It would be very difficult to describe all the delicious dishes in Hanoi in a few pages, but it is also possible to highlight some Hanoi dishes in Vietnam tour packages that please those with a heart for food. As a gourmet, we also want to boldly introduce this place’s unique Hanoi’s Top Noodle Dishes. When talking about Hanoi, it is impossible not to mention these mouth-watering dishes.

Famous Noodle Dishes in Hanoi

Bún Riêu

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Bun rieu (Source: Internet)

Bun Rieu is a dish that many food lovers love. To enjoy delicious vermicelli noodles in Hanoi, you can go to restaurants when traveling with Vietnam tour packages. Among Hanoi’s specialty dishes, bun rieu is a noodle dish that is loved by many diners. The characteristics of delicious Hanoi vermicelli noodles are rich broth, sweet taste, and eye-catching orange-yellow color. The broth is considered the “soul” of vermicelli noodles. It must be pre-processed and fully equipped with enough ingredients when preparing it. The rich, sweet taste of the broth is created from ingredients such as crab, stewed bones, tomatoes, and fried onions. There will be many toppings in a bowl of vermicelli noodles, such as beans, crab paste, spring rolls, snails, or beef.

Bún Bò

Hue beef noodle soup has developed over time, adding many attractive ingredients. This dish is good for health because it has pig blood and crab cakes. And it is now served with fresh vegetables. Therefore, the cuisine of the ancient capital of Hue is closely associated with Hue beef noodle soup. O Hoa Beef Noodle Soup is one of the Hue beef noodle shops in Hanoi that you must pass by when traveling. The dishes here often fascinate diners with their sweet, rich flavor and a little broth spice.

Cha Ca La Vong

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Cha ca La Vong (Source: Internet)

La Vong grilled fish has a delicious flavor and is extremely attractive. If you are a fan of grilled fish, you definitely cannot miss the famous grilled fish restaurants in Hanoi. This dish is one of the authentic La Vong fish cake shops in Hanoi that many people love. Coming here, you will enjoy super delicious fish cakes with 100% ingredients made from Hoa Binh lentil fish. The fish cakes are meticulously prepared with a fragrant flavor and are extremely appealing.

Bún Cá

The capital of Vietnam has many noodle dishes such as snail vermicelli and Hanoi vermicelli, among which the highlight is the Hanoi fish noodle dish, although rustic. Still, it has a unique flavor, attractive to diners. Hanoi fish noodle soup is a wonderful culinary experience you should not miss when you come to the city—from the crispy fried fish pieces to the fragrant and sweet broth, blending sour, sweet, and sour flavors, creating a unique dish, leaving a deep impression in the hearts of diners.

Bún Chả

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Bun cha Hanoi (Source: Internet)

When mentioning Hanoi, people immediately remember the long-standing cuisine with delicious dishes such as Trang Tien ice cream, green rice, and vermicelli noodles. They cannot help but mention the famous Hanoi vermicelli noodle dish at home and abroad. Hanoi Bun Cha is a famous and delicious specialty of Hanoi and was honored to be voted by National Geographic as one of the 10 best street foods in the world. With simple ingredients, making a flavorful bowl of bun cha requires the chef to be meticulous and meticulous in each step of processing.

Best Places To Enjoy Them

Pho 49 Bat Dan

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Pho is always one of the most famous Hanoi specialties (Source: Flickr)

Pho Bat Dan is a long-standing pho restaurant over 100 years old, famous in Hanoi, located at 49 Bat Dan, and has never been without customers. Diners come to Bat Dan pho restaurant partly because pho is one of the characteristics of Hanoi people, and another reason is that diners want to find the traditional, delicious, and gentle taste. And because Pho Bat Dan is a long-standing famous pho brand, it is the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine. Your Vietnam tour packages will be more interesting if you can witness with your own eyes the capital’s people coming to enjoy Hanoi specialties that bring with them the rich flavor of traditional broth that has passed through many generations. This specialty is Bat Dan pho, also jokingly called “Waiting pho” or “queuing pho”.

Bún Cá Sâm Cây Si

The fish noodle dish is associated with the owner’s name and the restaurant’s location: Ms. Sam’s noodle shop sells under the sycamore tree. Located right in the middle of the bend of Trung Yen Alley, the walkway is narrow, but the restaurant still always attracts many diners. The restaurant is open from 7am to 5 p.m. but is especially crowded around lunchtime from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Many types of fish can be used to make fish noodles, but tilapia is chosen for Sam ginseng fish noodles. A delicious bowl of fish noodle soup includes crispy fried fish pieces, rice noodles blanched in boiling water, and seasonal vegetables, usually green mustard greens, celery, and bean sprouts. In particular, the broth has a sweet and sour taste from tomatoes and bone broth.

Phở Gánh Hàng Chiếu

One of the capital’s late-night specialties is Pho Hang Chieu – a 30-year-old pho restaurant at the intersection of Hang Duong – Hang Chieu. Before the COVID-19 epidemic, food lovers often “watched” at midnight to eat pho, sometimes having to wait in long lines for up to 45 minutes to get a hot bowl of pho. The cooked meat at the restaurant is truly a masterpiece! A slice of beef with all the lean parts, clear tendons, and some crispy fat. The meat is fragrant like butter, soft and sweet, and melts in the mouth.


Tourists come to Hanoi because of its ancient features, unique cultural heritage, and famous specialties with distinct flavors. Hanoi’s culinary culture has unique features with elegant, delicious dishes and is rich in national identity. Besides simple words, Hanoi specialties also include Hanoi’s Top Noodle Dishes. The plates are delicious because skillful hands and the enthusiasm of the people of the capital make them.

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