The Cardamom Mountains – the name conjures images of brilliant green hills shrouded in mist, filled with wild creatures roaming the forest’s shadows. Cambodia packages tour promises to bring visitors new experiences with the nature of the mountains. In this article, we will share our experiences and interesting things you can find here.

Cardamom Mountains Overview

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Cardamom mountain (Source: Internet)

The Cardamom Mountains are located in Southwest Cambodia and Eastern Thailand. The mountain range follows the Southeast-Northwest axis from Koh Kong in Thailand’s Gulf to Veal Veang district in Pursat province and extends southeast to the Damrei (Elephant) mountain range. Phnom Aural Peak – the highest peak of Cardamom, with an altitude of 1,813 m, is also the highest mountain in Cambodia. On the mountain range, many relics from the 15th – 17th centuries, such as a 60cm tall ceramic vase, round hewn coffins, and natural stone ledges, are scattered around the mountain range. Burial with urns is a unique feature of the area and an earlier unrecorded Khmer cultural history burial ritual. The mountain range area was one of the last strongholds of the Khmer Rouge, and, in many places, it was inaccessible, but it also helped preserve the site.

How to Get There

From Siem Reap, Battambang, Or Phnom Penh

The best way to get from Phnom Penh to Mount Cardamom is to travel by bus. Usually, the hotel receptionist will help you buy a bus ticket and tell the driver your destination. You’d better stop at Pursat station, which is not on the bus itinerary, so it is best to tell the driver first. After getting off the bus, take 5th street into a small market. Then ask people in that place on the way to Osoam. They will show you or help you call a taxi. After about a few hours by car, you will reach Mount Cardamom.

From Koh Kong

From Koh Kong to Mount Cardamom is much simpler; you must take a bus or taxi.

What To Pack For The Cardamom Mountains

When traveling to Mount Cardamom, you must carefully prepare clothes and shoes to ensure safety and convenience.
Therefore, invest in yourself a pair of high-quality climbing shoes, specialized shoes from famous brands, to ensure your feet are always comfortable. Minimize unnecessary injuries such as slips, sprains, falls, etc. In addition to climbing shoes, you must wear a dedicated mountaineering outfit when hiking. These costumes will have styles, tight designs, and comfortable, thick materials to protect vulnerable body parts such as knees, elbows, etc. To prevent illness, heatstroke, allergies, etc., you must bring medicines and first aid medical equipment.

Besides, the items below will be very useful for the Cambodia packages tour.

  • Sticks: Help you move conveniently when exhausted, tired, down the mountain
  • Lighter: Very necessary to create a fire for heating, cooking
  • Watch, phone, compass, map: Help you determine the time and direction when going in the forest, in the mountains
  • Sleeping bags, gloves, and wool hats if you go in the cold season to keep your body warm
  • Power banks and backup batteries to power portable devices
  • Backpack: for carrying things
  • Parachute cord, small knife: Both room for any emergencies
  • Flashlight: Lighting up when it’s dark, self-defense
cambodia packages tour
Something to bring (Source: Venture out)

Tips For Traveling Cardamom Mountains

Because to travel the Cardamom mountains, you need to have good health, endurance, and stamina to be able to keep up with other individuals in the expedition and to ensure safety and convenience in the journey. Before starting this Cambodian packages tour, you should practice exercise and sports daily, diligently jogging, and gradually increase the training to respond well to high-intensity exercise, focusing on endurance. At the same time, you should also increase resistance by adding many nutritious food groups rich in vitamins and minerals. When you first start climbing, you should not choose a long journey because your physical strength will certainly not be enough. Not only that, if you do not have experience in climbing, you should not join a long journey because you will not be able to ensure that the whole trip is smooth and safe. Therefore, beginners should choose a short climbing journey to get acquainted first.
Climbing can make you short of breath when moving, like endurance running. On long distances, you should not increase well from the first stretch but must allocate energy properly on the way.


Where Is The Best Cardamom In The World?

Asia-Pacific, typically Vietnam, India, and Sri Lanka, is home to the most Cardamom in the world. This plant has many health benefits for humans. Cardamom is used to help stimulate gastric juices in the digestive system to secrete more, assisting the food digestion process smoothly. It also helps neutralize acid levels in the stomach, thereby limiting diseases such as stomach ulcers and improving breathing, cardiovascular health, and skin beauty.

When Should I Visit the Cardamom Mountains?

Cambodia is a country with a tropical monsoon climate with two distinct seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. The dry season here usually takes place from December to May, when the influence of the northeast monsoon is most pronounced, so the weather is also somewhat cool. The weather is also less rainy and dry, suitable for a Cambodian packages tour. In particular, March in Cambodia is when things start to heat up in preparation for the humid April, and the tourist crowds start to shrink considerably. March is a great time to go hiking in the Cardamom Mountains because the dry months (or little rain) make the hiking trails more accessible and the mosquitoes bloodthirsty. It also has become less aggressive.

Final Thoughts

Cardamom Mountain is unspoiled, with many species of wildlife, rare animals, and plants still alive. Stretching for miles, these mountains have various landscapes, such as dense forests, majestic waterfalls, winding streams, and vast grasslands. These elements will make your Cambodia packages tour more interesting.

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