Imagine yourself lying still on a secluded beach all day for a nice tan with some pineapple cocktail and fresh coconut meat. Imagine yourself giggling over some lame jokes among a pilgrims or family union on Lunar New Year Eve.

Yet, one December day, stemming from Mainland China, a new kind of virus called Corona emerged from the unknown and instantly reached epidemic proportions. All your lovely reveries have shattered down!

But wait a minute!

Being besieged with a plague is not equal to hiding inside a 4-wall box. In fact, why don’t you step out of your comfort zone and migrate to some tropics where the virus cannot proliferate?

In this article, we are thrilled to introduce you the top 3 must-visit destinations as a part of our original “I am safe” campaign that keep you Corona-free without breaking the joy of life.

Set off with self-customized Vietnam beach holiday packages

Is there anything else that beats out jade green beach at the sound tropical? We bet you can find zero. Spend a week to go island-hop along Hai Phong – Da Nang- Kien Giang S-line coast. There are three stops for you to discover. And don’t worry, there exist untouched hideaways waiting for you to set foot on with some expertise help from our professional holiday-makers.

Day 1-2: Live a day as Robinsons on Griffes du Dragon – Long Chau archipelago

vietnam cambodia laos itinerary
Long Chau archipelago

Known as Cat Ba’s dragon eye, Long Chau island is home to a few households and 10 guarding soldiers. Only here can you meet eyes with the oldest lighthouse in Vietnam.

Pack your own lunch as at nowhere will you find eateries like touristic sites.

Day 3-5: Dive in Son Tra peninsula’s uninhabited coral reef

Before reaching the infinite sand, go for a solemn time at Linh Ung Pagoda. After some self-redemption to find peace for the soul, then may you shuffle from But seashore, Rang seashore, bat cave, bird’s nest cave along the coastline.

vietnam cambodia laos itinerary
Son Tra’s coral reef scuba diving tour

After some spins around, you can ride a banana boat out the coral reef for some snorkeling or scuba diving. Finish on a happy note with some grilled seafood at night market and call it a day.

Day 6-7: Treat your eyes a feast of divine Phu Quoc seascape

Believe us, this island is so majestic, it’s a step to heaven. With a stable 26 – 31°C, an ideal temperature to repel any pathogen, and a full luxury package from local specialty tasting, 4-star hotel stays to chill bars, Phu Quoc is a dreamland for honeymoon.

vietnam cabodia laos itinerary
Phu Quoc Island

If you’ve got some time left, hit the untamed Quy Nhon for a morning. It’s pretty deserted in the early February, just like a hidden eden on the earth.

Advancing to Laos’ 5 hidden gems

From Vietnam, you can depart to Laos – “The land of a million elephants” via air or by crossing the 7 international borders. And trust us, you won’t want to miss these rough diamonds I’m about to unveil.

The exotic Luang Prabang

The Hidden Luang Prabang

As a melting spot of French Gothic themed and rustic Indochinese architecture, it’s out of the question that Luang Prabang is able to hold its title of being a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Other than a dreamy urban ambience, this city has more to offer with beaten trekking tracks and active water sport games along Mekong River.

The romantic Vientiane

vietnam cambodia laos itinerary
Pisturesque Vientiane

Besides myriad of pagodas and temples, Vientiane is also famous for its superb global culinary offers, ranging from aromatic bakeries, extraordinary street food culture to Michelin starred restaurants.

The lugubrious Khmer Ruins Champassak

vietnam cambodia laos itinerary
Glory Champassak

It’s a beautiful yet sad witness of an era of invasion and endless wars. The Angkor ruins remain its biggest charm and still stand the test of time to these days.

The magnificent Tham Pa Fa

vietnam cambodia laos itinerary
Tham Pa Fa’s Buddha Cave

Trail down the beaten track to Savannakhet is a peaceful but sacred Buddha Cave with 229 bronze statues in preservation for centuries.

The uttermost holy part of Laos, Savannakhet

It’s pretty fascinating to find a common ground that can hold French urban settlement, ethnic tribal squads and a revered Buddha’s Bones temple at one place. What a random but pleasantly surprising combo!

End your comfort trip with Cambodia – The Land of Smiles

From Laos, you can reach Cambodia via air or bus. Pretty convenient, isn’t it? Or you can switch the order and enjoy Vietnam and Cambodia private tours first, then concluding with Laos. Cambodia, where modernity meets historicism, can offer you the best of both worlds.

Drop in on the calmest capital in the world – Phnom Penh

vietnam cambodia laos itinerary
The Royal Palace

Phnom Penh ignites a chill vibe and slow pace of life among some heavily-inspired Khmer architecture settlements. This adds some low notes to the behind-the-scene stories about the breathtaking Tuol Sleng and Choeung Ek museum, which can make you get choked up. By the way, it’s also worth paying a visit to the Royal Palace and take some shots of Cambodian daily lives from there.

En route Siem Reap from Phnom Penh, take a fast boat through Tonle Sap lake to catch up with some floating villages.

Disguise as a local for a day in Siem Reap

But before that, spend 3 full days to discover the enchanted Angkor Wat temple complex. Make an attempt to catch the beauty of Angkor Wat at dawn from its east side and tour all of Ta Prohm, Bayon and Banteay Srei instead of just walking through the entrance.

vietnam cambodia laos itinerary
Angkor Wat

After some close inspection of the patterns on the complex’s walls, it’s time for you to see it from the bird-eye view. Don’t hesitate to pay for a helicopter experience to be able to grasp the whole picture of this grandiose structure. It’s a once in a lifetime chance!

End your journey by following a monk from a monastery for a day to learn meditation and blend in with the locals. You may get so immersed in their sincerity and friendliness that you won’t ever find your way back home.

Bottom Line

You may have realized, all these three countries enjoy the same tropical climate, an unfavorable environment for Covid-19 to develop. If you are a beach lover, then go ahead on Vietnam beach vacation packages.

If you are a Buddhism advocate, then Laos is definitely your second home. If you are soon-to-be historian, then hurry up and pack your bags to Cambodia. The choices are diverse: not one, not two but three. It can be a Vietnam Cambodia tour package only or the whole Vietnam Cambodia Laos itinerary. Just a click and bada bing bada boom, an instant escape on budget from the heated epidemic regions is right at the back of your hands.

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