City of Hue.

Architecture and Design

Hue’s Imperial Citadel is a true crown jewel of Vietnamese imperial architecture and design. As you approach, you’ll be struck by the immense moat and towering stone walls encircling the citadel. Once inside, you’ll find yourself in an entirely different world divided into two breathtaking pieces. The Forbidden Purple City (Tu Cam Thanh) was the ultra-exclusive domain where only the king’s family and closest attendants could venture. This private imperial residence dazzles with its exquisite palaces, serene gardens, and elegant courtyards reserved for royal eyes alone.

However, the true center of power lies in the adjacent Imperial City sector. As you pass through the magnificent Ngo Mon Gate—the entrance adorned with intricate carvings and designs – you’ll be greeted by one of Hue’s most iconic sights: the Nine Holy Cannons. But this complex is more than just breathtaking buildings. The sprawling grounds also contain exquisite gardens that are destinations in their own right. Lose yourself in the tranquil beauty of Thien Mu Pagoda’s lakeside pavilions. Then, make your way to the Tu Duc Tomb to admire ornamental ponds and landscaping shaped by Vietnamese garden artistry.

How to Visit Hue Imperial Citadel

Opening Time

Visitors can visit from 8:00 to 18:00 every day. The grounds remain open throughout the week, including weekends and public holidays.


As of 2023, the admission prices are:

  • Foreign Visitors: 200,000 VND ( around USD 9)/pax
  • Domestic (Vietnamese) Visitors: 50,000 VND (around USD 2)/pax

This single entrance fee allows you to wander at your leisure and soak in all the majesty contained within the citadel walls for the entire day.

Tour options

For the ultimate convenience and insight, guided Vietnam vacation packages of Hue’s Imperial City are a fantastic option to consider. You’ll get to experience the citadel’s wonders while benefiting from an expert’s narration.

  • Private Tours: If you prefer a more customized, intimate experience, booking a private tour allows you to set the itinerary based on your specific interests. Your personal guide can pace the journey exactly how you’d like while regaling you with inside stories.
  • Group Tours: The classic group tour is another popular choice and often incorporates the citadel as part of a full-day or multi-attraction itinerary around Hue.

Things To See At The Imperial City Of Hue

Hue’s Imperial City is an absolutely breathtaking complex with countless historic attractions and architectural wonders to experience. Here are some of the absolute must-see highlights within the citadel walls:

  • The Ngo Mon Gate: This imposing main entrance is adorned with intricate carvings and the famous Nine Holy Cannons, making it an iconic sight.
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The Ngo Mon gate (Source: Internet)
  • The Thai Hoa Palace: Prepare to be dazzled by the grand halls and gold-plated decorations of this lavish palace once reserved for the emperors.
  • Mieu Temple: A serene temple complex where emperors came to worship their ancestors and find spiritual refuge.
    Dien Tho Residence: This opulent royal residence allowed you to glimpse the lives of past emperors with its elegant design.
  • Hien Lam Pavilion: This stunning lakeside pavilion and gardens offer picturesque views and tranquil spaces.
  • Thien Mu Pagoda: The citadel’s iconic seven-story pagoda is surrounded by gorgeous willow trees and landscaping.
    Tu Duc Tomb: The ornate tomb and grounds honoring Emperor Tu Duc with elaborate pavilions and ponds.

This incredible imperial complex also contains fascinating museums, libraries, remaining palaces, and so much more. Be sure to allow plenty of time to soak in our Vietnam vacation packages to the majesty of Hue’s citadel.

What To Wear At The Imperial City

While there is no prohibition on what to wear when visiting Hue’s sprawling citadel grounds, certain dress codes must be followed when entering the revered palaces, pagodas, and temples out of respect for the ancestors and emperors.

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What to wear when visiting Hue Imperial (Source: Internet)

First, be sure to have your arms, midriff, and knees modestly covered to uphold the traditional values of this sacred imperial compound. Removing hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, and raincoats is also required – don’t worry; coat racks are available to store your items. Flash photography is not permitted once inside the ornate buildings to help preserve the intricate decorations and priceless artifacts. The no-camera-flashes rule allows you to fully appreciate refined details with your eyes.

Bottom Lines

As your exploration of Hue Royal Palace concludes, you’ve experienced the grandeur of Vietnam’s imperial past. Our Vietnam vacation package has unraveled the historical tapestry, inviting you to savor the royal charm and cultural richness. Whether wandering through ornate halls or soaking in the tranquil gardens, Hue Royal Palace remains a testament to Vietnam’s legacy. Until your next adventure, may the echoes of royal stories linger in your memories.

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