If you want to discover famous and fascinating destinations in Thailand, Thailand package tours will help you cover all the necessities when traveling there. You will get the most devoted tour guide, a valuable opportunity for a great trip here. Being close to nature and wildlife habitats is always wonderful, as it teaches you about the beauty of the natural environment. Khao Yai National Park is a place like this, which provides visitors with beautiful scenery and wild animals. You’ll definitely be impressed by the number of living creatures and more!

Is It Worth Visiting Khao Yai National Park?

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Khao Yai Has Wonderful Sightseeings (Source: Internet)

If you’re looking for a fantastic vacation spot in Thailand, Khao Yai should be on your top list. Compared to other well-known tourist destinations in Thailand, Khao Yai National Park offers a distinctive atmosphere you may not find anywhere else. This place is more serene and has a beautiful natural vista, most suitable for those who want privacy and quietness. The weather is frequently good and gentle, so you will feel comfortable exploring here. Due to the abundance of places you may see in Khao Yai, your trip will be fun, exciting, and full of surprising adventures. Therefore, Khao Yai is worth your time, expense, and effort.

Where To Stay Near Khao Yai National Par

U Khao Yai

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U Khao Yai (Source: Internet)

U Khao Yai is the first suggestion for your accommodation when visiting Khao Yai. This place provides a stunning mountainous view as it’s located around the San Kamphaeng Mountain Range. You will have a chance to see the mightiness of the mountain and relax in the fresh, cool air every morning. U Khao Yai only has 63 rooms, mostly suitable for families and couples. However, it offers the wonderful U Spa by Tao Garden and an outdoor swimming pool. You can immerse yourself in the high-quality service and products while sightseeing the natural beauty

Botanica Khao Yai

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Botanica Khao Yai (Source: Internet)

Botanica Khao Yai is another great option if your trip to Khao Yai is intended to be unwinding and stress-relieving. It is an upscale and contemporary resort that you should give a try. Thanks to the suites and pool villas, you will experience luxury in Khao Yai. Besides, private pools will level up your secluded and restful vacations, and you’ll find the view from your suite even more breathtaking while relaxing in the infinity pool

Hotel Labaris Khao Yai

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Hotel Labaris Khao Yai (Source: Internet)

Thailand package tours will take care of your stay in Khao Yai by offering various unique accommodation options. And the hotel Labaris Khao Yai is one of the specific recommendations. This hotel is special because it tells a tale divided into five chapters about an exciting country ruled by King Minotaur. These five chapters are the concepts designed for the hotel components. For instance, the first chapter is “Welcome Zone” and features a Rabbit Café where you can get Thai tea and snacks. The stunning Whispering Meadow, Lapin Hill, and Creek Camp are nearby.

What to See in Khao Yai National Par

Khao Yai Hiking Areas

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Jungle Trekking (Source: Internet)

For lovers of nature, Khao Yai National Park is a wonderland. You can take your time in hiking areas while taking in the breathtaking scenery and waterfalls. Furthermore, you will see many local fauna and creatures, including gibbons, elephants, bears, birds, and reptiles.

The Chocolate Factory

The Chocolate Factory offers more than just sugary treats. It is a location where you can eat lunch or dinner with your family and friends. This area provides a wide variety of international and Thai dishes, including delicious crab-fried rice.
Obviously, as the name states, it has many great desserts made from chocolate. We recommend you try their chocolate lava, dark chocolate milkshake, brownie, and more.

Farm Chokchai

You can make ice cream from fresh milk or even milk a cow at Farm Chokchai. This place offers you a variety of entertaining and helpful farming activities. Moreover, if you visit the museum before, you will see vintage farm machinery used for cultivating, making your vacation to Khao Yai more instructive and educational.

How to Get to Khao Yai National Park?

There are many options for you to get to Khao Yai National Park. With Thailand package tours, you won’t have to worry about transportation because tour operators will help you find the most convenient and fastest way to reach this destination. Trains and buses are two popular ways many tourists choose due to their reasonable prices and routes. If you like an adventurous feel, driving your own vehicle is great and brings many memorable moments. The details of train and bus routes, including times and departures, will be provided when you ask the tour operators or find them on the railway and bus websites. So, don’t be worried because everything’s packed with you!


How Many Days Are Enough For Khao Yai?

To explore all the destinations in Khao Yai, we strongly advise you to stay here for 3 days and 2 nights.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Khao Yai?

The ideal months to have a trip to Khao Yai are from November to April when the sky is clear, the temperature is mild and suitable for outdoor activities, and rainfall rarely happens. If you don’t expect your vacation to be derailed by rain, we advise avoiding the wet season from May to October.

How Much Is The Entrance To The Hobbit House Khao Yai?

The Hobbit House charges 100 baht per person for the entrance fee and an additional 50 baht per person for the costume rental fee if you want to become this famous character.


Khao Yai National Park is a great place for tourists who love the beautiful natural landscape and wildlife. If you want an exciting adventure, visit Khao Yai and experience outdoor activities, like hiking, farming, and interacting with nature. We’re sure you will have a good time visiting this place and immersing yourself in the fascination of natural views and habitats.

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