All of you guys must be aware of the severe Coronavirus status around the world. However, as a travel lover, you might find it challenging to stay in one place although the disease is still spreading. What if you get itchy feet and are planning a trip to Vietnam? For this reason, we have written a thorough guide on travelling safely during this current situation for you to consult. Wait no more and give this post a check.

How To Travel Safely During The Spread Of Covid-19

Strengthen Your Health

To make the most of your travel to Vietnam, you must strengthen your health, especially the immune system. And it is essential to consume more adequate nutrients. For example, you should build a healthy diet consisting of vegetables, fruit, seafood, yoghurt, garlic, and whole grains. Notably, do not forget to eat more vitamin C-rich foods like oranges, tomatoes, and so on. Maintaining a nutritious diet contributes significantly to building up your immune function in the long term.

Avoid Overcrowded Places

Overcrowded places are considered the most dangerous environment for the Covid-19 to spread. Hence, it is a must to avoid going to these places during your journey if you do not want to be infected.

Nowadays, a variety of Vietnam customized tours is available for tourists, which promises to build your trip based mainly on your preferences. You can ask these tourist companies to add some new destinations, which are off the beaten track yet mesmerizing, to your list.

Equip With Essential Medical Treatment

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Wear a face mask while travelling

To protect yourself during the Coronavirus status, you need to pack some medical pieces of equipment in your luggage. They must include face masks, dry hand sanitizer, and sterilized paper towels.

Be Careful When Using Public Toilets

The primary way of transmission of the Covid-19 is person-to-person contact. It means that you can contract the virus accidentally when you talk to the infected person or shake hands.

Moreover, in case someone having a Covid-19 infection uses public toilets, the virus can remain in the faucet, toilet bowls, or door-handle. And it is hazardous for you to use these toilets without any prevention.

As a result, you must be cautious and pay attention to personal hygiene in this case.

Wash Your Hand Frequently

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Wash Your Hand Frequently

As we have mentioned above, it’s impossible to know whether the virus has penetrated into your body or not. Thus, let’s wash your hands frequently with an antiseptic soap or a dry hand sanitizer. Make sure to wash your fingertips and palms carefully. Also, you should at least avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth too often.

Safe Destinations In Vietnam For You To Consider

Central Highlands

The Central Highlands consist of five provinces, and each one has its unique beauty to explore. In today’s article, we will only introduce you to some notable destinations that you should try once in your lifetime.

Coming to Dak Lak, you can try elephant-riding in Buon Don, visit the impressive Dray Sap waterfall, or enjoy delicious coffee cups at the coffee museum. Besides, don’t forget to drop by the romantic Bien Ho and Minh Thanh pagoda to admire the symbolic architecture of this rustic land.

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Ta Dung Lake

Also, let’s visit Ta Dung Lake in Dak Nong to contemplate the whole landscape of the Central Highlands hidden in the mist if you have time.
Of course, it will be a big mistake if you do not taste the mouth watering yet unique specialities during the tour.

Mekong River Delta

Apart from Central Highlands, you can travel to the Mekong River Delta. And if you go with your family, how about considering Vietnam family holiday tours to get the best comfort for your trip? The tour includes many exciting activities for you and your family to enjoy.

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For example, you can come to the orchard gardens and taste the most delicious types of tropical fruit. Most notably, you can pick the fruit on the branch and directly enjoy the freshness right there.

Furthermore, it will be a new experience for you to visit the Cai Rang floating market in Can Tho in the early morning. What will be better than sitting in a canoe and watching the daily lives of the locals? How peaceful it is!

The Bottom Line

It cannot be denied that Vietnam has a lot of mesmerizing destinations waiting for you to explore. Although Covid-19 has not been stopped yet, it’s possible to establish a safe schedule of travelling as long as you follow all the tips we have listed above. We all expect that you can ensure your health during this sensitive outbreak. Now, do not hesitate and start a journey to hit the town!

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